I am pregnant!What should I do to calculate the pregnancy cycle?

I am pregnant!But one day when I start to get pregnant?How to calculate the pregnancy cycle and when is the due date?

How do I know where the pregnancy is from?Is everyone the same way of calculation?As long as you understand the calculation of the pregnancy cycle, you can calculate your own due date!

What is the pregnancy cycle?How to calculate?

The pregnancy cycle refers to the entire time of conception to production, and the calculation method of the pregnancy cycle is related to the length of the menstrual cycle.The menstruation is normal from 21 to 35 days in medicine. Generally, the menstrual cycle is usually 28 days. This is actually an average, so the pregnancy cycle is 28 days, that is, one month, and 280 days is an averageA person’s pregnancy cycle, but because each person’s menstrual cycle is different, the production time will be two weeks before and after 40 weeks, that is, 38-42 weeks will be normal.

The expected date of how to count?

Knowing that the due date is not only to let the pregnant mother know when it might give birth, it is more important to evaluate the growth of the fetus, because the due date is an important basis for tracking and judging the size of the fetus.The calculation method of the due date is the first day of the last menstrual period, plus 280 days to calculate the due date.There is a simple algorithm internationally, that is, the first day of the last day of menstruation plus 9, and the date plus 7, which is the due date. Assuming that the first day of the mother’s last menstruation is January 10th, the due date is October 17thNumber.If your own menstruation is an average of 25 days on average, you can decrease another 3 days on the due date. If the law has come for 35 days, it is 7 days on the due date.

Irregular menstruation, how to calculate the due date?

If the menstruation is irregular, sometimes 21 days, sometimes 35 days, you can do an ultrasound. You can convert the number of pregnancy weeks through an embryo -size examination. You can more accurately know the due date.7 weeks plus 33 weeks is the due date.

Understanding the pregnancy cycle can be more careful to observe the specific symptoms of each stage during pregnancy, and you can also observe whether the condition of the fetus is normal at any time. Therefore, mastering your own pregnancy cycle, you can better grasp the size of the pregnancy!

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