If you are married, you are pregnant, then we don’t give you a lot of money.

Women, learn to respect and love, so that in the future, they will be lifted in front of men.If you are unmarried, you will always be a low -person.I am not teaching you to cheat, but to teach you to have your own judgment in front of right and wrong.

With the opening of modern people’s thoughts, many people maintain an enlightened attitude towards unmarried pregnancy. They feel that those who love each other are the same, but they are not good to get married and have children, but is it really the same?Even for our young people, it is not for the older generation.

Many backward places think that unmarried pregnancy is a good way to save gifts.


Zhao Li did not expect that she would reach this step.

When she was with her boyfriend, she was very happy when she was with her boyfriend. She looked forward to life with her boyfriend. They planned to get married.

However, because the conditions are not allowed, the two of them work hard to make money and get married. The two can eat a hard noodles for a day for saving money. More often, they eat steamed buns to fill their hunger because they are cheap.

Zhao Li thought that although she is hard now, she can live a good life in the future.But she never thought that she was pregnant after six months.


The marriage was put on the agenda, and the two returned to her boyfriend’s hometown to get married.Although Zhao Li’s parents are unhappy, there are nothing to block when women are pregnant.

But I did not expect that the problem came. It was very good at first. The man’s house gave 100,000 gifts for money, and then the woman’s house used 100,000 as a dowry to the young couple for life.

But when the parents of both sides met, the boyfriend’s mother came: "You are pregnant before you get married, then we will not give Cai Li." "You dream, don’t think about it." Zhao Li’s mother was angry on the spot.Stand up.

At that moment, Zhao Li felt that she was ashamed. At that moment, she realized what she had brought to herself first.


It was endless humiliation, the disappointment of other people, the disappointment of the parents, and the despair of their own.

The boyfriend’s mother said all kinds of unpleasant words to rely on the money to get rid of the money. In fact, the money was counted, but they were spent by them.

Zhao Li felt that she made her parents unable to lift her head. Looking at the good -looking boyfriend who was sitting there now, Zhao Li felt that her heart was dead.Just.

In the end, Zhao Li and her parents decided to break up with her boyfriend. Although she was unwilling to her child, this situation was not allowed to be born at all.

Before marrying, they have been like this, Zhao Li is afraid that the life will be more sad after marrying.She finally knew that her parents were all for her good. Now she can only look at people in the future.

Emotional message:

From the perspective of Nian Nian, Zhao Li’s encounter is unfortunate. Unmarried first pregnancy is just a fuse. What really failed was that she did not see her boyfriend.Marriage is not as simple as love. When you love, you will be lost when you encounter scum.

But marriage is unfortunate, so consider carefully, do not hurt his body for that kind of unwavering man. May every woman in the world be gently waiting.

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