If there is a problem with the teeth during pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to it!

I have seen a news before, "Pregnant women’s abortion is actually caused by periodontal diseases", but it is scared to scare the mother!Damn, the teeth are so far away, and they can still have a relationship with the baby in the stomach.Fortunately, fortunately, when the rice cake was pregnant, the mouth was very good!

It is true that from the moment the doctor announced pregnancy, in the next ten months, all your attention will be concentrated on the slow -growing belly.But in fact, your teeth also need your careful care during pregnancy.Don’t look at the teeth so far from the belly, the impact on the baby can be great!Studies have shown that women with periodontitis have a greater chance of premature babies than women with healthy teeth.So if you have health problems before pregnancy, it is best to be treated immediately.

Let ’s take a look together, what common dental issues will be encountered during pregnancy.

● Pregnancy gingivitis

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers will find that they are very prone to bleeding when brushing their teeth, and the gums become red and sensitive.This is actually because of the rise of hormones in the early stages of pregnancy, which increases the blood flow of the gum tissue, making the gums more vulnerable to the influence of plaque and bacteria, and then the gum redness, swelling, inflammation, bleeding, and other symptoms occur.

● Tooth decay

Many pregnant mothers like to eat sour food after pregnancy.Coupled with less meals during pregnancy, the time for the teeth to contact food is longer, and food residues are more likely to remain in the mouth.If the pregnancy reaction is serious, an acidic environment will be formed in the mouth.

Although the living environment of teeth has become bad, pregnant mothers are likely to be "lazy" in cleaning their teeth because of physical discomfort.As a result, tooth decay became a painful pain that pregnant mothers.

● Puruocular granuloma

If there are red nodules like raspberries on the gums during pregnancy, it is likely to be purulent granuloma.The name of this stuff sounds scary and bleeds when brushing his teeth.But don’t panic, generally disappear after childbirth.If you don’t want to see your eyes, you can also find a doctor to help you handle it.

What?It turns out that not only should we move carefully during pregnancy, but even the teeth must be protected.In order to allow the teeth to be healthy during pregnancy, do not provoke right and wrong, some of the small suggestions here are given to everyone for reference.

● Brush your teeth regularly

During pregnancy, the queen of ten months. Of course, I do whatever I want to do. Occasionally, I feel that my body is too lacking to steal a laziness and not brush my teeth.Oops queen, this is not possible!Brushing your teeth is an important part of the bacteria in the mouth.Persist in twice in the morning and evening, using fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth, which can effectively prevent tooth decay.Toothbrush is best to use soft hair toothbrushes, which can reduce the stimulation of gums.

● Auxiliary cleaning

You can always prepare dental floss and mouthwash.Dental floss is still unfamiliar to many Chinese families, but it has long been popular in European and American families.The food residues that could not be brushed out of the teeth were cleared by it.

In addition, using mouthwash after eating things can also reduce bacteria and plaque.Pregnant women should choose zero -alcohol mouthwash.

● Pay attention to diet

Eat more foods rich in calcium and vitamin C.It is easy to lose calcium during pregnancy, and timely supplementation can make the teeth stronger.Vitamin C can also strengthen the teeth and reduce the probability of gum bleeding.

Eat foods with high sugar content and carbonated beverages as little as possible.Not only is it good for teeth, it is not good for pregnant women.

● Pregnancy and Twitter Nursing

Rinse your mouth with water after pregnancy, wait for half an hour before brushing your teeth.Immediately brushing your teeth will allow the stomach acid remaining in the mouth to accelerate the surface of the teeth through the friction of the toothbrush.

If you have a problem with your teeth during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to go to the hospital.Before the treatment, the doctor should remind the doctor that he is pregnant.

Generally, if the problem is not serious, doctors will recommend that the baby will be treated after the baby is born.However, if the problem is serious (such as gingivitis and periodontitis), you need to perform local anesthesia surgery or perform oral X -ray examination. Pregnant mothers should not panic.These oral examinations and treatment are safe for babies in the stomach, and it is the right thing to cure dental disease.

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