If you lose your cat and lose your cat, why don’t you lose yourself?

Ding Dong ~ Hello!

This is a master of the soul -raising cat in the soul of the meow bacteria

"Are you ready to raise a cat"

Waiting for you to sign in front of the screen

Sign signed: prepare to raise cat or friends who are hesitant to raise cats

Do n’t rush away from the cats who are already raising a cat !!!

Gow of meow bacteria

You have also had a headache for these problems …

Today I will bring the identity of "coming over"

Give some objective opinions on "To Display Lightning Officer" ~


Before raising cats,

Did you obtain the consent of the family and wallet?

I have seen too many cases of cutting first …

A few shovel officers are with the mentality of "raw rice to cook mature rice"

Learn the kitten at home without saying hello

This consequences are nothing more than two:

First, do not, the parents who are "true incense" in the end

All happy

Second, negotiations with parents failed and forced to abandon

Can’t say it

Pet cats are sick once the street is sick

It’s good to survive …

Cats will spend money. This is common sense.

With no economic foundation

I advise you to think twice !!!

Otherwise, your wallet to lose weight

It will only be directly proportional to the speed of the credit card Huayan fat …


can do

Do you give up when you are pregnant and moving?

I don’t know who passed the rumors

Speaking of pregnant cats will get bow -shaped worms ???


People suffer from Toxoplasma → Get the cat first

The entire process of human infection of Toxoplasma worms

Your cat:

① Do not eat raw meat

② not going out

③ Time to repel deworming

Where is the worm ???

If you are really uneasy:

Meow bacteria is recommended to be prepared before pregnancy

You can go to the hospital first!

This is all lost ~

I heard that someone has rumors everywhere?is it you

Not to do it because of moving or landlord

Do not take responsibility for "abandonment"!

If you can’t guarantee it

I advise you that this cat should not raise it first …


You can stick to shit every day,

Is it occasionally chaotic diaphragm?

Don’t say

Cat shit flavor is called one up!

I can wake you up when I fall asleep …

It may still be a surprise for you when you arrive in spring

When colleagues saw this scene, my fists clenched tightly


You can accept what you see at home,

Are they all cat hair?

This is just one of them ~

Careful netizens raised their hands and asked:

Will these cats around the surroundings be sucked into the lungs?

Nonono ~

Even if the cats at home are full

Don’t worry at all, we will be sucked into our lungs

Walking dandelion ~

Because the nose hair of the human body can

Effective blocking harmful objects with diameter greater than 15 μm

A cat hair is less than 30 μm

Directly was rejected!

Meow bacteria can only say that your concerns are superfluous ~


When you can accept it,

Is the "Bug -Dye" wake -up service?

Rectify such kittens

The best way is to close the door directly!

Cocoa …

They will launch a coquettish attack!

Sewing for another three years

Sewing for another three years


Can accept the artistic explosion

Is the tassel -style home good?

The best symbol of a cat family

▼ ▼▼

Sewing for another three years

Who do it, I won’t say it!

Come on ~ Come and play hiding cats ~

If you don’t want to love the nest, the above tragic situation

It is recommended that cats catch board, cat climbing rack, etc.

Everything Claw Toys are all arranged ~

Mario ???

in addition!!!

The nail -cutting operation once every two weeks must not be lazy!

Can directly affect the life and death of furniture …


You can be on the "small thing" of the window closure,

Do you pay more attention?

There will be no people in the 21st century

I believe that "cats have nine life" ghosts, right?

Where is the wild monkey?

In 1987

The American Veterinary Association has done relevant statistics:

Cats fell from the average 5.5 floors,

90%will be injured!

Meow bacteria want to ask those shit officers who do not block the window

Is it all 10%left in gambling cats ???


You can vaccinate vaccine on time,

Is the medical expenses when the illness is sick?

The pros and cons of the two vaccines

No need to teach you how to choose ~

▼ ▼▼

Vaccination = enhance immune health;

No vaccine = virus to come to the door at any time

Although the cat’s money once, it has to be spent hundreds of thousands

But cats have been accompanied by more than 10 years

Value has already exceeded the cost of sick treatment

Meow bacteria believes that the kitten comes from the moment the door enters the door

It’s already the family’s existence

You just say that the money is worth it!


Can you arrange a sterilization of appropriate age?

Although the cost of cat sterilization is not high,

But five, six, seven or eight hundred, it is still needed,

I believe that the shovel officers are bite of their teeth.

Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?


But don’t be greedy for small and cheap to find on -site sterilization,

How can the surgery be so rigorous!

Age -age sterilization is absolutely better than disadvantages for cats

▼ ▼▼

√ greatly reduce the probability of disease

Gong cat’s high -condition urinary system disease, female cats are susceptible to uterine pus

√ No longer chaotic diaphragm

√ No need to be complained by neighbors to disturb the people


Can I only feed it to eat pets for pets?

When I was a kid, I saw Uncle Wang at the entrance of the village.

The leftovers and leftovers are fed hard,

The cat is also called a fragrant ~

But it’s strange,

How about this cat changed one in two years?

Guess which one is Uncle Wang’s cat?

Until I raised a cat later

Really understand the creature of cats

Belongs that belong to a typical carnivorous lover

PS: Error Demonstration! Kitten can only eat water!

The leftovers contain a large amount of salt and starch substances

Cat diseases that have long -term consumption will follow

The shoveling officer is still honestly feed the special cat food snack ~


Willing to play with it every day,

Do you take care of it for a lifetime?

For cats

The shoveling officer is his own world!

Most of cats have only a short time of more than ten years

The owner can only play alone

Wait silently for the "pet" after returning home ~

Even busy at work

Don’t forget that there are always waiting for you at home!

Eat together

Milk tea is happy in hand, I have

Top together to sleep together

I opened my eyes and saw this stuff, there was no sleepiness

Work together to move bricks

Human and cats are not tired!

Occasionally troubles

Impressed!How can this make me be willing to scold

Meow bacteria will take half an hour every day to play with it

(Learn from me quickly)

On the surface, I look with the cat

Actually I am the one who needs to be accompanied

Quietly cure it ~

When you work for a day with tiredness, you return home

The kitten lying on your feet

When the belly is coquettish and cute

There is no one ~

So even if the road of cat raising is full of tests!

But as long as the kitten "meow" ~

The shovel officer immediately resurrected the blood full of blood

Should anyone be a kitten who can refuse milk and milk?

Which moment makes you "don’t want to" raise cats?

Baby Scale-(24inch)