If you serve well, your mother will give her a pregnancy massage during pregnancy. There are many benefits, but pay attention …

Lovers are pregnant. During the eleventh period, what does the heart do? Of course, the child is serving the child. It is exactly the child and his mother. Then, the light heart takes everyone to massage this time during pregnancy!

Massage has many health benefits. Even pregnant women can use massage to relieve physical and mental stress and discomfort.It’s just that expectant mothers should pay special attention to their physical condition. If they are unwell, they should stop immediately.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy:

1. Good massage can relieve stress and promote the harmonious relationship between husband and wife. Her husband presides well, and his wife does not worry.

Women during pregnancy can easily feel huge pressure. This is because of hormonal relationships, which makes prospective mothers easily nervous and anxious.The biggest advantage of massage during pregnancy is that it can relieve stress.As long as the wife is not troubled, there will be no strong depression and irritability, and the prospective child dad will not become a "outlet".

2. Good massage to help relax the body and mind

The calm and comfortable environment of the massage room can induce relaxation, making the expectant mother’s body and mind more relaxed, and avoid causing complications.

3. Good massage can effectively relieve pregnancy discomfort during pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can easily feel a lot of discomfort, such as cramps, groin and pain in the outer stocks of the stock, especially in the last few weeks.Reasonable massage can help Shu.

4. Good massage help to soothe baby

If the expectant mothers are too stressful during pregnancy, these hormones will also pass on the baby, and increase the risk of baby colic, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and difficult to soothe.Massage during pregnancy can offset these hormones and calm the mother and baby.

5. Good massage can help safe production

Pregnant women themselves will be in stress, which will lead to production risks.Massage can help pregnant women to relieve stress, make the body ready, and naturally allow delivery to calmly produce.

6. Good massage can accelerate postpartum healing

Postpartum massage can help your mother heal faster, purify your body, and the muscles are balanced.Massage during pregnancy is not only helpful for 9 months of pregnancy, but also for 3 or 4 months of postpartum pain.

Precautions should be made during pregnancy massage:

1. Massage during pregnancy is not exactly suitable

Massage during pregnancy is not suitable for every pregnant woman. Pregnancy complications such as hypertension, vaginal hemorrhage, suspected blood clots, signs of eclampsion, pre -placenta, premature placental peeling, and ectopic pregnancy should be avoided.

2. Stock and location

Because the massage will be pressed to some acupuncture points in the body, a little carelessness may affect health and safety during pregnancy.Therefore, it is best to have some basic knowledge and communicate with expectant mothers (the light heart will be introduced in future articles) to prevent problems.

3. The signal given by your body

When massaging, the expectant mother please pay attention to the signal of her body at any time.If you feel a little discomfort, you should immediately suspend it to avoid accidental injury to the fetus.

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