I don’t want the baby to bring it after birth. During pregnancy, you have to change these bad habits. Can’t do it.

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Xiao Liu has been pregnant for more than 4 months. Since her pregnancy, Xiao Liu has added a bunch of problems, such as backache and leg pain, dizziness and fatigue. The most terrible thing is that they can’t sleep at night.Simply swipe your mobile phone, chase the drama and pass the time, just half a month.Once Xiao Liu returned to her mother’s house to wish her family, because the weather was worried that it was not safe to go back at night, she lived at her mother’s house, but Xiao Liu’s mother found that Xiao Liu did not rest.Liu said, "Do you like this at home? Sleeping every day? You are not afraid that your baby will be as difficult as you!", Xiao Liu didn’t respond at a moment: "What does I have to do with children?Anyway, it’s okay to sleep for a while. Is it difficult to bring it when I was a kid? "Mother Xiao Liu said with a sigh! Isn’t that! I was like you when I was pregnant with you at night.It ’s okay not to sleep for a while, but then you were born to toss me enough. I did n’t sit well in the confinement. Now there is a headache.

People often say that parents will have a certain impact on their children, and even living habits will continue. If the pregnant mother has some bad habits during pregnancy, it will be difficult for babies to be born in the future.So what bad habits should pregnant mothers avoid?

1. I like to stay up late and not sleep on time

This has appeared in many pregnant mothers, because during pregnancy, the fetus is in the dark uterus, and does not know whether the outside world is during the day or night, so it is easy to appear frequent at night.Some pregnant mothers think that the baby tosss at night so that he can’t sleep. He simply pulled out his mobile phone to play for a while, thinking that he would naturally fall asleep when he was sleepy.As everyone knows, this habit will actually make people’s normal schedules become more and more chaotic, and the fetus in the abdomen will be affected by the pregnant mother itself at night, becoming more active and forming a vicious circle.It is recommended that women avoid staying up late during pregnancy. If you ca n’t sleep, you can try to improve sleep comfort and relax your body to improve your sleeping and help sleep.

2. Most changeable and irritable

After women’s pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, their emotions will become very sensitive. When they encounter problems, they are prone to grievances and anger.In fact, in the body of the pregnant mother, the fetus can feel that the pregnant mother loses his temper, because when people are in emotional fluctuations, the blood vessels will swell and the blood flow will accelerate. This will make the fetus feel anxious.In the development environment, the anxiety of the fetus will even be brought to birth, and there is a phenomenon of crying crying.Therefore, in order to make the baby cry less after birth, it is better for pregnant mothers to control their emotions appropriately.

3. Do not love to move, do not love to go out

Generally speaking, women must exercise some exercise to improve their physical fitness after pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers have poor self -control. After pregnancy, they are too lazy to move. People who lack exercise will be worse.The waste cannot be discharged in time, and the blood flow is slow, which will cause some disadvantages to the fetus in the abdomen.In addition, the fetus that has not been stimulated by exercise will be slower in exercise after birth, becoming a lazy worm.It is recommended that pregnant mothers insist on exercise during pregnancy, go out for walks, and visit the park, which is also good for the development of the fetus in the abdomen.

4. Not eating well, insufficient nutritional intake

Women’s taste will change after pregnancy, but this does not mean that pregnant mothers can picky eaters. If the pregnant mother does not guarantee balanced nutritional intake, it will affect the nutritional supply of the fetus. Lack of nutritional categories will cause fetal development.Slowly, especially in terms of immune function, the baby will often get sick after birth. Parents are prepared to go to the hospital.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers avoid picking eaters during pregnancy, ensure basic nutritional intake daily, and pay attention to nutritional matching in order to make the fetus in the abdomen better.

Parenting has an attitude: Make parenting relaxed and make raising more calm.

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