I was pregnant on the first day of my employment, and I was difficult to be troubled by the company leader. Why didn’t the boss give me a good look?

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When I was in college, I met a company with the fastest closure. At that time, I went to the company for an internship. The second month of the internship was closed. The main reason was not something else, because a female employee was second for the second time that the employee was in employment.God announced pregnancy.

This incident was very regrettable at the time, and it also made me realize the evil of human nature in the workplace.

This is the case. At that time, the company’s owner was fat, and he was very good, and he was very good. He also told us that the company was about to make a fortune.

Because the company received a project at that time, the company’s total was not large, that is, about 15 people, the leader recruited three employees in one breath. As long as the project can be taken down, at least one month can earn 50,000 yuan a month.Net profit.

Although this part of net profit is not particularly many, at least it can increase the salary of 1,000 yuan for our employees, and even the company leaders have made a promise.20,000 yuan, and the remaining 30,000 yuan have given us employees.

Originally, the two were all beautiful, but because of the emergency recruitment of people, the company’s leaders had no patience to inspect the employees at all. In this way, the three employees were recruited. The third employee was a very beautiful younger sister, so smallBefore my sister came to the company, the boss asked, is he pregnant?Is there a boyfriend?

The younger sister told the boss that she had no boyfriend and had no pregnancy. I hope the boss was assured. After listening, the boss waved nervously and said, "Well, don’t say that, I am not a black -hearted boss, we are not saying that employees cannotPregnancy, but this project is very important. In the next three months, you need to go all out in the next three months. As long as you can take it down, it will pay you a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan per month.Try not to get pregnant if you are not pregnant. If you are really pregnant, we will also overcome as much as possible. In the first two months, the company went to work.

It stands to reason that the company’s boss has said that here, anyone who is a matter of understanding knows what to do next, but people have never expected that the employee will directly tell the boss on the second day after his employment.Don’t come to the company to work.

This is simply a stick for the company’s leaders. At that time, the boss was still very angry and thought that the company could make a fortune. As a result, when the employee said this, the boss didn’t understand it all at once. Why can’t he come tomorrow?Is something wrong at home, or do you encounter?

The young lady said that the reason why I couldn’t come tomorrow was because I was pregnant. It was my turn that the boss didn’t understand. There was no reason. Didn’t you say that you did n’t have a boyfriend and did n’t get pregnant?

The younger sister said that I have no boyfriend because I am married and I have a husband, so of course I have no boyfriend. As for my pregnancy, it is easier, because I feel uncomfortable today.What do you see, you are pregnant at a glance

If the normal company owner encounters this situation, it is easy to solve, or paying 30,000 yuan 50,000 yuan for this little girl, just negotiate this matter privately.

But our company’s owner is not. The owner of our company is a few years older than us, and the temperament is also straightforward, because the company is not light, and the company is not doing well. In those two weeks, the boss did not keep the soul all day long.It is said that you are so bad about how you do it, and you dare to hurt our company.

The last thing I regret was the company, because I couldn’t go on the business anymore, the main reason was that the employee deceived the company’s boss. The company’s boss couldn’t think of this. It should be a good time to make money.Putting one.

And how can there be such a person who simply closed the company directly to the bankruptcy. Of courseEssence

Later, I heard that the company owner registered a larger -scale company again and reinterpreted the capital from his father’s side, but this time after financing, it was directly announced that it will definitely not recruit female employees under 30 years of age.Female employees should clarify the second child.

Recently, many people are talking about this topic. When it comes to women in the workplace, they think that women in the workplace have been discriminated against, but we look back and think about it because of the discrimination of women in the workplace?

Sometimes it may not be the opposite as the reality, because some people do something wrong or not to do, and some extremely special women do some wrong things, but most women in the workplace have been discriminated against. This isUnfair things are helpless.

Someone said that I wouldn’t agree with your view. It is difficult to achieve people in the workplace. If this is the case, how dark the company is.

I ca n’t say that. We have never said that employees are not allowed to get pregnant in the workplace, but you are pregnant when you enter the job. If you are pregnant, you will not work, and let the company raise you for a year. This is too much to say.

Any boss is unwilling to be a grievance. Any thing is beneficial and disadvantaged. It is precisely because some women in the workplace are too unpredictable or a few women to pit a company, which often causes the company’s boss to go extreme. From then on, since thenNo longer willing to recruit young female employees.

This article will definitely be scolded. Of course, I understand this, but as one of the things I have experienced, I very much hope to write or speak this matter.

It’s very simple, because the boss is not just squeezing the employees or the boss to bully the employee in the workplace, and sometimes some employees do not do it. I always think that the company’s boss and company employees should be a team of unity and cooperation., Then make money for money.

If the boss can’t do this, we criticize the boss, but if some employees do not do it well, especially because their own selfish desire destroys the competitive channels of other employees or destroy the development prospects of the entire company, then whether this kind of employee is whether this employeeShould I criticize it?

Little friends, what do you think of this?

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