I made a strange dream last night. A pregnant woman came to ask my blessings in my child’s blessing.

I had a dream last night, very funny.

A table was eating, and a woman was holding a big belly, and asked casually: "The child in my belly, what is the blessing in the future?"

Some say: In the future, we must be rich.

Some say: This son is smart.

The last is my turn to speak, I haven’t thought about it yet, I’m anxious.

One of the old -fashioned veterans pushed the door and said directly: "This child is hard to protect …"

I was surprised when I heard it!

Everyone looked at each other.

A strange man sitting next to me just wanted to ask.The old man turned and left …

I was even more anxious and wanted to know the original committee.

——In Later, there was a book page in front of me, and I could only remember the lines of them: "… Luo and ask the future generations, the person in the entrance of the person;

The most interesting thing is that these sentences are actually kept in mind. I wake up this morning and record it quickly.

——This is the first time I have dreams of dreaming, and for the first time, I can clearly and complete the experience of memorizing text.Feel very interesting.

Then think about it, this describes a relatively interesting method of "testing".

"Luo" —— During the dinner, there is a radish shredded dish, taking one of the words "Luo", which is the use of external environmental scenery.

"And" —— A man speaking during the dinner is "and", "and", and take its voice.

"Question" -D pregnant woman is the noble prisoner of the fetus, taking one action carving.

"Later" -The fetus is "descendants", taking one of the "post -" characters, which is the use of the method of righteousness of the word test.

These four words have one thing in common: the word "mouth"!

Therefore, the phrase "prisoner in the entrance" is born.

"People" In the "mouth", isn’t it just a "prisoner"?The fetus was "prison". Isn’t it a sign of great fierce?

I shared the feelings of this dream with several classmates in the group.Zeng □ □ asked: "Everyone gave me a hexagram to help me see my dad. I just received the information and said, my dad watched others gambling and was caught. What was the situation?" – This is really "Zhaoshi", I happen to be playingThe word "prisoner"!

I said, "Your dad is settled, but the time is not long, you can go home tomorrow."

Some classmates asked Zeng □□ classmates: "The teacher is talking about the word ‘prisoner’. You are good, just ask your father’s caught. This is the iconic opportunity of the external environment and the time is not good!"

Zeng □□ Mrs. "I was on the Internet, I didn’t see what you were discussing, so I sent this, it seemed destined!"

The classmates asked me again, what is the basis for Zhan Zeng’s father’s father?

I explained: There is a "mouth" outside the word "prisoner".Tomorrow is Haishui, and Tochigi is lingering longevity and ordering, it will be strongly out of.Therefore, it is expected to come out tomorrow.——The premise is that his father just watched and did not participate in gambling.If you are gambling, it will be the most prosperous on the day of Tochigi.(Press: On the evening of April 9th, classmates have feedback, and their father returned when he was in Hai.)

Author: Master Li Fengshui Hall

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