I wore a suit, why did I get pregnant unexpectedly?Hurry up and see if you made these mistakes

Constitution contraception is the fastest and most often used contraception method, and economic benefits have no side effects.Among all contraceptive methods, the success rate of condoms is among the best, but some people still fail to use condom contraception.Let’s take a look at what aspects of the use of condoms but unexpected pregnancy.

1. Use the expired condom

After the shelf life is over, its quality will be greatly reduced. The same is true for the use of condoms. The contraceptive effect is definitely not as good as the original.Before using the condom, be sure to look at the production date and shelf life on the packaging. Do not use it if it expires. Go to buy a box new.

2. Use the outer packaging to have a damaged condom

Someone once obviously used condoms but still became pregnant. Later, it was found that people were broken with needles. Although this kind of thing is rare, in addition to human destruction, other factors can cause damage to the outside packaging of condoms.To prevent this kind of thing, check the outer packaging carefully before using the condom. If it is damaged, use it to use it.

3. Bite with your teeth

It is the habit of many people with a teeth instead of tools, but this habit is incorrect, because it will not only affect the health of the teeth, but also easily break the condom.After the teeth are bitten by the condom, if it cannot be found in time, the condom is similar to the same in sex, and it is naturally easy to get pregnant unexpectedly.When opening the condom, it is best to tear it out with your fingers. If you use scissors, be careful, do not cut the condom.

4. Wear it when half an erection

Some people are too careful in contraception. They wear condoms without a complete erection. In this state, entering the woman’s body can easily let the condoms slip away and stay in women’s body.Not only is it not easy to remove, but it will also lead to the result of contraception failure.Be sure to wait until you are completely erected, so that you will wear it tightly, and it is not easy to slip away.

5. Wear a condom halfway

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the condoms, we should adhere to such a principle, that is, there is no condom and not entering the female body.Some people do not wear condoms into women’s bodies, and then come out to wear condoms after a while, which is very dangerous because men are secreted by prostate liquid when they are excited, and some sperm in prostate fluid will make women pregnant.Essence

6. Reuse of condoms

Although it sounds ridiculous, there are people who reuse condoms in real life.Whether it is frugal or occasional lack of condoms but wants to do it, this behavior is very dangerous.The condom should be one -time. If you wash it after use, it will make the quality of the condom worse and easy to wear it, which will eventually lead to the result of contraceptive failure.I hope that everyone is planning reasonably during sexual life, otherwise there will be a sexual life, but there is no embarrassment of condoms.

The condom is indeed a very good way to contraception, but it is not simply put on, but it needs to pay attention to many aspects.I hope that everyone can use condoms correctly to make the condom truly safe.

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