I am pregnant and bleed, and I vomit hard, be careful

Twenty years ago, shortly after I was working, I met such a patient. After menopause, I was pregnant and pregnant.

Vaginal bleeding occurred for about 2 months. She felt strange and the response was so powerful that the embryo was alive. How could she bleed:

She thought that she might be tired, so she didn’t care, so she had been bleeding for 2 weeks, and she did not have a doctor.

It was Sunday that day, and the bleeding was a little bit more, accompanied by mild abdominal pain, so I came to the hospital.

At that time, I did a vaginal examination for her. There was indeed blood in it, but the amount was not much. There was no problem with the cervix. The blood flowed from the uterus. The uterus was quite large.B -ultrasound, I told her: At present, there is not much bleeding, and my stomach hurts.

When I threw the inspector into the trash can, I glanced at a glittering thing on it. Take a closer look. It was a blisters tissue, so I did not let her go away and hospitalized.

The next day, the B -ultrasound confirmed that it was indeed a "hydatidal", that is, there was no normal embryo tissue in the uterus, but the blisters of different sizes.

Later, I thought about it. In case she was hospitalized at the time, she thought it was okay. What should I do if I didn’t come to review the next day?Maybe bleeding will come.

The blisters are formed due to the hyperplasia of the placental velvet nourishing cells after pregnancy and the interstitial edema;

The source of the dyeing patriarchy is the main cause of nourishing cell excessive hyperplasia, and it is related to the disorders of the genomic seal;

I don’t understand, is it?As a non -professional person, you only need to know that the older person who lacks vitamin A and its predecessor Horot and animal fats, Asia and Latin American countries have a higher incidence.

If there are repeated pregnancy reactions such as vaginal bleeding and nausea and vomiting after menopause, abdominal pain should be highly suspected of possibility of hydatidal fetus;

The uterus increases significantly (larger than the menopause month), softer;

B -ultrasound and blood HCG (significant increase) can be further clearly diagnosed:

During normal pregnancy, the blood HCG is peak at 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and gradually declines after 1 to 2 weeks; in the fetus, the blood HCG titer is significantly higher than the normal value of the corresponding pregnancy week, and it is 8-10 weeks.Later, it continued to rise.


Hydroplast tires are divided into two types: complete and partiality. Most of the hydatidal tires also experience vaginal bleeding, but other symptoms such as early pregnancy response will be mild;

Due to the demeanor changes in part of the figurine, the rise of HCG is not obvious.

Once diagnosed, the content of the uterine cavity should be removed in time;

Generally, it is used for scraping. If there is persistent uterine bleeding or ultrasonic removal after surgery, the second curettage is needed;

Single drug prevention chemotherapy after surgery: suitable for those who have high -risk factors and complete followers who are difficult to follow -up, high -risk factors include: age greater than 40 years; blood HCG level is greater than 1 million U/L;The cysts are greater than 6 cm; the diseased pathology is mainly small grape -shaped blisters (less than 0.4 cm in diameter); repetitive hypotonic tires occur again.

Regularly review HCG after surgery: once a week, until it is normal for 3 consecutive times, 6 months per month, and then 6 months every February, a total of 1 year since the first negative;

In addition to the blood HCG after surgery, it also includes gynecological examination, B -ultrasound, X -ray chest tablets or CT examination. You should also pay attention to menstruation recovery.

After surgery, contraception should be strictly one year, and contraceptives are preferred.

In summary, the uterus increases for vaginal bleeding after menopause, especially with women with severe nausea and vomiting. Do not simply believe that it is a threatened abortion. Instead, you should think of the possibility of abnormal pregnancy such as hydatidal tires.Essence

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