If a three -month pregnancy examination, a hormone infection is found. Can this child still ask?

Many mothers who are preparing for or pregnant have a sense of unknown feeling when they hear the "bowworm infection".Indeed, pregnant women’s bow -shaped infection may cause abortion, premature birth, dead tires, malformations, or babies after birth.

Eugenics is an important measure to improve the quality of the population. The "three pre -examinations" are particularly important, that is, the pre -marriage, pre -pregnancy, pre -delivery examination, which is of great significance for reducing birth defects, improving the quality of the population, and ensuring the safety of maternal and infants.

The five eugenics are the essential items for pre -pregnancy examination. The test of Toxoplasma is only one of them. It has important value for the health of the pregnant woman before and after pregnancy.Whether internal infection affects the indication of fetal development.

However, even if the pregnant woman is infected, the fetus does not necessarily be infected by 100%, but the probability of being infected increases. If the infection is confirmed, it is necessary to pass other examination methods.

The five eugenics are a group of pathogenic microorganisms. The English abbreviation is TORCH:

1. T represents a rigid bowworm (Tox).

2. R represents the rubella virus (RV).

3. C represents giant cytoplasm virus (CMV).

4. H stands for herpes simplex virus (HSV).

5. O represents other pathogenic microorganisms (OTHERS), such as hepatitis virus (especially hepatitis B virus), EB virus, micro -virus B19, HIV virus, syphilis spiral body, etc.

What does IGM and IGG often see on the test sheet mean?These two items are actually two antibodies of the above viruses. IGM can reflect the infection of nearly January to February, and IGG can represent the human body’s immunity to the corresponding virus.

The following results may appear on the report report. Do n’t see a (+) whole person panic. It is particularly important to understand relevant knowledge and maintain a good mentality. No matter what the result is the arrangement of professional doctors.

IGG (-), IGM (-)

It is prompted that the inspector is likely to have not been infected with these pathogenic microorganisms, but it does not rule out false negatives.

If you check the result during pregnancy, you can get pregnant, but it is a high -risk population. Because of the risk of being infected by pregnant women, the risk of infection in early pregnancy to the fetus is high.

IGG (-), IGM (+)

It is prompted to be infected in the near future, or may be an acute infection, or it may be caused by other interference factors that cause IgM.

IGG (+), IGM (-)

It has been infected with this pathogenic microorganism, or has been vaccinated, and has developed immunity.

IGG (+), IGM (+)

It shows that pregnant women are infected with this pathogenic microorganism, which may be primary or re -infected.

Gow -shaped worms are usually foster in tissue of cats, dogs, eggs, beef and mutton. In daily life, such as close contact with cats and dogs, often eating hot pot, eating unscaptive meat foods, etc., are infected with bow -shaped worms.

1. If you eat raw or unfamiliar meat, spread through the digestive tract.

2. Captured by animals and transmitted through damaged skin mucosa.

3. Blood transfusion and transplantation of organs.

4. Vertical transmission of placenta, when pregnant women infected toxoplasma, gifda hormar, the toxoplasma gifted infected through the placenta through the placenta through the placenta.

1. Do not eat raw meat, eat cooked and processing meat.

2. Avoid contact with meat mucosa, wash your hands after moving raw meat, and completely clean the cooking utensils.

3. Wash it before eating fruits and vegetables.

4. Avoid foods from flies, cockroaches or other insects.

5. Avoid exposure to things contaminated by cats (soil, fruits, vegetables)

6. Try not to raise cats such as cats during pregnancy. For example, pets need to bring pets to pet hospitals to check parasites and inject vaccines before preparing for pregnancy.

Pregnant children are a big thing for any family, especially with the cancellation of pre -marital examinations and the improvement of everyone’s awareness of eugenics.The couple will take the initiative to go to the hospital for physical examination.

Preparation of pregnancy is not just a few examinations. There is a common thing for men and women to have children. No one can do if it is less. It requires the close cooperation and in -depth cooperation between the two parties.Both pregnant couples must pay attention to the following matters:

Take medicine with cautious drugs

Starting 6 months before pregnancy, both husband and wife should take drugs with caution.Because drugs affect the formation and development of pregnancy and fetuses, and some drugs stay in the body for a long time.When necessary, it is best to consult the doctor and choose the appropriate drug.

Medical examination

In the first three months of pregnancy, the couple should go to the hospital for a medical examination to determine whether there is a disease or genetic disease that affects fertility.With tuberculosis, acute hepatitis, nephritis, especially those with heart disease, diabetes, tumors, and sexually transmitted diseases should not be pregnant. It is best to heal or disease after 3 months of pregnancy.

Regular living

Avoid working in high -temperature and radiation environments for a long time.

Sanitary sex

If the male genitals are often congested, the temperature of the scrotum will increase, causing sperm vitality.Therefore, it is best to have a regular sex life to ensure the generation and activities of sperm.After sexual life, you must clean the genitals, it is best to clean the foreskin and scrotum every day.

Take folic acid under the guidance of a doctor

The lack of folic acid before or after pregnancy will lack the development of the nerve tube of the embryo, leading to malformations such as brain, spine cracks, cleft lip and palate.Therefore, it is recommended that women who are preparing for pregnancy should take folic acid under the guidance of a doctor before pregnancy, and have been taking it for 3 months after pregnancy.

Source: Zhuzhou Central Hospital

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