If emergency contraception fails, will contraceptives harm the fetus in the abdomen?

Oral emergency contraceptives are first -hand remedial measures for contraceptive failure. Usually, after no protection, the better the contraceptive effect, the better.

Although the textbook says that the correct emergency contraceptive pills are more than 90%of the efficiency, there are still many couples in the hospital who are pregnant because of contraceptive failure, and some of them can consult whether they can continue to become pregnant.

After taking emergency contraceptives, can children still want it?

The first point is that the current emergency contraceptive pills on the market are efficient female, progesterone complexes, single progesterone (such as Yuting often said in advertisements) or rice peroxone tablets.Take in a short time.

Studies on these drugs show that for pregnant women who fail to take contraceptives in correct oral contraceptives, there is no compatibility evidence that the risk of fetal abortion and deformity can continue to be pregnant.

But premise that you have to eat according to the instructions, and within the scope of the safe dose, because the impact of sidelines is that the impact of the dosage is a hooligan. At present, there are also cases that cause abnormal fetal development due to taking a large number of emergency contraceptives.

Secondly, if it wasn’t for taking the medicine immediately after Papa, but after a few days afterwards, he still failed to want to "make up for the dead". He was worried that he was pregnant before taking the medicine. Can this child still need it?There are still controversy for the time being.

Within 2 weeks of fertilization, the effect of drugs on fertilized eggs or embryos is "full" or "none", either cause abortion or affect subsequent development.

Some studies have shown that the hormone emergency contraceptives that misuse safety doses in the early pregnancy will not affect the postal pregnancy fetus, but some experiments show that the drug can increase the abnormal development of the fetal urinary system and orally orally non -non -ketone tablets that can increase the fetal suffocationrisk.

If you really want to continue your pregnancy, you need to check regularly to exclude fetal malformations.

Don’t wear a set for a while, and the accidental pregnancy is not easy to do. If you really don’t want to get pregnant, choose a reliable contraceptive method!

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