I was almost 6 months pregnant, and I had to have a fetal stop. What should I do?

It was two days and six months pregnant, but the doctor was informed that the fetus was stopped. There was no heartbeat. At that time, my head was "hummed" and I didn’t know anything.

I asked this child to suffer countless grievances. After so long, I couldn’t say a word, only tears came out.

I cried in the lobby of the first floor of the hospital for a long time, and I had the courage to call my husband who was working at work: "I …" I just said one word, so I couldn’t say.Only crying.The husband on the other side of the phone was frightened, and he would only repeat a sentence: "Is it in the hospital? Where are you? Don’t move, I will get it right away."

Due to various reasons, my husband and I got married. I was 30 years old. My husband was 32 years old. We got married.This was really rare for this small city at that time.

About four months after marriage, one day after get off work, I fainted at the doorstep because of dysmenorrhea. The family who heard the sound hurriedly sent me to the hospital. The doctor said that I was Gonghan Pregnancy, this conclusion was shocked to me.

I was willing to listen to the doctor’s conductor willingly. After doing a series of inspections, after getting the results, the doctor said that there was no problem. Try it for a week for a week. After drinking, come to find her pulse.The doctor’s worship was added, and he was more convinced of the doctor’s words.

So, after three meals a week a day, it was another week of traditional Chinese medicine.After drinking, I was busy at work. At that time, there was a lot of things at home. There was no time, so I didn’t go again.One month later, after more than six months of marriage, I was pregnant.I don’t know if it is a doctor’s credit.

I started to be a mother’s longing for a while.Of course, in my cognition, I also thought that it was easy to be a mother. Every woman would be a mother.

The reality joked with me.

It didn’t take long for it to start a strong pregnancy reaction.I lost nearly ten pounds for more than a month.I persuaded me to say that after three months, it would be fine.But I am getting worse.Not only did it vomit many times a day, but also started headache. The kind of dull pain was uncomfortable.I went to see a doctor again, but the doctor said that there was no medicine that could not cure pregnancy. In a word, I had reduced my worship of her a little bit before.

At that time, the company that happened to work at work was renovating. My husband saw me so great that I was afraid that it would have an impact on the fetus. I advised me to resign. My husband’s sister also advised me to resign.I also want to resign, I really can’t stand it anymore.Think about the difficulties of my family at the time, and I was silent again.

Foreign debts were exhausted and there was no savings in my hand, so I wanted to resign when I was enough to go to the hospital.

And my pregnancy response was not alleviated at all. I often washed my face with tears. My husband had been responsible for all the housework at home since I was pregnant, including my three meals a day.When I took a few mouthfuls, my husband was very happy; there was also a pick -up to get off work, and I lost more than a dozen pounds for a few months.

In the end, my child didn’t give me a chance to be a mother, and did not wait for her mother to save enough money to go to the hospital.

Because the hospital is very close to the place where I go to work, I went alone when I checked on the same day.

The husband who hurriedly rushed to tears kept giving me tears and comforted me: "We have to listen to the doctor."But I still couldn’t accept it, and I ran two hospitals. As a result, I was so dead.

In the delivery room, I was so painful that I wanted to die. Fortunately, the elder sister next to me was very experienced. She kept asking me to take a deep breath.The doctor told me during the examination that induction of labor is more painful than normal children. People and children are working hard together. You are just you, you can not suffer.

In the gap between my contractions, the elder sister on the side kept explaining to me. After a while, the child was born. You must not look at it. You still have a child in the future.Really a heart -warming elder sister.

I still didn’t look at the child at the end, got up a few times, and held back.

I don’t know if it should be fortunate or regrettable.

Due to the small surgery, I was discharged from the hospital the next day without infusion, and I only gave me oral anti -inflammatory drugs.

However, induction of labor still has a great impact on the body of a woman. In the end, I resigned and recuperated my body at home. I started a struggle with the long sequelae of labor.There has been inflammation, stomach pain, and running every day is a major hospital, which is completely cured for more than a year.

Having said so much, I hope my experience can attract the attention of pregnant mothers:

First of all, before pregnancy, you must have a good body.I was very thin before pregnancy, and my body was not very good.Coupled with the reaction during pregnancy, the impact on the fetus is too great.

Second, during pregnancy, diet, and environment must be paid attention to.My doctor analyzed that a nutrition did not keep up, and a newly renovated house must not be treated.

Finally, relax, don’t think so much, just do it to be good to yourself, just do something good for your child, let others think about others.I just thought too much, and of course I didn’t help it.Maybe I resigned early and stayed at home early, and the company’s decoration would not affect me, because I smelled a big smell of the company at the time, and hesitated.Of course, you have to resign if you are not pregnant. As long as you do not have much impact on yourself, work is okay.

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey, a happy thing. I hope that this happiness will accompany every expectant mother!

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