I am pregnant, but I’m upset

I went to the hospital to check my body the day before yesterday. The doctor said that I was pregnant. I sent my husband to work two months ago. The night when he was delivered to the unit was harassed by our boss, that is, I dare not determine the belly.Is the child’s husband? These two days are upset and don’t know what to do. The whole person will collapse, so helpless!

My name is Shanshan. I am 29 years old and I have been married for 2 years. Now I am a clerk in a performing arts company.I am more beautiful, although it is not tall, only 1.58 meters, but the figure is great, it is scattered, and very sexy. When I see my boy, I say that I belong to the kind of woman who is based on a human -like woman, including our boss like this.Say me.

One of my sisters often says me: "You are so attractive, marrying your husband is big!" The sisters also make sense to say this. My husband is very ordinary, and the family conditions are very average.At that time, he couldn’t even get a gift of 100,000 yuan, and finally only took 50,000.He has no fixed job, no house, no car, he has learned waterproof, and usually follows a relative to do some decoration.The reason why I marry him is because he is loyal and honest, and he is dead to me. It can be said that he can die for me.

I remember when we first met, I once went shopping with him. When we walked to a corner, a grin for an old age suddenly lost control and rushed to us.Zi hugged me tightly, then turned his body, and used his back to resist the out of control.The car hit his body severely, fracture his left leg, and I just scratched a little bit.I asked him at the hospital, "Are you really not afraid of it?" He said, "Afraid! Afraid of the car encountered you!" His words moved me, not just to find a man who was good for himself?IntersectionSo I decided to be with him in this life.

Many boys chased me before getting married. Even after I got married, many boys still presented to me. I was a traditional woman. I think that since I already belong to it, the pursuit of other men should refuse.I think so, of course, do this.Our boss is a nearly 50 -year -old man. Since I go to the company, he seems to be uneasy to me. On the surface, he is very concerned about me. In fact, he has always been purposeful.

I am a clerk of the company. In addition to some businesses in the company’s office, there is also a job that I clean up the boss’s office every morning when I come to work every morning. It turned out that it was another sister in the office to do these jobs. After I came, he took him.This job was given to me.I sometimes pack his office when I get off work at night, so that I wo n’t hurry the next morning.One night when I was packing in his office, he suddenly came in. I saw him coming in and poured him a glass of water. I thought, I left the water after pouring the water, and I left.Come over and pack him.

He just sat down in front of the desk. I brought the water over him. As a result, the hand slipped, the water of the water cup sprinkled him, and I was frightened.Yes! "Then, I used his sleeves to dip the water on his body. He patted my shoulder and said," Girl, don’t be nervous, it’s okay! "At this moment, I still feel that he is very amiable.

We are performing arts companies. The boss often goes out to meet some guests. Once when he went out to talk about business, he also called me to let me go with him. The boss drove the car. I wanted to sit in the back row.On the co -pilot, on the way, the boss asked me a lot of questions, such as I got married?What is the relationship between me and my husband? For example, do you have a child?For example, I have been in love a few times, and I told him that I just got married, and I had a relationship with my husband.He also said, "You are so charming, your husband must be handsome and excellent!" When talking about my husband, I couldn’t say something. He saw me silently and asked me, "What’s wrong with you?" I said to him: "My husband is not handsome nor good. He is just good to me, I am very satisfied!" He looked at me and put one hand on my leg: "You are a good woman!" HeThis action made me very disgusted. I wanted to let him take it away, but he was driving, and he was very fast. Out of safety reasons, I endured it, and I was very aggrieved.

Later, he often handled me, but I refused. Once he asked me to go to his office to get a piece of materials. After I went in, he asked me to close the office door. I saw him from the office drawer.Take out a diamond necklace: "Shan Shan, this necklace looks good, I think it is only suitable for you, come, let me put it on!"

I said, "Boss, this is too expensive, I can’t!"

"What valuables are not expensive, you work well, this is a reward for you!" The boss said.

Speaking, he came behind me and wore a necklace for me. After he put a necklace for me, he suddenly hugged me tightly from behind.When he was angry, while holding me, he put his hand into my breasts again. His behavior made me scared. I forcibly broke away his hand and ran out of his office.

Since this time, I will consciously avoid being alone with the boss. If I can’t avoid it, I will also wear some decent clothes and try to give him as little opportunity.

Husband and relatives are getting worse and worse to do waterproof. Our income has fallen straight. My husband always blames himself that he cannot give me a perfect material life. I always say to my husband, "I am not the kind of material woman, I have you loveI am content! "The more I said, the more my husband blame himself.

One of his friends did a waterproof job in the south. He heard that his friend said that the southern business was good. My friend asked him to go. I was afraid of being too hard, so I didn’t want to let my husband go.I am also willing! "I knew I couldn’t persuade him, so I had to agree.

My husband was a train at 6 pm. On the day he left, I did not go to work. At home, I always accompanied him. My husband said, "I don’t know when I go out. You must be lonely at home.You! "Although it was during the day, my husband and I forgot to love several times. When he came out, he tossed it. He had to wear a skirt and went to the train station to send him without wearing underwear.

Perhaps it is usually too dependent on her husband. As soon as he left, I felt empty and particularly lost.When I walked out of the train station square, I sat on a bench on the side of the road in a daze. It was also coincidental. Our boss drove just passing here. He saw that I was sitting there and asked me what happened. I said to him, "My husband went to work in the south, and I was a little unhappy! "

He asked me to take his car back. He asked me where I wanted to go, and I said I wanted to go home.He said: "It’s so late, eat something before going back. A new western restaurant has opened in the East District. I will take you to eat." I don’t want to go, but I can’t get out of the car, so I have to be on him.Essence

It was more than 10 o’clock in the evening after dinner. When he sent me back, he passed a remote section. He suddenly stopped the car. Regardless of my resistance, he began to pull my skirt. His strength was very strong.He pulled away, I beg he, but he ignored my feelings at all. He succeeded, and after success, he said to me, "You feel small and exquisite, really envy your husband.! "

I cried and asked him to take me home. He said, "Are you not afraid of being home alone? Besides, your skirt has been broken. How can you enter the community in a while, don’t go back tonight!" He took me to meI went to a hotel. That night, he was like a beast, and I was like a pitiful little white rabbit.

The next day, he spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy me a set of skirts and underwear for me. I think it is too expensive. I said to him, "This dress is too expensive, I will return it to you in the future!"He possessed me again: "As long as you like it, I buy everything for you! Will you be a woman who will be me in the future?" After bullying me, I said so shamelessly to me, I am very angry: "I don’t want to be yoursLover, I have a husband, I love my husband, I won’t give you a chance again! "

The company’s finances are always late, the boss fired him, and then asked me to do the company’s finance. I said I did not understand finance. He said, "I can give you an assistant for you!"After that, my salary rose three times. I was thinking that when my husband came back, he would not let him go out. The salary of our two was added, and living in this city is still possible.

I vomited after getting up in the morning for a few days in a row. I thought I had a bad stomach. I went to the hospital to check it out yesterday. The doctor’s words made me excited. The doctor said to me, "Congratulations, you are pregnant!"

When I picked up my mobile phone and prepared to call my husband, I stopped again. That experience two months ago made me a little uneasy a month ago. I calculated that the day, it should be my husbandThere were a few days I walked, but in addition to my husband touched me, the bad man of the company also touched me. These two days were upset. I do n’t know what to do. The whole person is about to collapse!

This incident has always been pressed in my heart. It is too painful. I want to confess to my husband, but I am afraid that he is angry. If he does not tell his husband, if the child in the stomach is really not his, how sad he should be?Who can tell me, what should I do?

Shanshan, hello, thank you for your trust in me and tell me these things!

I am sympathetic to you, but I want to criticize you a few words. I think you are too dramatic for marriage. Since you are a woman who has been married, you should not have any exchanges with other opposite sex.You can’t help yourself, but it does not mean that you have no chance to avoid, such as resigning, such as the car that you don’t get on.Obviously, you are too kind, and eventually cause bitter fruit.

Right now, when you are in a hurry, you quickly solve your pregnancy. I suggest you to do a parent -child identification. If it is a husband, tell your husband quickly to raise your child.If not, as for how to treat the children in the belly, you still need to consider carefully.After solving this matter, I hope you can resign, leave this company, and find a job again. In the future, we will abide by the bottom line of loyalty and run your marriage with your heart!

Finally, I wish you happiness and harmony!

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