If you accidentally "have", when is it better to be a person who is pregnant by accident?It’s not suitable too early and late

"Surprisingly" does not expect,

Many young women choose to end the "accident" trouble through the flow of people

But the flow of people must grasp the time

In this way, you can reduce the damage to a greater extent

The flow of people is particular, when is it better?

Many women think that the sooner the abortion must be done, the better

It’s actually wrong

Better flow time is generally between 35-55 days after pregnancy

At this time, abortion surgery, less bleeding, less damage to the uterus

Postoperative recovery is also faster

And there are risks in too early or too late abortion surgery

Because everyone’s constitution is different

There may be differences

Therefore, there is a certain deviation in time

Formula: Calculate the first day of pregnancy based on the first day of menstruation.Instead of the last time in the same room, because the pregnancy time is calculated from the development of the follicle eggs.

Early people (pregnancy time <35 days)

One month of pregnancy belongs to premature flow of abortion, and the embryo has just begun to develop, and it is still small. Premature painless abortion is prone to air or missing. This will cause surgery failure or incomplete abortion.It is necessary to perform secondary surgery to clear the palace.

The flow of people is too late (pregnancy time> 70 days)

The fetal sac has been formed, and the uterus has grown up. At this time, the abortion can no longer be used to use the palace surgery, and the pliers that are fully expanded to the cervix scrape the artificial flow. At this timeGreat damage.

Between 35-55 days after pregnancy-more suitable

During this period, the gestational sac is moderate, the uterine wall is thick, the embryo is easy to absorb, the surgical time is short, the amount of bleeding is small, and the body recovers after the abortion is also recovering faster.

Before the abortion surgery, the same room is forbidden

Women fasting 4-6 hours before entering the abortion surgery, fasting forbidden water, keeping an empty stomach.In addition, sexual life should be prohibited one week before the operation, keeping the vulva cleaning, with sanitary mats, toilet paper, and loose clothes on the day of the operation.

Do a good pre -surgery examination

Before the abortion surgery, the position and size of the embryo should be determined by the examination, the pathological pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal fetus, and the pathological pregnancy of the ectopic pregnancy, and help doctors develop a suitable surgical solution to improve the accuracy of the surgery.

If you have to flow

Please select a safe way

Pre -surgery

Not all women are suitable for abortion surgery, such as patients with ectopic pregnancy, women with gynecological inflammation are performed for treatment control.

Before the abortion surgery, do a good job of pre -surgery to see if there is any situation that is not suitable for surgery.

Surgical process

The hospital will formulate a suitable abortion surgery plan according to the physical fitness and personal needs of women to minimize damage.

Operated by senior physicians, providing a safe, comfortable, private, and worry -free abortion for women who are pregnant.Combined with advanced visual equipment, it is completed in a clean operating room, the positioning is accurate, there is no discomfort, avoiding postoperative infections, and you can avoid your worries.

Postoperative maintenance

After women, women need to rest and reduce inflammation after surgery. If there are no abnormalities, they can leave the hospital.

During the recovery period, you should pay attention to matters in rest, hygiene, diet, etc., and eat more high -protein foods (such as catfish, meat, eggs, milk), red dates, fresh vegetables, fruits to help the body recover as soon as possible.Go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid harmful health.

How long can I have room after surgery?

Sexual life is prohibited one month after surgery.Because the eloquence of the palace after abortion is in an open state, in this period, the same room is likely to cause inflammation infection.

In addition, ovulation will recover from 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Therefore, women who do not want to get pregnant must take contraceptive measures.

Girls must protect themselves

Don’t let accidental damage

Once unexpectedly become helpless

Please select regular hospitals and safe methods

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