I didn’t hold back a nail art for 3 months of pregnancy. When I went to do a color Doppler ultrasound, the expectant mother stunned directly.

Xiao He was pregnant before he was unmarried. He was three months pregnant when he got married. In order to prepare for the wedding, he went to nails, because Xiaohe often worked as a nail in this shop, and the owner did not know that she was pregnant.I’m doing it, so I did it.

Of course, when I got married, I was very happy. After marriage, Xiao He started his own pregnancy life. However, good luck was not long. When the four -dimensional color ultrasound did in the 24th week, he found that the child might be a bit deformity.

Xiao He Dang was of course unbelievable, and he changed the two hospitals for examination, but the results of the inspection have not changed. When he learned that such a result, Xiao He’s family was in the haze.

It turns out that Xiao is a beautiful person. It is a common thing to do nails and hairs before getting married. After knowing that he is pregnant, he even does it twice. It is speechless, so the baby will have such a situation.

In nail polish and other cosmetics, it contains toxic ingredients such as acetate, formaldehyde resin, and isopropanol. If it is used frequently, heavy metal ions may penetrate into the blood through the skin.fetal.

Experts have admitted to women who like to apply nail polish often, and preparation for pregnancy should stop applying nail polish one year before pregnancy, even more after pregnancy.

Long -term nail polish is painted, so that the nail edge cannot "breathe" (because many girls like to apply nail polish to the entire nails. They think that this is beautiful.Breathing full, not affected by chemical substances for a long time)

Or you can also use a removed nail. When you go out in the morning, you can wear it in time when you go home in the evening. The safety and health factor is relatively high.

Long -term application of nail polish will make the nails yellow. Once it is not applied, it is even more ugly. The use of nail polish and light water can easily become fragile and thinner, and easily break.However, since the nails continue to grow, as long as you rest and do not use nail polish, these phenomena will disappear.

Some ingredients of nail polish may cause allergies to some people, but these people often do not know, because the skin rashes produced by nail oil allergies are usually not on fingers or toes.If the patient touches the skin if the nail oil is not completely dry, it may cause allergic contact dermatitis. The common positions include eyelids, ears, lips and necks.

But don’t worry too much. If you just do it occasionally, there are no side effects. Remember not to remove your nails. Remove nail water is more harmful than nail glue. Use a mule to remove the nail polish on the nails.

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