I don’t go out for the epidemic, see if I have been pregnant

Female friends at home if there is no menstruation at home, how to check if they are pregnant, and whether to go to emergency or outpatient clinics.We have compiled some common knowledge, hoping to give you some useful help, help great avoid unnecessary panic anxiety, and reduce unnecessary outpatient consultation.

1. The manifestation of early pregnancy

Once menstruation is overdue (delayed), women should be suspected of pregnancy.If there are still sexual behaviors that take contraceptive measures or do not insist on adopting contraceptive measures, the possibility of pregnancy increases.

In the early stages of normal pregnancy, vaginal bleeding or dripping bleeding is more common, and it often occurs during the expected menstrual period or near the expected menstrual period, but the usual amount is usually less than the menstrual period.Only 1 or 2 sanitary napkins or sanitary cotton strips need to be used within 24 hours.

The most common symptoms of early pregnancy: including nausea, accompanied by vomiting, breast enlargement, tenderness, frequent urination, fatigue.These symptoms may be different, different degrees, and may not be obviously uncomfortable.

For pregnant women who show abdominal pain and bleeding in early pregnancy, there is a history of ectopic pregnancy, a history of fallopian tube ligation or surgical history, or an intrauterine device (IUD).Essence

2. You can diagnose pregnancy when there is any manifestation of any manifestation:

Plortonic gonadotropin (HCG) is detected in blood or urine;

Pregnancy was found through ultrasound examination.

3. Pregnancy test

After the fertilized eggs are in bed (about 6 days after ovulation), HCG secretes into the mother cycle.Testing HCG in blood or urine is the basis of all pregnancy tests. There are currently three commonly used pregnancy tests.

(1) The time for pregnancy test

For women with a period of time, it is recommended that when menstruation is delayed less than 1 week, serum tests are preferred.If the first test is negative, the second test is performed after 1 week, and the urine test is sufficient to diagnose suspected pregnancy.

After the monthly period, wait for the urine pregnancy test for 1 or 2 weeks, which can not only reduce the false negative results as much as possible, but also reduce the urine test results to be negative.

For women with irregular menstruation or uncertain menstruation at the end of the menstrual cycle, they should usually wait at least 14 days after the recent sexual behavior.

(2) Home pregnancy test

Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) is usually highly accurate, but the positive results should be verified, and the performance of HPT tests is affected by the user’s technology and results interpretation.Wait for a few minutes after soaking the test strip in the urine for several seconds, and interpret the results according to the number of window ribbons/lines.The positive test results will display 2 band/line (such as ‘LL’ or ‘+’), and the negative test results only display 1 band/line (such as, ‘l’ or ‘-‘).Some devices display numbers, that is, display "yes" or "no", or "pregnancy" or "undertaking" on the LIquid Crystal Display (LCD).

Although the manufacturer declared that the accuracy of these kits was 99%, in many cases, the sensitivity of this kit was not enough to diagnose whether women who had just expired menstruation were pregnant.The most common problem with the HPT kit is that the "fake" negative results may be obtained by conducting premature pregnancy tests after a monthly period.If the test results are negative but still suspect that pregnancy should be tested again in 1 week.Many HPT kits are recommended to do this, and one more test box is provided.

(3) Serum pregnancy test

In clinical practice, the most sensitive method of early pregnancy testing HCG is serum pregnancy test.Generally, the HCG level of as low as 1-2miu/ml can be detected; <1MIU/ML is defined as "negative" for pregnancy tests.

The sensitivity of urine pregnancy tests is low, and only HCGs with no less than 20-50miu/ml can be detected. Therefore, the serum pregnancy test may occur in the early stage of pregnancy and the urine pregnancy test is still negative.

The serum quantitative pregnancy test of most of the pregnant women may show that the HCG peak <100,000miu/ml is found. If the HCG level is found to be higher than this value, it is prompted that ultrasonic examinations need to be eliminated to eliminate multiple pregnancy or pregnancy nourishing cell diseases.

(4) Urine pregnancy test

The most commonly used method for diagnosis of pregnancy has a variety of suitable and reliable urine qualitative pregnancy tests, which only takes 1-5 minutes.Because the HCG concentration in urine may be much lower than that of serum, and the detection of urine tests is higher.The serum HCG concentration on the 8th after pregnancy may be 10miu/ml, and the urine may still be lower than 1miu/ml.Therefore, the serum pregnancy test results may not be positive when the urine pregnancy test may be positive.

4. Ultrasound

When the results of the pregnancy test are positive, the doctor will consider the following problems: Is it internal pregnancy or out -of -uterine pregnancy?Is the embryo survive if it is an intrauterine pregnancy?These require ultrasound examination evaluation.

The last time of pregnancy logo based on the last menstrual period is as follows in vaginal ultrasound examination:

4.5-5 weeks of pregnancy-pregnancy sac or uterine effusion that meets pregnancy;

5-6 weeks of pregnancy-yolk sac, continued to exist to about 10 weeks;

5.5-6 weeks of pregnancy-heart activity.Later, these structures can also be observed through the abdominal ultrasound examination.

5. Special crowd

(1) Women with in -palace birthdayrs

Although rare, women carrying IUD may also be pregnant.Ultrasonic examinations should be determined that pregnancy is inside or outside the palace; most of them are internal pregnancy, but the risk of ectopic pregnancy is higher than those without IUD.If it is in the palace pregnancy and IUD is also located in the palace. Because the risk of retention of the related pregnancy complications of IUD is high, it should be taken out as much as possible.

(2) Those who are positive for pregnancy tests that are not really pregnant

The pregnancy test is positive and occasionally caused by pregnancy.Pregnancy nourishing cell diseases, non -nourishing cell malignant tumors, and pituitary can secrete HCG, and may also show false positive results.Ultrasonic examinations will not find pregnancy, but may be found in palace or accessory tumors related to HCG secretion.

Special reminder that for pregnant women who show abdominal pain and bleeding in early pregnancy, there are history of ectopic pregnancy, history of fallopian tube ligation or surgical history, or intrauterine device (IUD).Extra pregnancy.

In any case, you can choose the method of online consultation first to reduce the probability of infection, but also get more professional consultation.If it is a patient who goes to the hospital for examinations, preliminary consultation online is possible, but in the end, a comprehensive assessment of offline is needed.At this time, I recommend everyone to the following process:

1. Online consultation, what the doctor needs to do for the most basic examination;

2. The nearby local regular hospitals have completed these inspection items and physical examinations.

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