I know before pregnancy, have you panicked by pregnancy bleeding?Common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy

Symptoms in the early pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, the pregnancy response in the early stages of pregnancy appears in the sixth week, about 40 days.Many mother -in -law does not know much about pregnancy.Today, I will share with you the early symptoms of pregnant women. I hope everyone knows it.

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women will experience symptoms such as breast swelling, frequent urination, and mild vaginal hemorrhage. In addition, there may be nausea, headache, dizziness, and emotional instability.If you find the above symptoms, early pregnancy examination should be carried out in time, because you are likely to be pregnant.

Pregnancy breast changes

Many pregnant mothers will have some relatively large changes when they are pregnant. Generally, starting a few weeks after pregnancy, expectant mothers will feel the swelling of the breast, and even a little pain.Milk produces.In the second month of the pregnancy, the breasts gradually expanded, very soft, and due to the hypertrophy of the breast, the breasts were growing like a mass; then the blood vessels under the breast skin became significantly prominent.The nipples will gradually become larger, and the isola color will deepen due to the increase in pigmentation, and the prominent nipple is also significantly significantly.

This is the change of breasts after pregnancy, so why is the breast different from before?This is because after conception, the hormone changes in the body, and the breasts have made corresponding changes.This is also to meet the needs of breastfeeding after childbirth.

Mild vaginal bleeding

Some pregnant women have mild bleeding and fertilized eggs in the uterus within 6-12 days after conception. At this time, there may be a slight vaginal bleeding in pregnant women.If this happens, if the vaginal bleeding is mild and there is no symptoms of severe discomfort, pregnant women do not have to worry. This is a normal physiological reaction when the fertilized eggs are in bed, and there is no harm to the human body.The bleeding of the fertilized eggs is a small amount of blood wire or blood dots. It can be seen several times a day. The bleeding lasts for about three days. There is no discomfort when menstruation comes.Bleeding from fertilized eggs needs to be different from menstruation, so as not to know that pregnant women are pregnant without knowing themselves.

Symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy small abdominal pain

When you are pregnant, you will feel that your stomach is getting bigger every day, and then the skin will feel tight.However, these situations are normal physiological reactions after pregnancy. They do not need special treatment. They can alleviate pain by sleeping through the left lying position.Don’t worry about expectant mothers, resting more in bed can be relieved.

Symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the influence of hormones, the joint ligament was relaxed, the uterus increased, and the pelvic tissue and nerves were compressed. Due to the increase in the abdomen, the center of gravity of the body moved backwards. In order to adapt to the balance of the body’s postureEssenceTherefore, there will be back pain in the early stages of pregnancy, which is a normal range.

The occurrence of back pain in the early pregnancy is related to poor physical fitness or excessive fatigue. It is necessary to consider the possibility of signs of abortion. Occasionally slight pain does not need to be treated, because as the fetus grows, the waist tolerance ability is tolerance.It is getting bigger and bigger, so low backache and back pain are inevitable, but it is worth noting that if pregnant women feel severe abdominal pain, or find that it is accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage, it is necessary to check it in time.

For the symptoms of lumbaric acid in the early stages of pregnancy, as long as you rest properly, and local hot compresses and massage can be effectively improved. There is no need to seek medical treatment. If you have severe muscle weakness and acidity, you must seek medical treatment in time.If you want to improve the symptoms of lumbaric acid in the early stages of pregnancy, take a full rest, do prenatal exercise, and wear low heels.

Gestational drama vomiting

Early pregnancy reactions will occur in the early pregnancy, including dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, partial food, hate greasy, nausea, vomiting, etc.The severity and duration of the symptoms vary from person to person. Most of them appear around 6 weeks of pregnancy, reach the peak at 8-10 weeks, and disappear by themselves about 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant women’s leg cramps

"Legs and cramps" are known as leg pain in medicine, manifested as a group of legs or groups of muscles suddenly, severe, and unintentional contraction, becoming very hard and unbearable.Although the cramps lasted only a few minutes, the discomfort or tenderness of the muscle after the attack can last for several hours.Causes of leg cramps in pregnant women: excess nutrition, often standing for a long time, poor sleeping positions, and calcium deficiency in the body will cause.

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