I can’t test the test strips for 10 days of pregnancy. These 5 symptoms, 3 of them congratulations to be a mother

In order to be able to have a baby, many young couples have been actively preparing for pregnancy. There are many matters that need to be paid attention to in this process.Some expectant mothers find that menstruation is postponed and may feel worried, because I don’t know if it is successful in pregnancy.In fact, at about ten days of pregnancy, there is usually no obvious feelings, and even the test strip cannot be accurately detected whether it is pregnant. At this time, you can go to the hospital for blood to check.Generally speaking, when you are pregnant for 10 days, many expectant mothers have the following feelings:

1. Rise body temperature

This is the most common manifestation, but it is often ignored in reality. Generally, the body temperature rises from 0.3 ° to 0.5 °. As long as the duration of more than 10 days, test must be tested in time to detect whether it is successful.Therefore, it is best to take a good temperature record during pregnancy, and it is necessary to attract attention in time.

2. Pregnancy

At 10 days of pregnancy, some expectant mothers will have pregnancy, but many expectant mothers will have a exercise response at 20 days of pregnancy.Especially when I get up in the morning, I am very obvious, so I must be careful not to get too fierce when I get up early.

3. Sleepless body

At the time of pregnancy, almost half of the expectant mothers would have a situation of being sleepy. I always felt that she couldn’t wake up. The rest time was even more than 10 hours a day, but she was always weak and she was always drowsiness.

4. Increase leucorrhea

After pregnancy, the amount of progesterone secretion inside the body increases, and at the same time, the vaginal secretion will increase, and this situation will continue during pregnancy.Usually secreted a viscous white liquid. If the snot is milky white, it is possible to suffer from gynecological inflammation, and it needs to be checked in time.

5. There is a little blood stain in the vagina

Generally, after six days of fertilization, the fertilized eggs will bed. At this time, some expectant mothers will have red bloodshot.Usually the color is brown -red, but the amount is relatively small. Don’t panic at this time. Pay attention to rest in bed.

Summary: When you were just 10 days of pregnancy, you may not be able to test the test strip accurately. At this time, it is recommended to go to the hospital to draw blood for examination in order to detect comprehensive pregnancy preparation measures early.

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