I was fired when I was pregnant.

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Today’s society can be said to be equal for men and women, but some private companies believe that women should not go to work when they are pregnant. Not only will they delay the progress of work, but they also "offend".

Ms. Han in Zhengzhou worked at a local private beauty institution. After four months of pregnancy, the manager of the agency asked her to go home and rest.

For the sake of unborn babies, Ms. Han agreed with the manager’s speech, but she has been going home for more than a month. The manager has not sent her the previous salary.

So Ms. Han took her husband, Mr. Li (pseudonym) to the beauty institution to discuss. However, after that, Ms. Chen (pseudonym) in the store asked Ms. Han to take Ms. Han alone to find the manager to calculate the salary.

Unexpectedly, Ms. Chen’s behavior was opposed by Mr. Li, and said, "What’s wrong, don’t you let me go upstairs, do you want to embarrass my wife?"

Later, although Ms. Chen repeatedly stated that the men on the second floor of the store were prohibited from entering, but Mr. Li still did not relax and insisted on going upstairs with his wife. The two sides argued that Ms. Chen still disagreed with Mr. Li for half an hour.

Immediately afterwards, Mr. Li found the local mediation staff to solve the matter together to the beauty institution.

According to Ms. Han by the parties, she successfully worked in the beauty institution in February. In June, the manager of the agency said that she asked her to go home. Mingli secretly said that she wanted to dismiss Ms. Han.

Before leaving, the manager stated that he would pay the salary of 2, 3, 4, and May to Ms. Han’s account, but Ms. Han has no bank text messages to remind you, but he wants to ask the manager to pay.

After the mediation officer understands the matter, he told the staff in the store that he could count the salary of Ms. Han?At this time, Ms. Chen once again said that she could only go upstairs alone.

And anger said, "Do you solve the problem or deliberately find things? There are also trouble for you to respect, don’t shoot me, your behavior is infringing on my personal portrait right. In the last point, we don’t pay for Ms. Han."

After listening to Ms. Chen’s words, Ms. Han stood up with excitement and said, "Then why don’t you answer it for you? Why don’t you send text messages?" Ms. Chen said that she did not receive Ms. HanAny call and text message.

When Ms. Han said that she could get evidence, Ms. Chen was obviously a little panicked at this time, and said loudly: "I said that I could only let Ms. Han go upstairs to find a manager, but her husband said that it was obviously looking for things.?"

At this time, the mediator said: "Ms. Han’s husband may be worried that after his wife go upstairs with you, it is hard to say after emotional excitement."

I didn’t expect Ms. Chen to ignore the mediation staff at all. When I took out my mobile phone, I had to take the evidence of their "troubles". At this time, Mr. Li just took a "funny" scene, and the two took the mobile phone to take each other with each other.

When the mediationman didn’t know how to solve it, Ms. Fang (pseudonym) on the side: "You are enough, is this interesting? I can take out the contract in our store to see it."

I saw that the in -store contract reads, "The training period has a total of 10 days, the salary of 100 yuan a day, a total of 1,000 yuan. It must be done for one year to pay the training period." That is to sayIt should be deducted from 1,000 yuan.

Then Ms. Fang said that after four months of work, Ms. Han found that she was pregnant. Based on the date, Ms. Han was pregnant for four months in June, so she was pregnant when she came to work in February.

What’s more, there are a lot of essential oils and instruments in the beauty shop. In case Ms. Han encounters "unexpectedly" during work, they can’t bear it, so they will let Ms. Han go home and take a good rest.

Later, he said that he could take Ms. Han to calculate the salary first. The mediation officer did not understand the agency’s approach very much. He asked in doubt: "Can’t you count on the first floor? Let us all know the salary in your shop is whether the salary is whether the salary in your shop isHow to post it. "

Ms. Fang hesitated for a moment and agreed. After the salary of Ms. Han soon, the mediation officer asked Ms. Han: "Do you see the salary you calculated you? Is there any missed?"

After watching it carefully, Ms. Han said that the salary in May and June was right, but she should not deduct her 1,000 yuan. Later, Ms. also explained that the new employee’s employment requirements were clearly written, and she said that at the time Ms. Han was also at that time.Know.

The mediation officer immediately expressed contact the relevant local departments and asked clearly, and then the program team contacted another reporter to the labor supervision department.

The staff of the department said that it is illegal to deduct Ms. Han 1,000 yuan for a beauty agency. So far, no law in my country has clearly stipulated that the cost of deducting the cost of departure is clearly stipulated.

In the end, the beauty agency made all the amount owed to Ms. Han on the personal account of Ms. Han for the reputation of the store.

About beauty institutions deduct Korean women for no reason

What are the legal provisions of the salary of taxi?

According to Article 30 of the Labor Contract Law: The beauty institution shall pay a full salary to Ms. Han in a timely manner in accordance with the labor contract and the national salary regulations.

In this case, the arrears of the beauty institutions did not pay Ms. Han’s full labor remuneration. According to relevant laws and regulations, Ms. Han can apply for a payment order to the local court. After receiving this application, the corresponding court will issue a payment order.

According to Article 85 of the Labor Contract Law: If the employer is lower than the local minimum salary standard, the difference should be paid to the employee, and the company will not pay if the company is overdue.

The local court will order the company to pay employees to employees with a standard of less than 10 % of the salary payable to pay compensation.

Similarly, such laws and regulations are also applicable to employees who work overtime without working overtime and after the termination or termination of labor contracts, they have not paid financial compensation to workers in accordance with the law.

Is the practice about Ms. Han’s pregnancy and beauty agency right?

Obviously it cannot be like this. According to Article 5 of the Special Provisions of the Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection Law: The employer cannot reduce the salary standard and dismissal because of the female employee’s pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

According to Article 6 of the Labor Protection Law of the Female Workers: If the pregnant female employee cannot be competent in the original job, the employer can reduce the labor volume of the employee or arrange it to a relatively relaxed job according to medical proof.

Therefore, the friends who work to understand the labor law will not let the "unscrupulous" boss bullied wildly.

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