If you are pregnant in these 4 cases, it is best to kill it in time for yourself and the fetus!

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Lili is already a 3 -year -old male mother’s mother. Although many husbands and wives have for the second child, Lili and her husband have not planned to have a second child.In order to take care of her husband’s feelings, she took contraceptives in front of each house.

For a long time, the effect has been good, but when she went to the hospital for a medical examination some time ago, she found that she was pregnant.Although Lili wanted to keep this child, the doctor told her to kill it early after learning that she had taken contraceptives, because she was afraid that such a fetus was not healthy, so she was very anxious.

Pregnancy is originally a celebration, but if you take a child with contraceptive pills or other special cases, then it is best not to stay.Today, let’s take a look at what happened together.

Just like the mother -in -law mentioned at the beginning of the article, many women will use contraceptives to take contraceptives. Although such contraceptive effects are not bad, it may also occur.

For children who are pregnant in this case, doctors suggest not to stay. Of course, some pregnant mothers can’t bear it. It is best to decide to be born.

Perhaps everything is normal after birth, but there are also situations that have been affected by children or other aspects.Therefore, in case of it, the chattering Mommy still recommends not to stay.

Although everyone knows that the abortion is not good, because it is really harmful to women’s bodies.However, for women who are pregnant, they may conceive their babies without paying attention. When they are not ready to welcome the baby, they may have a miscarriage.

Because women need a period of recovery after abortion, children should not be required immediately.If the body has not returned to thoroughly, it is very unfavorable to the adults or the fetus.

Therefore, the chattering mom reminds those women who have just performed abortion surgery to take contraceptive measures, otherwise frequent abortion may cause habitual abortion.

With the improvement of medical technology, the proportion of caesarean section is now rising, and many pregnant mothers will choose a caesarean section.However, for the health of pregnant mothers, it is best not to get pregnant within one year after caesarean section, so as not to cause danger.

The doctor suggested that the child will be safer after one year or even two years after the cesarean section, and of course, it will not rule out that the children who will even be successfully produced after three months will not be ruled out, but this is a huge risk after all.Mi does not recommend this.

The so -called ectopic pregnancy refers to fertilized eggs in the uterus. Such fertilized eggs cannot be smoothly developed into a fetus.Even after an ectopic pregnancy, the pregnant mother will have strong lower abdomen pain, which should pay special attention to this.

And this situation must not be kept, and it is possible to perform surgery, but the situation of optimism can take conservative treatment.However, once an ectopic pregnancy is found, the pregnant mother must seek medical treatment early, and do not make the situation worsen, so as not to suffer more pain.

Summary: If the pregnant mother finds that she is pregnant in the above four cases, it is best not to stay. You must make a decision as soon as possible, otherwise you may be unbearable when you wait for the fetus.

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