I was pregnant at the age of 42, my daughter was in my sophomore, and my husband would rather divorce and don’t have a child.

A mother for help on the Internet:

My husband and I were born in 1981, 42 years old.My daughter is now 19 years old and is studying for a sophomore.I just tested my pregnancy a few days ago, and my husband and daughter strongly opposed me. I didn’t know what to do. I washed my face with tears every day.

I really want this child myself, I am so old, and I have another child. It must be fate.My mother’s parents also left me.

I want to leave my daughter with a companion. I can’t accompany her for a lifetime. I hope to add a younger brother and sister to her. When the two of us are not in this world, they still have blood relationship between them.

However, in our family of three, except me, my husband and daughter are strongly opposed.My daughter told me that she should not be a 20 -year -old brother and sister, who took them out and thought it was her child. It was a burden for her. If I insisted on giving birth to a child, she would always hate me.My husband is consistent with his daughter. Even if I threaten him with divorce, he chose not to want this child.

The mother also said that her family conditions were not good, and her eldest daughter stumbled to raise.

Netizens’ opinions

The opinions of netizens are divided into both sides, on one side to persuade her to leave the child, and the other side is to let her not.

1. Leave your child: One more child is more happy.When the child comes, he has the right to come to this world.

As long as the body and economic conditions permit, children should be left.

2. Don’t be a child, the reason is clear: Sister does not need a 20 -year -old brother and sister.

The age gap is too large, you ca n’t play one by one, there is no common language, and your eldest daughter has to take care of him. For the eldest daughter, there is a burden that can not be abandoned.

Netizens said: Why is it companion 19 years old?The child of 19 -year -old sister is almost the same.When the boss was 22 years old, the second child was 3 years old, and the second child was noisy to play the slide cloth doll. How do you let a 22 -year -old sister play with him?

In addition, my sister is already a sophomore, and she will graduate to find a job immediately. I am talking about marriage. There are still a few years old at home. How can I find an object?Will others misunderstand that is her child?You think it is a companion. In fact, for my sister, it is just a burden. In case the parents are not there, she will also bear the responsibility of raising him.

The most important thing is that he is 42 years old. The ability to educate a child has long been able to keep up with the development of the times. Not only is he tired, he will be more tired.


The final ending is that the mother has been aborted.

The mother said: It was decided to have a miscarriage, and long pain is not as good as short pain!Anyway, only me who was guilty in the end, and only me who died.I really do n’t have the courage to leave my children, I can only choose to give up. I think I will retribute to me!So I chose to be an ordinary flow, remember the unforgettable pain, who made his mother incompetence?

According to the mother’s description, his family conditions are not good and there is no intention to get pregnant. This pregnancy is an accident. It is a pair of twins.Then she should take good measures, and her husband does not take measures and does not take birth. Her wife is pregnant and determined. The mother is a miscarriage surgery for herself.

She hated her husband, and she had been hacked to delete him.But for the eldest daughter, this family can only be maintained.


When the older mother has children, we must first consider their physical condition and the economic conditions at home.

According to science, the best fertility age of women is between 23 and 30 years old, and it is more than 35 years old.If you are over 40 years old, you must consider your physical condition.After giving birth to a child, raising is also a test of parents’ energy.

Secondly, if the family’s economy is not rich, you must consider having a second child carefully.For the pregnancy check, the expenses of the child need a lot of money after giving birth to a child.

Just like this young man said, it is not a few decades ago that you can feed with meals.

The most important thing is to consider the boss’s feelings.The age gap between the two children is too large. If the boss disagrees, it is easy to have a gap between the second child and the parents.For an adult boss, parents should respect his opinions.

According to the law: If the parents do not have the ability to raise their children, my brother and sister are obliged to raise their younger brothers and sisters.

Therefore, the second child is definitely not just a matter between the parents.

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