I have never conceived my child, my mother -in -law has made it difficult, so I can’t help it.

When I was still a child, I always wanted to have a warm and happy home.However, marriage life is not as smooth as I think.In the months after marriage, my husband and I have been trying to want a child.However, unfortunately, I have never conceived.This made me feel frustrated, lost, and even an indescribable tension and anxiety.

In the eyes of her mother -in -law, this is the most important thing.She slowly expressed her resentment to my husband and my husband. She felt that I had no fertility is an unforgivable big mistake.She also made me divorced with me and my husband. Only in this way can her children come from scratch and can marry a woman who can leave her descendants for him.

I felt a lot of pressure and blame from my mother -in -law, and I felt that my self -esteem was very injured.I tried to say to myself that children should not be responsible for one party, but should be shared by the other.However, I still failed to reverse my mother -in -law’s prejudice, because she thought I was an incompetent wife.I feel helpless, confused, and scared.I even questioned my husband’s relationship, worried that he would be influenced by my mother -in -law.

However, just when I felt everything, an unexpected event appeared.After several days, my mother -in -law took me home with a smile.She seemed to have changed a person completely. She was very friendly, considerate, and took care of me.I was inexplicably, and she wondered why she suddenly changed her attitude.Later, I learned that my husband went back to talk to her mother -in -law, and I was determined to talk to her sincerely.

During the conversation, her mother -in -law told me that she also had the same experience and could not have children for several years.She knew my mood at the time, and she knew that the divorce she proposed was wrong.My mother -in -law was sorry to me. She confessed that she would stand on the side and my husband.She suggested that we go to a doctor so that we can get a happy baby.This sudden change made me both surprised and relieved.I know very often that because of their own restrictions, people often make some inappropriate decisions and actions.

Since then, we have started to have more open -minded conversations and contacts with my mother -in -law, and we are committed to solving the problem together.At the same time, I also grateful for her help and encouragement to me at this difficult time.We asked medical institutions for help and conducted a large number of tests and treatment.We always support each other and persevere each other.

Now, I have not conceived my child yet, but I still have confidence in my future.I learned that having children is not only my business, but also a problem that both of us are facing.I think, no matter whether there are children, we can support each other and love each other. This experience makes me understand, understand, and the importance of family.The change of my mother -in -law made me realize that a person can change or grow up.Everyone has its own encounters, and each has its own difficulties. We must be considerate and support each other.Family harmony and happiness are based on the understanding and tolerance of each other.

From the bottom of my heart, I felt a kind of gratitude and happiness from the heart.Although we have gone through the hardships together, we have deepened our understanding of each other.I firmly believe that in the face of such a test, our marriage will definitely become more stable, with tolerance and care, our home will definitely become warmer and happier.

No matter what tests will be in the future, I will meet with my husband and mother -in -law.We firmly believe that only by unity, understanding each other, and supporting each other can we overcome difficulties and dangers and create glory.

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