If you don’t know if you take medicine, will the fetus be affected?Expert tells you the truth

We all know that the pregnant mother during pregnancy is particular about taking medicine, because some drugs will affect the fetus, and in severe cases, the fetus is malformed or the fetus is dead.Therefore, many pregnant mothers are sick during pregnancy. They prefer to suffer some sins and do not want to take risks to take medicine. They can survive them.However, the embarrassment of many pregnant mothers was that they suddenly became pregnant without knowing it, and they had some medicines.Will this affect the fetus in the abdomen?Listen to what the obstetrics and gynecologists say!

For women with normal pregnancy, different drugs have different metabolic time in the human body.If women really want to prepare for pregnancy, it is best to stop taking drugs before 3 months of pregnancy and start taking folic acid.But many times, the fetus will quietly come to the mother’s side when the pregnant mother does not know. Because the pregnant mother does not feel much when she is pregnant, it is inevitable that some drugs will inevitably use some drugs during this period.The expert gave a law in this regard, that is, the law of "all or no".The main meaning is: if the child is okay, or the child cannot keep it at all. Specifically, if the medication is within two weeks of the fetal age, the impact on the baby is because the drug is caused by the drug or the embryo will not be that the embryo will not.Affected, it can continue to develop normally.However, many pregnant mothers do n’t know the specific time of their medication. It is best to go to the hospital for examination and communicate with the doctor in person to do some examinations at the doctor’s advice to prevent the fetus from really problems.

In fact, the impact of drugs on the fetus on different pregnancy periods is different.In the 0 to 2 weeks of pregnancy, this period of time is the early stage of the inferior egg cells that begin to proliferate and differentiated, and there is no real embryo. If the pregnant mother is used at this stage, it may directly cause abortion, but it will not cause fetal malformationEssenceIf the pregnant mother is lucky to avoid abortion, the fetus will be pregnant normally.

If it is 3 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother accidentally takes the medicine, which may cause fetal malformation.Because the organs of the fetus at this stage are in a highly differentiated state, the fetus develops very quickly, and it is also very sensitive to the drug.If the ingredients in the medicine taken by pregnant mothers at this stage are harmful to the fetus, the fetus may be deformity.Therefore, at this stage, pregnant mothers must avoid medication.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, most of the organs of the fetus have been differentiated, and the role of drug teratogenic will also be obviously weakened, but neuropathy and reproductive systems are easily affected by drugs.Therefore, if the pregnant mother accidentally uses the medicine to hurt the fetus during this period, try to avoid medication as much as possible.

If the pregnant mother’s body is unwell during pregnancy, it is necessary to follow the five principles:

1. After the illness, you must go to the doctor in time. Tell the doctor in detail the condition and the situation of pregnancy, and check and treat it under the advice of the doctor.

2. Careful check in the process of getting the medicine prescribed by the doctor, do not get wrong.

3. Pregnant mothers should also read the instructions carefully, remember the usage and dosage of the doctor, as well as foods that they cannot eat during the medication.

4. Pregnant mothers put the medicine prescribed by the doctor properly. Remember that the doctor’s taking medicine time, do not change the usage or stop the medicine without authorization.

5. If the pregnant mother is in the process of taking the medicine, if discomfort occurs, don’t hesitate, go to the hospital to seek medical treatment again.

Women must pay attention to the time of each holiday in their daily life, record it, and record the time of each room at the same time.For women who are in normal fertility, they may be pregnant if they are not noticed. If they are careless because of their carelessness, they will be pregnant and take medicine in time.Communicate in time to minimize the risk.If the pregnant mother who knows that she is pregnant, she can’t take medicine at home privately. If she will cause damage to the fetus because of her will, they must seek medical treatment in a timely manner during pregnancy.The fetus hurts again!

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