If you have a cold, how to choose medicine and avoid misunderstanding of medication.

Colds are a common upper respiratory infection, mainly caused by virus (such as rhinovirus, coronary virus, gonadic virus, respiratory hyperthythral virus, flu virus, etc.).Except for a few popular colds caused by influenza virus, targeted drug treatment.Most colds do not have special effects, and most of the cold medicines are only cure the standards and do not cure the symptoms, mainly to relieve symptoms.

A cold with a lighter symptoms, and people with strong resistance do not take cold medicines. Drink plenty of water and rest. Generally, colds will be cured by themselves for about a week.However, many symptoms such as fever, nasal congestion, cough and other symptoms are uncomfortable, and for people with poor resistance, not controlling colds may also increase the risk of complications.At this time, you can choose the symptoms of cold medicine.The following principles are generally used: the following principles:

(1) Antibacterial drugs have no effect on most colds. The use of antibiotics may cause adverse drug reactions and intestinal bacterial disorders.Some cold patients need to use antibacterial drugs as a secondary bacterial infection, and they need to be determined by professional doctors. They do not recommend patients to use themselves.

(2) Generally speaking, how to choose medicine for colds, of course, there are drugs with the corresponding ingredients, such as using analgesic drugs for thermal heat, cough, cough and expectorant drugs.wait.

(3) Common heat -relieving analgesic drugs are: acetaminophen (heating and polygamia), ibuprofen, sodium diclphinate, etc. Cold patients are not suitable for long -term use of heat -relieving analgesic drugs.It does not exceed 5 days for analgesics.When a child infection (including a cold), if a large dose of aspirin is used, the Riyi syndrome may occur. A rare but severe drug adverse reaction can be caused by severe liver damage and encephalopathy.Therefore, when choosing a fever medicine for children, aspirin should be avoided, and acetaminol, ibuprofen, etc. can be selected.

(4) When taking a cold, the easiest to neglect needs to pay attention to repeated medication.In the compound cold medicines of different manufacturers, the ingredients overlap a lot. If you use several cold medicines at the same time, it is easy to cause the amount of certain ingredients to take the safety limit.Once the drug is taken overlord, it is easy to cause adverse drug reactions.For example, for acetylphenol, the daily dose should not exceed 2g. When the dose of the day is greater than 4g, it can cause acute liver injury and even cause fatal liver bad death.Many compound cold medicines contain "in "and" ammonia "with components of acetaminol.Therefore, when using compound cold medicines, generally do not use two or more at the same time to avoid duplicate medicines. [How to quickly identify the ingredients in compound cold medicines], or see the table below:

(5) Children should try to choose special dosage types for children when medication.Children are not simply narrowing the version of adults, and there are obvious physiological differences with adults. Therefore, adult drugs cannot be used directly to use adult drugs.

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