If you are pregnant, you must insist on doing this, otherwise it is easy to occur, which is not conducive to delivery


Many pregnant mothers know that compared to a cesarean section, the birth of the delivery will have many benefits for the baby, allowing the baby’s lung function to exercise, increase the surface active agent, the alveoli is easier to expand, and the occurrence of respiratory diseases after birth will also occur.It is reduced, so the baby who has a good delivery is more resistant, but for many pregnant mothers, especially the first pregnant mothers, it is difficult to give birth. If the baby’s body is large, it will be more difficult.I really want to give birth, it is recommended to insist on doing one thing -exercise.

What are the exercise suitable for pregnant women?

1. Traveling: For mothers, walking is the best movement to enhance cardiovascular function.Walking can keep you healthy, and at the same time, you will not sprain your knees and ankles.You can walk almost anywhere. Except for a pair of feet, you do not need to use any equipment, and the walk through the entire pregnancy is very safe.

2. Swimming: Swimming allows the whole body muscles to participate in activities, promote blood circulation, and allow the baby to develop better.At the same time, often swimming during pregnancy can also improve emotions and reduce pregnancy reactions. It has a good impact on the baby’s nervous system. Swimming should choose a swimming pool with good sanitary conditions and fewer people., Also prevent others from kicking the baby.

3. Doing broadcast exercises: During the first 3 months of pregnancy, do not do jump exercise to avoid too much exercise and cause abortion.After 4 months of pregnancy, you can do a full set, but bending and jumping should be done less or not.In the late pregnancy, reducing bending and jumping exercises can increase some movements yourself, such as moving ankles, wrists, necks, etc.

4. Dance: Dancing can promote the blood circulation of the body.You can dance with your favorite music in your own comfortable living room, or you can also participate in dance classes, but you must avoid strenuous actions such as jumping or rotating.

5. Yoga: Yoga can maintain your muscle tension, make your body more flexible, and the pressure of your joints is also very small.But you may need to arrange a walk or swimming several times a week while practicing yoga to strengthen the exercise of the heart.

6, pelvic exercise: ① lying on the bed, legs with 45 degrees with the bed, and both knees together.② Bring your knees together to drive your legs and swing to the left and right.When swinging, the knees seem to be painting an oval shape, and exercise slowly and rhythmicly.Back and feet should be close to the bed.③ Straighten your left leg, keep your right legs, and your right legs slowly fall to the left.④ After the right leg is recovered from the left side, the right side is dumped to the right.

What should expectant mothers pay attention to?

1. It is best to discuss with the doctor before exercise to see what kind of exercise is more suitable for you;

2. It is best to wear loose clothes during exercise. If you choose to go swimming, then it is best to wear a swimsuit designed for expectant mothers;

3. Be sure to replenish water at any time before and during exercise. If you feel tired during exercise, you must rest;

4. Too hot and too humid environment is best not to exercise;

5. Remember to warm up and relax activities before and after exercise, especially ligament;

6. After more than 4 months of pregnancy, it is best not to perform the movement of the lying posture, because the baby will affect the blood circulation of expectant mothers;

7. How to stand up from the supine to standing during exercise: first lie on the side, then support the body with one hand and the other hand, and then change from sitting to stand;

8. Pay attention to measuring pulse during exercise. The strength of expectant mothers is less than 150 pulses per minute;

9. Too severe exercise is not suitable for expectant mothers.The expectant mothers should keep the rhythm that can not be breathless. If the expectant mothers have difficulty breathing by themselves, the baby may be hypoxic.

Which pregnant women should not exercise?

◆ UNIDSCO hypertension syndrome ◆ Symptoms of hypertension before pregnancy ◆ There have been symptoms such as contraction, vaginal hemorrhage and other abortion symptoms.

It is extremely necessary for pregnant women to exercise physical exercise. This can not only enhance physical fitness, reduce the occurrence of diseases, but also accumulate strength, which is conducive to smooth delivery.If you perform physical exercise during pregnancy, pay attention to the amount of exercise. It is advisable to use slight activities to avoid severe activities and avoid fatigue.Pay special attention to the late pregnancy to prevent symptoms such as premature birth.””

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