If you are pregnant, you don’t know that these early pregnancy symptoms must be known

I believe that most women will have some special reactions after pregnancy, and menopause is the most typical symptom.If you have not come to menstruation, you must consider whether you are pregnant. You can test it with a pregnancy test stick.In addition to menopause, there are actually many symptoms that can infer whether women are pregnant.However, there are still many women who do n’t know when they are pregnant. Some of them have known their stomachs for a few months, and they know that children are born.So, how to determine if you are pregnant?

① Breast bloating and itching

About 7 days after pregnancy, the breasts will be swollen than usual and softer.In addition, itching and pigmentation of breast itching and pigmentation that are not usually appeared (I am this symptom is obvious).

② menopause

This symptom is at the beginning, but because many women’s menstruation is not particularly accurate, it may show delay or advance.Therefore, in general, this symptom is not particularly obvious.However, if the husband and wife have sex before and after the ovulation period, and do not take contraceptive measures. Usually, the menstrual cycle is normal, and the symptoms of menopause of more than 5 days may be pregnant.

③ nausea and vomiting

Many pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy will vomit, especially nausea in the morning and evening, and vomiting occurs without any reason.The current cause of pregnancy is not accurate, but the data shows that it may be related to the pill membrane prostaglandin (HCG) in the human body.At the time of pregnancy, the content of chorionic gonadine (HCG) in the human body began to rise. The higher the level of this hormone, the easier it was to be disgusting.(I was a very normal breakfast at that time, and I vomited without any reason before taking the subway.)

④ The temperature rises in the morning

After getting pregnant, when you get up in the morning, you will find that your body temperature is higher than before, but you need to observe and compare it carefully before you know, or you will find that the rise is obvious with the thermometer measurement.

1. Urine examination

After seven days of pregnancy, women can go to the hospital to take urine examinations. They cannot be checked and judged by early pregnancy test strips. Sometimes they are not accurate. The best choice is to choose a scientific check method to judge.

2. Early pregnancy B -ultrasound examination

Seven days after women’s menstruation is delayed, the position and size of the gestational sac can be seen accurately in the B -ultrasound screen.This is the most effective way to check early pregnancy.

3. Pick blood HCG examination

In addition to these two types of inspection schemes, there is also a blood test.Blood testing is to perform HCG examination by extracting the blood of pregnant women. This is also some more accurate check methods, which is also safer.

4. Early pregnancy test strip test time

Early pregnancy test strip testing is generally detected by the early pregnancy test strip about whether the pregnancy is detected at about 3-5 days after the monthly period. The test strip shows that the two red lines are pregnant.

5. Basic body temperature test early pregnancy time

Generally, female body temperature is below 36.5 degrees before ovulation. If pregnancy is pregnant, the body temperature remains high.This early pregnancy test starts from when it is not pregnant, until one week after ovulation, if the high temperature phenomenon continues after a week, and it can be more than 18 days, it is definitely a pregnancy.

The above is a few methods for testing pregnancy. I hope to help everyone. If there is any problem that you do n’t understand, you can consult the editor at any time, and the editor will solve your problem in time.

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