I still came to menstruation after pregnancy. What is going on?

In the daily outpatient clinic, patients often take the blood HCG test sheet in hand, but still use doubtful eyes and tone to ask the doctor, "How can I get pregnant when I have just been here? What is the doctor?" Looking forward to the doctorTelling her like a judge, it is worthwhile, where should I go in the next step.

Leading patients out of such a swamp land need to be familiar with and understand normal menstruation.The regular menstruation identifies the maturity of reproductive function. The so -called menstruation is the endometrium exfoliation and bleeding accompanied by the ovarian cycle. It has the characteristics of periodic and self -limiting.To.From the first day of bleeding is the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and the interval time on the first day of menstruation is called the menstrual cycle.Generally 21-35 days.Its self-limiting time is the period of menstruation, which is generally 2-8 days, average 4-6 days.Menstrual blood is characterized by non -condensation and dark red, containing blood, endometrium fragments, cervical mucus, and falling vaginal epithelial cells.Or at a fast speed, blood condensation can appear.The clinical normal menstrual flow is 5-80ml.Normal menstruation is based on the adjustment function of the female mound brain-pituitary-ovarian axis and the healthy and sound of the internal and external reproductive organs such as the uterus, the vagina, and the vagina.

After pregnancy, a large amount of female progesterone secreted by the placenta will have a physiological amenorrhea, and vaginal hemorrhage is generally not occurred.Therefore, the vaginal bleeding that appears after pregnancy is obvious that it is not true menstrual blood, which will hide risks, such as various types of abortion, abnormalities of uterine cavity, uterine fibroids, cervical lesions, hydatida, embryo uterine cavityThe abnormalities of the bed location.For women who have a history of cesarean section, they should be more alert to scar pregnancy.Therefore, women with sexual life must go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination when they find that the vaginal bleeding is different from normal bleeding, and it is recommended that under the guidance of a doctor’s professional guidance to remove the disease in a timely manner to avoid delayed diagnosis and treatment of irreversible losses or even even unremoval losses or even evenThere is a worry of life.

Finally, I wish every expectant mother on the road to pregnancy smoothly and always guard you as a doctor.

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