I was scared at home in the third trimester. I ca n’t be hospitalized in advance. When is the best time to be hospitalized?

The closer to the due date, the more nervous the pregnant mother’s psychology is, especially the first produced mother.I do n’t know what the physical condition needs to go to the hospital immediately. What is the state of “seeing red” and “breaking water”?

Will you be born on the road?Wait, the pregnant mother has too much doubt.

If the pregnant mother wants to be hospitalized in advance and wait for the baby to launch it, it is difficult for normal hospitals to do except for private hospitals.

Because the beds of obstetrics and gynecology are really too difficult, especially to catch up with "good years, good belongs to the phase", there are countless mothers queuing to have baby.

Xiao Wang has been pregnant for 39 weeks, and there is still a last week before the due date. This week, Xiao Wang can’t eat well, and he is worried that he will start at any time.

Especially after watching many cases that mothers were born on the road and on taxis, Xiao Wang was even more worried.

The last pregnancy test was normal.Xiao Wang wanted to go to a doctor for consultation. When could he be hospitalized to be hospitalized? Suddenly his stomach hurt, and he felt that something was flowing.

Fortunately, the hospital was sent to the emergency department immediately. The doctor checked that the king of the king was broken and immediately arranged for hospitalization to prepare for delivery.

In the end, Xiao Wang Shun gave birth to 7 pounds of sons, his mother and son were safe.Xiao Wang was lying on the bed, and he was secretly grateful in his heart. Fortunately, he came to the production inspection today. If he really didn’t know what to do at home.

① bed

The National Bureau of Statistics released data: In 2019, my country’s newborns reached more than 14 million, with an average of nearly 40,000 people born per day.

Although most hospitals will have a separate building, the bed is still very nervous.

Whether during the day or midnight, pregnant women will stay at any time, and the fetal mobility will not choose time.

Especially in the first half of the year, considering the children’s advancement, most mothers had to have a baby before September.

② environment

Pregnant mothers are hospitalized in advance. If they are just produced in the same house, they are experiencing physical pain, and pregnant mothers who have not produced will be more nervous when they see it.

There are many people in the hospital, there are many bacteria, and the environment is noisy. It is difficult for pregnant mothers to rest well. The familiar environment at home is more conducive to nourishing the spirit and preparing to produce at any time.

③ Labor and the people hurt money

In advance, there are not only economic expenses, but also to accompany birth. Pregnant mothers have a bad rest, and those who have no place to rest in their births will be lost.

① Seeing red water

In the early days of red, brown or brick red, there is very little amount, you need to wipe to see it.Slowly color will become bright red, and the amount will be more than menstruation. Generally, this situation needs to be gone to the hospital.

Breaking water, urine -like liquid. Once you find that water breaks, you need to go to the hospital immediately to prevent the amniotic fluid from being lost and the fetus is hypoxic.

After the amniotic fluid is broken, try to keep lying flat as much as possible. Do not walk around at will to prevent the amniotic fluid from being lost too fast. If you do n’t have a car at home, try to choose 120 as safer.

② contraction law

There will be pseudo contractions in the third trimester, and occasionally feel that the belly is tight, and it usually ends in a few seconds.

If there is a 10 -minute contraction, and the contraction time is relatively long, accompanied by abdominal pain during the period, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

If you are a second child or a third child, once you feel the contraction, you need to go to the hospital immediately, and the second child will open the palace mouth faster.

① To produce bags

It is recommended to prepare the package to be produced before 35 weeks, put it in the room, and pick it up when you need it.

Prepare the production package in advance, and inform Bao Dad or those who have been accompanied by the delivery to prevent the hospital from panic.

② Personnel and vehicles

Determine the accompanying person in advance and wait at any time.The vehicles are so good, determine which hospital to produce in advance, and plan the best route to reduce the waste of time on the road to ensure the fastest and safest arrival.

【Mom Sending】

Produced by one person, the whole family is dispatched.In October, she had survived her birth. In the end, the pregnant mother must be fully prepared to meet the long -awaited little angels.

【Topic today】

What are you hospitalized?

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