I resigned and returned to the hometown, I only persisted for half a year

When a urban white -collar worker returns to farmers with modern thinking, how much will happen to cry?

31 -year -old Ajie shared his experience of going to the countryside for half a year on the Internet.He was originally a hardware engineer, and he was busy with work. He started insomnia and fatter, because angina pectoris went to the hospital for several times.In the second half of 2022, when he wanted to resign, he was laid off and held a total of 200,000 with savings and compensation. He decided to rent a land in the countryside to live a rural life with labor and sleep.

This life was officially launched in February this year.After the "resignation in the mobile phone, I came to the Xanadu Taoyuan" became a reality, and Ajie saw the real village outside 16: 9.Every time he encounters a problem, he is habitually trying to solve it by online shopping, and then is educated by reality again and again.He spent 12,000 yuan to buy a mini tractor, which was motionless at all; he spent 7,000 yuan and bought a container to try to live, and he was troubled by its "squeak" every night; he always sprayed him with water.The aunt of the water pipe, the foreign worker, the weeds that look much more vigorous than the seedlings … "Character" and Ajie talked for four hours, and the laughter continued. You will find that he has stepped on almost all the pit and imagined.The beautiful and pleasant pastoral shepherd, finally became a pile of unused machines, and it is likely to be left in the yard where the grass and people are aligned.

Today, Ajie has returned to the grid. This land -breeding experience lasted only half a year, and 200,000 were not spent.What really prompted him to give up was that he found that even in the countryside, he was still trapped in the idea of making money.

There is always a gap between ideal and reality.Ajie has desperately solved his own problems in a way to return to the countryside overnight, but life is not the case.When we crush the filter and go to the field, we may find that the flash and regret coexist in it, which is also the real life.

Despite returning to the office building, Ajie still gave two books- "Farmers Entering the City" and "At least once a fool in this life".He said, if he encountered what he had never done in the future, he might not try it as this time, but he did not regret returning home. He said that nature will not deceive people.In the reinforced cement, people often think of that period of time being cured by the land.

The following is Ajie’s description.

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I took a lot of wrongdoing in this planting experience and spent a lot of money, but this is all the matter.When I brought countless longing for the first time I saw my farm, the main entrance of the yard was stuck because of her years of disrepair.There was no way, we had to go around the distance to another path, and then entered from the small door behind.

Walking on the coal and soil road, I saw that the roadside was a grave pile, full of black tombstones.I thought in my heart that Feng Shui seemed good at this place.When I came to the ground before, I walked on the top of the mountain and saw a large number of farmland around at a glance. The fields of fields in Japanese dramas appeared in my head, and there were winding paths. Everything was beautiful.

At that time, I was still looking forward to it.One of the reasons for deciding to return to home is that I always ca n’t eat tomato taste when eating tomatoes in the city, eating stones, which is completely different from the taste of childhood.And I want to find the taste in memory.

I grew up in the mountains of Guizhou. When I was a kid, the house in my house was particularly large. The yard in front of the door was the same as the TV series. I could run madly.After going out of the house, there is a stream, I can catch the crab, and there is a mountain behind, you can go to the hare.Sometimes you can see the fire in the evening. The moon in the evening is so bright that you can see the pit above naked eyes.

After finishing college, I went to work in Shanghai.If you do n’t consider the factors to buy a house, life is very happy to live in Shanghai, but as I get older, I start to consider settlement in a livable city. In 2019, I chose to settle in Chengdu. Although Chengdu is not a first -tier city, the development is very developed very much.Quick, there are also talent introduction policies.My work content is related to hardware research and development. In the years I worked in Shanghai, I improved quickly, but after moving to Chengdu, the repetition of work is getting stronger and stronger. The positions of second -tier cities are mostly downstream in the industrial chain, such asSales or customer service, there is no chance to develop upstream positions.

I have always had the idea of going to a rural business in my heart. By the second half of 2022, I was going to resign and caught up with the epidemic.Ten thousand.This is why I chose to start a business in the countryside.I think I do farm work in full -time, my wife works normally in Chengdu, and I came to see me on the weekend.Her wife supports it. She always thinks that people should try to do something she likes.

There is another reason: Before 2020, I was very thin, and my body and shape were okay. The later epidemic came. In addition, I was getting fatter for a long time.Okay, often insomnia.I holding an idealism, thinking that if I return to the countryside, my overwork and insomnia will improve.

It took me a long time, and I studied what to do back home.I like to watch programs like CCTV7’s "Extraction". At first I didn’t think about planting myself, I felt that I wanted to do it, start a business, sell citrus, and think about it. This is a bit conflict with the ideal of returning to my hometown.I am not going to plant land for money. I ca n’t make money. I can earn more in the city. My original intention is a wonderful rural life.

With this ideal, I considers organic farms, which can take beautiful landscape photos for the farm. You can also cut videos to impress customers online to buy my organic products.I was particularly good at the time. The market price of organic tomatoes was 5 yuan a pound, and the output of more than 10,000 pounds per acre of land. In this way, thirty acres are 1.5 million. Even if you discount, you can sell a lot of money.I also look forward to my land into a manor, one on one side of the industry, and on the other side is my own house. In the later period, I can even do some agricultural products.

After leaving, I took about half a year to find the land.At the beginning, I went to the village to find it myself, but there was no way at all.Leasing in the village is not like renting a house in the city, and information such as property rights will not be on the Internet. You must ask for it a little bit. It is very time -consuming.There is no way, I went to the intermediary. The elder brother took 400 yuan to take a look at it at a time. After finding it several times, I found this one. The size of 30 acres was found.It is to pay another 6,000 agent fees, which is their starting price of a sale.The disadvantage is that it is not a special cultivated land. The soil is not good, and it is a wasteland. It requires ourselves to open up wasteland.

I estimate that weeds on the wasteland, but when we opened the door and really entered the courtyard, we greet us was a group of chickens that rushed over.

At that time, the scene was very confusing -we were not prepared for chickens, and my wife was a man who was very afraid of chickens.Later, I learned that they were all raised before the landlord. As soon as they opened the door, they thought it was the workers he hired to feed.After all the chickens were driven away, we were considered to be entered, and for the first time, we saw weeds: basically as high as the shoulders.

I watched the park cutting grass on TV, and bought a handheld chartaw on the Internet.But when I prepare the goggles and various protective tools, I open the chainsaw with confidence, but I find that the reality is not as easy as on TV: the weeds are too hard, the chainsaw is not stuck, or the saw is not moving, cutting, cutting, cutIt takes several minutes for a square meter.Originally, I thought the weeds in the yard could be cleaned for a long time, but after half a day, I just cleaned a narrow road that can only be passed by one person through the back door, chicken sheds and the gate.Essence

I resigned and returned to the hometown, I only persisted for half a year

But at that time, I didn’t feel frustrated, I just felt that I might not plan well.In the setting sun, I took out the pots, water and noodles brought from the city, and the two of my wife found a brick in the weeds and wasteland.

It is not easy to burn a bunch of fires. It is necessary to get a smaller firewood first, and then leave an oxygen port for the fire dragon, so that it can be burned slowly.That night, even if there were new technologies such as lighters in our hands, our fires extinguished several times.But sitting in the sunset, hearing the crackling sound of firewood burning, and the smell of burning wood, just like the white noise in the phone reached my eyes, I really like this feeling.For a long time, my sleep quality is not good, but in those days, I worked during the day and burned fire at night. I slept very deeply.


After the weeding failed on the first day, I felt that this would not work, and those grass had tall and burrs, and it was painful every time I went in.I thought, I had to use a tractor with a spinning machine and spin the grass with a knife.

At the beginning, I made an appointment with a master in the same city, but the price was high, and the master was too far away.I had to ask the landlord to introduce me again. The master accepted more than a thousand yuan, drove a large tractor, and cut me more than 5,000 square meters of grass in the morning.

After cutting, I found out that the land was really hard, and potholes, and various wires were scrambled everywhere. Next to the road, the scenery was like that.However, I have done my homework and knows that the soil can be transformed, such as deep cultivation, turning the soil up, so that the soil structure is loose, and then fat.In short, there are some methods, but it may be more troublesome, but the price is generally cheap.

Thinking of the cultivation of land and ridge, there are many opportunities to use tractors, so I plan to buy one by myself.Go to the shop in the village first and find that small tractors are supported by hand, very strenuous, and the large tractor is either very large, or it is imported from Japan.

Based on the principle of saving money, I went to Taobao to search for "tractor", but all sold them.I have no concept of horsepower. When I saw 12 tractors in the demonstration video, it was easy to cultivate the soil. I immediately placed an order and spent 12,000 yuan.

At that time, I was looking forward to its arrival, but I didn’t know that buying tractors on Taobao would become the most stupid decision I have ever made.

There was a problem with the receipt.As a young man who relies on online shopping, I should set the farm into a receiving place at the beginning.Later, it was discovered that the seller was shipped from Shandong. My tractor was transported on the road for half a month, but the end of the delivery only reached the county seat.When I received the news of receipt, I realized that I couldn’t send it to the village in the courier. I could only spend hundreds of dollars. I asked the cargo Lala to help me transport the tractor over.

At the first glance of opening the door of the cargo box and seeing the tractor, I actually felt pretty good.The height of the tractor is about the same as the car. The length is two meters. Although it is smaller than the normal tractor, the tools such as the rotary plowing knife and the weeding wheel are quite complete.This is the machine I want, with my small farm just right.

However, after the disassembled, I found that the tractor was damaged several places during the transportation, and the appearance was damaged. The key was that the gear was stuck.I want to start trying. As a result, the front of the car was facing the wall when I unloaded. I drove a few times and found that the reverse gear did not work at all, but at this time it was already on the head, and the tractor was completely stuck there.

I still didn’t die, and went to the Taobao customer service again. I followed the other party’s guidance for several days. I also bought the maintenance tools on my own pocket, but I tossed for a long time and did not improve.In the end, I couldn’t, and I found the previous tractor master. The master came. It took more than ten minutes to repair it. It was conscience, only 20 yuan.

After finally getting it, I put the plow on the tractor and prepared to go to the ground.In the ground, I found that the soil was too hard, just like a piece of iron plate welded together. On it, the tractor tires were sliding and motionless.Later, I understood that the fields in the video were farmland cultivated all year round, which was different from the hardness of the wasteland.

At that time, my mentality was okay, so I felt that since I couldn’t move, I continued to find a big tractor to soften the soil. After the wasteland was completed, I could still use this small tractor. It still has its use.So, the master who helped me weeded again drove his 50 -horsepower tractor again. This time, he took me 2,000 yuan.

Ajan’s mini tractor


Of course, my injustice is spent in various unexpected places, and the other big head is the container I bought.

"Farm" is not a homestead. There are no houses on it, so I would not stay in the county hotel in the early stage, or I would like to live in the landlord’s home who lived in the city.There was no one who lived in his small building all year round, and the door could not be closed, and the windows leaked. In the evening, the roof was all the sound of mouse running around.

After living for a few days, I think the environment is too bad. I went to the village to turn around and find that everyone who is willing to rent is never the best yard.One of the aunts took me to see a pure rough room in her house. There was no toilet. I asked her to find the toilet. She turned her head and took me to the next door. The decoration was like a luxury hotel.I just pondered that since I lived not to live without the disturbing rural areas, it is better to put a container in the yard and live in it, simple and convenient.

I searched online, there are two types of containers, one is integrated, and the four sides are hard iron plates.Just fix it, only 7,000 yuan.As soon as I total, it can be folded, saving money and convenient. I found the latter online manufacturer and talked about the installation fee.

When the manufacturer came to the container, I found that cheapness is no good.In addition to the thin layer of iron outside, this foldable container is supported by foam -like plates inside, and it looks very worrying.The anti -theft net with the box and windows is not iron, like a softer aluminum. I want to pull the one that is not aligned when I install it in the middle.

After assembling, pull the box back to the courtyard again.I bought the trailer rope for pulling the car online. I was preparing to use the Xiao Qianjin top in my car to push the container first, and then stuffed it under the box as a round wood as a pulley, so I rolled all the way.

But in actual operation, Xiaomai’s top could not top it at all.I was not convinced, and went to JD.com to buy a jack that was enough to push up the truck.When the wood was in place, the small tractor could not be pulled again.I had to grit my teeth and continue to help the tractor master, accompany me to pull the box in the beautiful evening in the sunset.When the master came, a pull, "嘭", the rope was broken.

I continue to buy steel cables on JD.This time, there was a problem with the wood.I did not consider the unevenness in the fields. They were all small pits, and the wood was not the standard round wood.inside.The bottom is rotten, and the container is all soil.I can only take a shovel, first shovel the soil into the barrel, and then throw it out.

Finally I lived in the container, and I found that the container interface that was assembled rather than one was very loose. I often leaked the wind at night, and it squeaked "creak", making me sleep well.In this way, all of my beautiful ideas were not realized.

Inside the container, Ajie has lived here for several months, and there are still tomato seedlings that have not been planted in the corner.

But I always feel that at the beginning, everything is difficult, and I have bought a tractor in the early stage, and I have lived in the container. I have invested so much money and energy to give up. I must give it to time and believe in time.

At that time, I did not expect that there would be more and more problems in the subsequent steps. Power -powered and water -drooling irrigation was also painful experience.

Because I failed to divert the water to the field, I could only use the well left by the landlord to me, but the pump was very small, and I bought the pump online again, but because there was no concept of the water depth, I bought it wrong. Basically, it was pumping the air. By the wayWith some water.But I don’t want to waste this pump, I just want to produce a method: first use the original water pump to pump water into the bucket, and then use the deep water pump as the power to spray the land.The valve is fine.The method is always more difficult than the difficulty, but I have to spend money again -I bought another three -ton bucket.

The water was pumped, but the water band I bought dropped the chain again. They were entangled in the ground, and I bought the most expensive ones.No way, I went to the county to buy a large and small plastic water pipe, ready to engage in large and intelligent irrigation.But because I was running the accessories I bought in each store, I was not right when I finally assembled. When I opened the valve test water, I ran around and ran around, and the result was sprayed by the water.Later, I discovered that the pressure was bigger, and the close tube would explode; a little bit, there was no water in the distance.

No way, I had to continue buying a valve.Every day, the thinnest pipe is blown around the ground, hey, tired.

Now that I want to come, I can actually feel that the situation in the future is not good at that time, but I haven’t seen the phased results yet. The ground is still bare, and no one knows what can be planted.I was cheeky and continued to have a fantasy of tomato farm.

I used to sit in the office, move my brain and knock on the keyboard every day. I haven’t done much physical work, and I have not considered that the efficiency of working in the ground will be very low.Others do it quickly in the video, but their own efficiency is completely incompatible.Every day walking around in the field, the ground is mud, and my feet are sore when I walk down for a day, and the next day I get tired and painful.

The only unexpected harvest is to find that the liberation shoes are really comfortable.I used to wear sneakers and raindrops to the ground. As long as it was raining or poured, it was mud, and I never knew when I got into the shoe.But liberating shoes do not enter, soft and convenient.

Ajie’s farm


It has been a month after the treatment of hydropower, wasteland, and accommodation, and it has passed for a month, and it is about to enter the April Agricultural busy season.

First of all, I want to start a ridge and fertilize.At this time, the big brother who had been shouted before was farming. I felt that my mini tractor should be able to get on, but I tried it or not.So, I gave the elder brother four or five thousand yuan to let him take a big machine to cultivate.

The fat is not very smooth.I did my homework on the Internet and learned that the sheep’s manure was gentle and the best. The chicken’s intestines were relatively short and insufficient digestion. It was the worst in the manure.I also ran to the feces and felt that there was no problem.

For the dung field, ten tons are a very small order, but for me, this is a truck with 250 bags.The traffic and traffic at the gate of the farm are relatively frequent, and the car cannot be blocked. When I feel soft, let the driver unload the fertilizers to the side of the road.But afterwards, it was proved that all others had to be disgusted with themselves. I invited people and took good efforts to transport 250 bags of feces back to the ground.

It is even more difficult to ask people: There are no neighbors next to my farm, and it is also the main work in the ground, and there is almost no friendship with the villagers.At the beginning, I printed and asked someone to notice, posted in the village, but there was a young woman.She was tired for a long time, and left without even getting money.Later, I wanted to understand that this is the village. Many left -behind people are old and do not recognize their words, and some who can understand a little younger, because they do n’t know me, they may also be wary.I ran to the aunt’s house that I wanted to rent to my rough room again, and asked her to help me shake people.

The time has reached the spring equinox, and I am tilted, and I also set the tomato seedlings that I want to plant.In order to survive, I found the Miao merchant directly on the Internet. I spent more than 10,000 placing an order that had been raised and prepared to plant six or seven acres.I had told them, and Miao had to send it in batches so that I was more calm, but they all sent them all at once.It is definitely not possible to put it, but if I plan it, I checked it before, and I needed to pour the root water for the first time, and I need to thoroughly pour it.Generally, the water is driving directly.

But my irrigation pipes can’t be done, because there is a water storage process in the middle, I bought another bag that can store ten tons of water, but it takes four or five hours to fill it.EssenceSo I sprayed for a while and had to wait four or five hours.I also observed other farmers, but their area is small, and small pieces are sprayed, which is completely sufficient.Later, I could only pour the seedlings with my aunt, and poured manually.

Land of planting tomato seedlings

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