If a woman gets married, she will not have dysmenorrhea?Regarding the menstrual period, these 7 are all wrong

Women in menstrual periods are weak, so in order to prevent the body from being invaded by the virus and induce various diseases, many rumors of menstrual maintenance have emerged, such as severe consequences of shampooing during the physiological period, but these statements are correct.?

Seven common menstrual period misunderstandings

Misunderstanding 1: Menstruation should not be able to exercise during the menstrual period

Doctors suggest that women can do some gentle stretching exercises during menstruation, which will help promote the smooth flow of menstrual blood.But try not to do strenuous exercise, especially the movement that aggravate abdominal pressure.

Misunderstanding 2: Meridian blood color and blood clots represent gynecological diseases

The color of menstrual blood is not fixed. If the blood accumulates in the body for a long time, it will change color if it cannot flow out in time, and the menstrual blood is blocked in the same place for more than 5 minutes to form blood clots. These are normal phenomena, but if the blood clot is greater than 1 than 1Yuan coins need to be checked in time.

Misunderstanding 3: Dysmenorrhea will disappear after marriage

Most people think that they will not have dysmenorrhea after marriage. This statement is actually not completely correct. It should be that the dysmenorrhea problem after giving birth will be relieved.The endometrium is prone to fall off, so the symptoms of dysmenorrhea will be reduced.

Misunderstanding 4: Too short menstrual period will reduce the chance of pregnancy

The normal menstrual period should last for 3 to 7 days, and the menstrual period is maintained for two days, so you can not worry too much.As long as the menstrual cycle is normal, the amount of menstruation and time will not affect the chance of pregnancy.

Misunderstanding 5: Sweet and chocolate can relieve dysmenorrhea

Sweet and chocolate contain a large amount of sugar, which will affect the body’s absorption of minerals and vitamins to a certain extent, while vitamins and minerals can relieve dysmenorrhea. Therefore, eating sweets and chocolates will not reduce dysmenorrhea, but blood glucose will also experience blood sugar.Unstable phenomenon.

Misunderstanding 6: Do not wash your hair during menstruation

During women’s menstruation, the pelvic cavity is congested, and the blood circulation on the head is reduced. At this time, if the head is cold, it will cause the scalp blood vessel contraction and cause physical discomfort.But in fact, as long as you wash your head and blow dry, it will not affect your body, and it will maintain the scalp hygiene.

Misunderstanding 7: The physiological period is not fixed is abnormal

From a normal perspective, an average of one physiological cycle every 28 days.However, many women will not have a fixed cycle. In fact, the physiological period is not fixed. As long as the cycle is stable and regular, do not worry too much. The period of the cycle is affected by hormones. When women are over 35 years old, hormones become sensitive.It affects the law of physiological periods.

Must pay attention to these three taboos during menstruation

Women especially need to pay special attention to the maintenance of the body during menstruation, so it is important to correctly understand the physiological period. In addition to avoiding being misled by rumors, you should also pay attention not to step on the lightning area by mistake to hurt your health.

· Avoid taking a bath

During the menstrual period, the cervix is discharged from menstrual blood and is open. Therefore, sitting bath may allow dirty water to flow into the vagina, cause infection, and even prone to diseases such as urethritis or vaginitis.Pay attention to personal hygiene during menstruation. It is best to use a shower or towel to wipe the bath.

· Avoid eating cold and spicy foods

During menstruation, women’s body resistance and immunity are relatively low. If they eat cold and spicy foods, they will directly stimulate the intestine, causing dysmenorrhea or aggravating dysmenorrhea.

· Avoid physical examination

Women must not perform physical examinations during menstrual periods because of sex hormone secretion during menstruation, which will affect the accuracy of the results data. Secondly, when checking gynecology, bacteria may enter the body and cause inflammation.

During menstruation, we must pay attention to conditioning and maintenance during menstruation. We must not be careless to have a healthy body.

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