I found out that my boyfriend is married after pregnancy, what compensation can I get

Some time ago, Lawyer Jin Dun received a consultation: After Ms. Liu had a period of time with her boyfriend, the two sides fit together. Ms. Liu took the man home to see his parents, and then the two talked about marriage and married.When I saw my parents, I learned that my boyfriend was married.Ms. Liu, who was deceived, was angry and immediately broke up with her boyfriend. She didn’t expect that she was pregnant as soon as she broke up.So, finds the lawyer Jin Dun how to ask for rights?

I originally felt that this was just an example. After helping Ms. Liu to answer and defending their rights, I didn’t pay much attention to such issues. I did not expect that "the woman found her boyfriend married after pregnancy".Attorney Jin Dun realized that it is necessary to popularize relevant legal knowledge so that the parties who also encounter such problems can be protected by their rights and interests.At the same time, I also hope that you can give you some warnings. When choosing the target of the communication, you must be cautious. Don’t just measure whether he is right now. After understanding the character of the other person, you can judge whether you want to communicate.

Regarding this kind of deception and pregnancy, after discovering the truth of the other party’s marriage, how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and ask the other party to compensate, Lawyer Jin Dun said that the man maliciously concealed the fact that the marriage was maliciously concealed.The occurrence of sexual behavior is against the principles of honesty and trust, which is contrary to social order and good customs, and has obvious faults.The woman can collect evidence and ask the man to bear the corresponding compensation liability.If the man has lived with the woman in the name of a husband and wife, it constitutes a crime of marriage.

If you are deceived, pay attention to retaining the other party’s claim that his single evidence, such as chat records, recording, etc., can be used as evidence to defend rights when disputes occur.At the same time, it is also hoped that both men and women will exchanges with the premise of honesty, trustworthiness, and abide by the public order and good customs to prevent the behavior of cheating and cheating. Otherwise, emotional problems will become infringing disputes and may bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

In addition, Lawyer Jin Dun also suggested that as an adult, when choosing a spouse, to maintain a sober mind, you must use a cautious and rational attitude to understand the other person’s personal situation.There will be some unexpected "pit"!Finally, I wish you all a good person!

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