I obviously did nothing, why did I get pregnant?Netizen: Yang Guozhong said it was caused by miss!

Recently, an inspirational story has set off a stir on the Chinese network.This story tells that a girl did not perform any sexual behavior in separate days, but still pregnant with a child.This magical story quickly caused widespread discussion.Some netizens explained that this situation may be the so -called "thought" of Yang Guozhong, while others think it is ridiculous!

According to reports, the girl returned to her hometown to visit her family and met her first love boyfriend there. I had intimate contact between the two, but did not perform sexual behavior.A few months later, the girl suddenly found that she was pregnant.After examination, the doctor confirmed that the girl had no sexually transmitted diseases or other diseases, nor sexual behavior of the same sex or the opposite sex.Soon, this story has aroused extensive attention and discussion.

Some people suspect the authenticity of this story.Some netizens believe that this story is too ridiculous, because science has proven that a woman can only get pregnant when sexual behavior.However, more people are open to this story and believe that there may be some very rare situations, such as pregnancy in dreams or through non -normal conception.

In addition, some netizens quoted the words of Mr. Yang Guozhong in the rumor to explain this strange incident.It is said that Mr. Yang Guozhong is a famous doctor in China. He once said such a sentence: "Missing, can’t try it for thousands of years." According to this explanation, the girl missed each other after separating from her first love boyfriend,Some special resonances have been emotionally generated, which led to her magical phenomenon of pregnancy without sexual behavior.

However, whether this explanation is scientific.Human reproductive systems are a very complicated mechanism. A large number of scientific research has proven that only sexual behavior can make a woman pregnant.Therefore, even if there are extremely rare cases, it should not easily deny the basic laws of science.In fact, contemporary medical technology is quite developed, and we have enough means and methods to test and evaluate whether a woman is pregnant.

For this strange story, we can understand it as an accident or coincidence.Although the authenticity of this story still needs to be confirmed, it is very interesting to think.We can see the importance of human emotions and emotional connections in this story, and we can also discuss more scientific issues through this story.In any case, this story deserves our thinking, and also reminds us that we should not believe in it. We should treat any problems and events with a scientific attitude.

According to reports, a recent news about pregnancy has aroused the attention of many netizens.The protagonist of this news is a young woman. She said that she had not done any behavior related to pregnancy, but she was still pregnant.

The news quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens.Many people expressed incredible, because from the perspective of biology, there must be sexual behavior of men and women in order to get pregnant.However, the woman insisted that she had not done such a thing.

With the fermentation of the topic, some people mentioned a person named Yang Guozhong.It is said that Yang Guozhong once gave an explanation: this was caused by thoughts.

Who is Yang Guozhong?Can he explain this incredible phenomenon?For a while, netizens were looking for information about Yang Guozhong and missing pregnancy.

After investigation, we learned that Yang Guozhong was actually a Chinese Chinese medicine practitioner.He believes that some people may miss someone because of extreme miss, which leads to abnormal physical condition, which triggers some potential physiological mechanisms and eventually forms a state of pregnancy.

This sounds amazing, but does not seem to have much scientific basis.Therefore, this incident was questioned whether it was the real situation.However, this does not prevent people from exploring and paying attention to this topic.

Some netizens said that if there is such a phenomenon, the future development of medicine and science will face more challenges and breakthroughs.Some people say that even if we can’t understand this phenomenon now, we cannot deny that everyone’s body is different. There may be a variety of physiological phenomena and experiences, just like we still cannot fully explain the mystery of human dreams.

In general, this news has aroused the attention and thinking of many people.We can see that people are full of curiosity and desire to explore science and medicine.At the same time, this incident also reflects the speed and strength of information dissemination in contemporary society.A simple remark can quickly pass and attract the attention of many people through the Internet, which also reminds us that we need to be vigilant and rational when facing information.

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