I have a miscarriage 6 times before pregnancy.


My husband and I are in the countryside, and he also has a younger brother.

The husband’s conditions were good. He opened a sand and gravel factory and bought three houses in our urban area.

The largest house lives, and the others were leased.

A few years ago, the land of her mother -in -law was used to repair the road and compensated millions.

Everyone said that my blessing was very good and married such a good in -law.

I also feel that I am married well, but what is not enough is that I have been married for several years, and I have never had children.

When I was married, I was pregnant. When I was almost three months, the fetus had no fetal heart and had to have a miscarriage.

After that, I started taking Chinese medicine, raising my body, and preparing for the next pregnancy.


The next year, I was pregnant again.At that time, I was careful and bought a instrument to listen to the fetal heartbeat.And I have made strict mouths, as long as I eat things that are not good for the fetus, I will never eat it.

But the child still did not keep it. It was about three months, and the fetus had no fetal heart.

I had a miscarriage 6 times before and after, and my mother -in -law did not feel bad for me, but was ridiculous to me.

In the past two years, the uncle got married.After only a month when they got married, their daughter -in -law successfully became pregnant and gave birth to a child smoothly.

The mother -in -law’s family was so happy that with my daughter -in -law who couldn’t give birth to a child, my brother -in -law became the great hero of the mother -in -law.


However, there was no wave of waves.

A few months ago, the father -in -law fainted at home with a sudden brain hemorrhage. When we found it to the hospital, we had missed the rescue time.

After finishing the father -in -law, my mother -in -law said to us: Your dad has died, I don’t care about it, divide the house!

My brother -in -law and uncle’s eyes were bright. I was extremely nervous and raised my ears to listen to my mother -in -law.

I saw my mother -in -law took out two pieces of paper, which contained the family asset list. The mother -in -law said: There are currently three houses in our family, and 8 million cash, plus a gravel factory.

The other two houses were given to the second couple, and the house I lived now is for me. The eldest couple can continue to live here.

I was ready to stand up at my mother -in -law, but my husband was pressed back to the seat again.

After speaking, my mother -in -law turned the paper to the second page and continued: The sand and stone factory gave it to the second couple; cash, half of the couple and my second couple.After your father -in -law is full of seven or seven, the specific procedures are completed.

I was so angry that I grabbed the paper on my mother -in -law’s hand, rubbed it into a ball, and threw it out: I would like to give the second couple in the second couple. This is not called distribution of inheritance.I disagree, isn’t my husband and your father -in -law born?

My mother -in -law’s face was extremely gloomy, pointing at my nose and cursing: You are still embarrassed to say that you can’t even give birth. What do you want money and the house?Is it buried in the future?

I cried out of anger: I don’t want to have 6 children for your family. Is it because I don’t want to give birth?


The mother -in -law was as angry as me, but they said that they had more than a month from the father -in -law, and they could think about it.

I often went outside for a few days. For example, what to do if I went to discuss with my mother’s house, and went to the more prestigious relatives on my mother -in -law, and let them help me talk about it.

One day, I suddenly felt uncomfortable and returned early. At that time, I was going to go upstairs, but I saw my husband in the mother -in -law’s room.

My mother -in -law was on the bed, her husband stood aside.I listened to it, but when I heard my mother -in -law say: Are you like your daughter -in -law?I think I am eccentric.

My husband did not deny that he didn’t speak.My mother -in -law went on to say: You are my son like you, do you think I don’t think about you?On the contrary, what I am more worried about is you, you are all 35, there are no children yet.

You listen to my persuasion, you divorce her, then the legacy, you and your brother’s family are half.

After listening to this sentence, my husband looked at my mother -in -law immediately. I obviously noticed that his eyes were bright, and he was surprised and hesitated, but did not answer his mother -in -law.

But his hesitation stabbed my heart fiercely, and my mother -in -law was so good.I am the only outsider and the only person to be abandoned.

My fingernails fiercely poured into the flesh of my palm, trying to cover the pain in my heart.I won’t let them succeed, don’t think about sweeping me out like this.


I didn’t have too much rational husband in those two days, but my body became more and more uncomfortable. Sometimes I didn’t eat anything, but I still wanted to vomit.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I thought it might be pregnant. In the past few days, the matter of being in a hurry was anxious that I would ignore such an obvious sign.

In the hospital, I took a report that confirmed the pregnancy, and I cried suddenly, and I was afraid to cry.I’m scared, this child can’t keep it.

After crying, I told my husband that I swear silently that this time I must try to keep the child.

I asked my husband to take me to Beijing and find an authoritative obstetrician.

The doctor did a lot of examinations for me. By more than a month, all the results came out. The doctor took my list and looked at it again.

Your problem is very big. The previous miscarriage is too dense, and the damage to the body is very large. It is no longer suitable for regenerating children.

After listening, the tears rolled out immediately, and I couldn’t say a word.

After my emotions are a bit stable, I asked the doctor: Do you really have no way?Please, help me, this child is really important to me.As long as I can keep it, I am willing to do anything.

The doctor advised me to open something. He said that although I could help me try my best, my physical condition was really bad.

After returning to the hotel that day, I lay on the table and cried for a long time.

Husband said that although he likes children very much, his body is my own, and he respects my opinions.

This is a bit ironic now.I told my mother again that my mother advised me not to calculate.

But when my mother -in -law said that I had no children, I would not be worthy of the property at home.I thought she stunned my husband and my divorce.I don’t want to give up like this.

This child is the confidence of the fair distribution of home property in front of my mother -in -law, and it is also the weight of my marriage.

But I dare not gamble with my body. I really don’t know what to do now?Can you give me some suggestions?

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