If you have these three "feelings", or it means that you are pregnant, let’s see if you have any

For women who do not know the knowledge of pregnancy, the sign of successful pregnancy is that menstruation stops, but now many people have inaccurate menstruation. If this is the case, what is the sign of successful pregnancy?

In fact, the logo of truly successful pregnancy is not to stop menstruation, but the fertilized eggs successfully bed.After the sperm suffers to meet the eggs, it is also necessary to find a safe place to stabilize and grow and develop there. This process is to bed, which usually occurs in the 6th to 7 days after fertilization.Most of the expectant mothers do not feel when I was in bed, but if you are preparing for pregnancy, these three feelings appear at the same time, then congratulations to you. This shows that the embryo has been settled.Essence

If these three cases occur, it may suggest that you are pregnant!

1. Tired and weak

After the fertilized eggs are in bed, the expectant mother will secrete a hormone that helps to maintain endometrial stability, which can provide a stable environment for embryonic development, but this hormone will also make people feel fatigue, leading to quasiMom feels tired and unable to feel weak.If you were full of vitality, and the body was very tired about 10 days after ovulation, it was likely to be pregnant.

2. Bed pain and bed bleeding

Before the fertilized eggs are not in bed, it is dangerous to be rejected at any time, so it wants to get into the endometrium of the uterine endometrium and buried it in it. Find a shelter for yourself.The blood vessels are ruptured, and some expectant mothers will have slight abdomen pain, as if the feeling of menstruation, and a small number of people will have a small amount of blood.

3. Rise body temperature

In the normal menstrual cycle, women’s body temperature will rise by about 0.5 ° C during the ovulation period. If the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, the body temperature of the expectant mother will also rise slightly, which will remain at 36.5 ~ 37 ° C. If it is not meticulous enoughIt is difficult to notice that even a lot of others will have a high fever, so if you are preparing for pregnancy, you must treat the subtle changes in the body carefully.

In fact, these physical symptoms after pregnancy are some symptoms of fertilized eggs in bed. Only by paying more attention to observing the physical changes can women know whether they have successfully conceived.

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