I do n’t know if Hua Fei is dead.The reason behind it is frightened

Why did Hua Fei not tell her that she could not give birth from the famous doctor from outside the palace?

Zhen Huan was also pregnant after Fucha’s nobles was pregnant.It is not Yi Xiu, but Hua Fei.

Under the double stimulus, Hua Fei ate several plates of sour cucumbers.After a fierce operation was like a tiger, rational told her that infertility had to be treated scientifically.

So Dr. Chen, an expert in infertility from outside the palace to see a doctor, so that he would have a baby as soon as possible.

After the queen and queen agreed, Dr. Chen, a famous doctor in Qinghai, entered the palace.

Dr. Chen, who had just entered the palace here, was obviously embarrassed. Doctor Chen walked beside Jiang Fuhai and pulled him with him.There is a vagueness in the words, and the meaning of Dr. Chen is very high. I did not expect that Dr. Chen was also advancing and retreat.

Jiang Fuhai is also a survey, which is obviously very satisfied with such a smart person.Because of this, he didn’t need to waste too much tongue, and he went to dial Dr. Chen.

Rest assured, I am an old driver

Later, Jiang Fuhai mentioned the trend. The queen mother wanted Dr. Chen to go to the Tai Hospital to see the thoughts of the Taiyi. At this time, Dr. Chen, who was in his heart, was rescued.

why?Because the fool knows that it is the top domestic imperial doctors who see a doctor for the concubine. In which round of the round, he got him to see the doctor who was the most favored concubine at the moment.This time, the blessing or the disaster is really not allowed. Go to the Tai Hospital to explore the bottom, just right!

So after arriving at Tai Hospital, Dr. Chen was taken another lesson.

As soon as Dr. Chen arrived at Tai Hospital, the hospital first received him enthusiastically, and 360 degrees fully showed Hua Fei’s pulse. Doctor Chen was overjoyed.Essence

Our secret, let’s not talk about it later

Dr. Chen at this time was a bit unbelievable, inner OS: There is something here!

However, the court also said that the emperor had asked more than 20 doctors to diagnose Hua Fei Niangniang, and they were all national players. At this time, Dr. Chen was even more shocked.

I knew it was not simple, but I didn’t feel how hot it was, and even felt that the doctors were afraid that he would scare him so much.So I would like to thank the hospital for judgment. Fortunately, I came to Tai Hospital, otherwise it would be trembling.

But at this time, Dr. Chen was not shocked to the extreme, and he didn’t scare much. When did the nightmare of Dr. Chen officially start from?

Probably starting from the diagnosis of the Kun Kun Palace.

Be afraid

After arriving at the Kun Kun Palace, Doctor Chen took his pulse and completely understood why the Taiyi said to himself. The expression on his face was getting more and more ugly.

Then I looked down: More than 20 national players have seen it. This problem must be known, but no one said!This shows that some people do not want Hua Fei to have children, and the entire Tai Hospital has to listen to this person. I have to figure out that this person is either the emperor or the queen queen. This is really a hot potato.Essence

I lost!

Here Hua Fei also said that when he cured the money, he couldn’t cure, and the money was still appreciated, but this money was a burial fee.

Dr. Chen heard it, and he was killed.Governance is also dead and dead. If it is you, what should you do?

So he hesitated to say


It is reasonable, just like it.

As soon as Hua Fei heard it, she was very happy, and instructed Dr. Chen to take the fetal medicine and let him go.

From the Kun Kun Palace, Dr. Chen was sweating, thinking that he was finally out of the sea of suffering, but he did not forget to express his awe with Jiang Fuhai, and politely showed his position.

What to make Dr. Chen was afraid that he was far from being so simple to enter the palace.

Experts outside the palace are infertility for Hua Fei, and naturally they are all under the eyelids of the queen queen.The queen queen must give 100 % "care".

Sure enough, Jiang Fuhai said that the queen mother was sick and wanted to ask him to see it.Doctor Chen did not have the right to refuse, so he went.

Can I go home tonight?

Aunt Zhu took the opportunity to knock him again, and said things about "famous doctors in a lifetime".

Probably the meaning of the Tai Hospital knows what’s going on, but it is not said, and it will never say that once you say it, it is against the entire royal family. The end is only worse and worse.

Dr. Chen was scared at the time, and quickly said that he would also have a tongue with Tai Hospital, so he could go out of the palace safely.

get off work!

What happened after going out of the palace, we couldn’t know, but we could probably guess.

Nian Yaoyao’s officialdom for so many years, although it is upright general, but it will always be the same, but the words and the most basic inference always will always be?

Is Hua Fei’s infertility for many years, and his brother Nian Yiyao really can’t see any problems?

After Dr. Chen read the illness, would it really be useful to deal with Hua Fei to deal with Hua Fei?Or did Nian Yaoyao actually know that this matter is not easy, but there is no way to expose it, and then I just found a Jianghu Lang to deal with her sister?

After all, the mastermind is the emperor, and he has no evidence. If you force it, the end of the year’s family may be worse than the exile.Therefore, Nian Yiyao may also know that his sister Hua Fei could not have children, but in order to protect the whole year, he could only acquiesce the incident.Perhaps because of the savvy Dr. Chen also thought of this, he really let go of his heart and lied to Hua Fei.

It can also be understood in a certain level that the emperor’s operation of Hua Fei, Nian Yiyao did not notice it.

But acquiesce.

Nian Yiyao is using his sister’s strong sacrifice to his own career peak and the honor of the year.After all, if Hua Fei knows the mystery of Huan Yixiang, with her personality, she must not come to a fish to break the net!

What are the benefits of dismantling the emperor?It will make Hua Fei and Nianjia lose their reputation.At that time, for Nian Yiyao, the relying on the harem is gone, and it will have to be involved in the year.So even if my brother knows that his sister is infertile, and even knows that it is a ghost of a brother -in -law, you have to bear it and pretend not to know.

Therefore, my brother Nian Yiyao can only satisfy her sister in material.Three days to make up for Hua Fei’s family, she made her live better than anyone in the palace, so that Hua Fei’s head was full of copper odor.

So since Hua Fei can ask experts from outside the palace to treat her infertility. The same is the BOSS of the Forbidden City.Infertility?

You know, Yixiu is the niece of the queen mother. As long as she dares to mention, how could the queen queen not agree?But in the play, Yixiu never moved such an idea. Why is this?

There are two main reasons.

First, Yixiu is really too infot.

The emperor’s stay in her palace was just a few. The first fifteenth day of the first fifteenth day was one month.Even if you invite famous doctors, what can you do?The doctor said: I can’t do it!

Second, Yixiu must have seen the Taiyi long ago.

The entire palace of the palace serves the queen. She is definitely not a scam, but a matter of nailing on the iron plate.Unlike Hua Fei, everyone said: You are not sick!But she couldn’t be pregnant by herself, and then she wanted to get pregnant every day.

Yi Xiu is different. This is why she has always wanted to raise San Ge. She knows that she has no son in her life.So one was covered in the drum, and one had long known that he could not have children. This is the difference between Hua Fei and the queen.

Therefore, the gap between the paddy maiden and the concubine is still very large. Even if the paddy maiden is not favored, and no matter how bad, she is still the Masaki Niangniang.If you do n’t make a big mistake, in the end, no matter which prince, he will name her as the queen queen.

The concubine is not the same. Even if you live to the end, you can only be a priest. In the future, you can only look at the emperor and the emperor’s face.

Compared to the queen from the beginning, she knew that she was unable to give birth, Hua Fei was still miserable.

She has always loved the emperor, but was deceived by the emperor for a lifetime. She always wanted a child. Only when she died, she knew her favorite man.It’s just the knife in the man’s hand.

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