I, 26 years old, after marrying my husband for a year, divorce stays home, but I find that I am pregnant again

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My name is Chen Ningning @cc Ningning, Guangxi girl after 95.

I was born in a happy rural family. After graduating from college, I failed to start a business for the first time and met the other half.I gave him a child and a daughter, but he failed to bring me and the children enough happiness.

When we opened the store for less than a year, we had a liability of 300,000. During this period, my husband did not want to sleep with me, and derailed from the old woman …

I set up a shift on the ground, sold fruits and picked goods, snack barbecue boss, customer service personnel to do live broadcast … After doing 100 yuan a day, I also received a turnover of more than 7,000 a day.

However, I can’t escape the palm of suffering.There are hundreds of red flowers, and there are tens of millions of people.Maybe my life is destined to experience these twists and turns.

But life is still long, the road is still far, and there are always the day when they enter the harbor.After all, suffering is not the norm. At the right time, it will not become a kind of wealth, so that the future will take less detours.

(Play with friends by the sea)

In 1996, I was born in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province. My dad has a total of 8 brothers and sisters. The beds and wardrobes when they got married were all bought by the accounts. At that time, the most valuable object at home was a TV.

Although there is no home, it is just a living by farming, but the parents are very hardworking after marriage. At that time, it was not bad to live in our hometown.Some of others have me in my house, and there are also my houses in other people’s homes.

Before the age of seven, my parents had only my daughter, and they always loved me. The uncle’s family had no daughter, so he treated me as a biological daughter. When he was young, he felt very happy.

However, as soon as it is for the summer vacation or weekend, you must help your parents to do farm work, unplugged peanuts, picked mulberry leaves, and unable to feed the silkworms … Except for cutting rice, do nothing.

At that time, I was eager to grow up quickly and go out to work without doing so many, so hard farm work.When you get married in the future, you must not marry the people who plant fields.

(Take a group photo with my mother when I was young)

However, my academic performance is not good. I couldn’t get into a very good school. I finally chose to go to Nanning to study in college.

In July 2016, my classmates and I came out for an internship. We were an appointment at a driving school in Nanning and run business in free time.The wage period is low, even if the commission is added, it is only two or three thousand yuan a month.

Save money for a year to save more than 10,000 yuan.This kind of income level is too different from the gap between me I imagined at the beginning, and the impulse to entrepreneurship.

It will be good to see a lot of stalls selling barbecue business. I also want to try and fight.However, I have no technology, and I can only envy.

Soon, when a familiar senior learned of my thoughts, he proposed a partnership to start a business.

The senior brother -in -law has been a chef, the senior has pulled his brother -in -law to join, and I also found an acquaintance.My brother -in -law and I have a big head. The seniors and my friends have a part of their own money. We started to buy tricycles, buy equipment, and rent warehouses to make barbecue stalls.

(My dad’s house when he got married)

At the beginning, I was full of energy. A relative at home introduced me to work in a unit in my hometown. I didn’t even hesitate to hesitate and refused directly.I said that I want to be a boss, do not receive iron rice bowls.

So far, I remember that on the first day of opening, the owner of the former company took the previous colleagues and took the light rain to give us a show.

It may be that the site is relatively remote, and the business afterwards is very poor.There is only one person, regardless of the wind and rain, thunder came to our booth to eat barbecue.

And this person came to chase me, and later became my husband.

At that time, I was responsible for the purchase of barbecue ingredients. My husband was an oyster wholesale. Before the opening, I bought 20 yuan of oysters on his side, and the two knew it like this.After knowing it, he tried to approach me.

At that time, my husband also opened a barbecue stall with his partnership. He was mainly responsible for the supply and operation, and did not need to say hello to the business in the store.

(When I first went to college)

Every night, he always appears on our barbecue stall on time, ordered a bunch of skewers, and take the opportunity to talk to me.At that time, I saw that he had a talent and was very generous. He thought he was a young and successful successor, so he was not exclusive.

One month later, because the business was too poor -the 20 -yuan oysters bought were not sold, the contradictions between our partners could not be reconciled, and the barbecue stall could not be placed. I started to find a job.

In just one month in my life, I ended without any illness, and it took all my savings.After looking for a period of time, I would like to shrink my clothes.

When I was admitted to college, I just built a new house at home. My dad planted more than a dozen acres of sugar orange, and invested almost all the savings.The funds at home are really tense, so I got a student loan when I enrolled in my freshman year.

(Happy every day)

Originally thinking about making a bucket of gold in entrepreneurship and returning the student loan.This is good. Even my own food and clothing became a problem. The most difficult time, 4 yuan took me for 3 days.

At that time, the first batch of sugar orange at home was not mature. Even if I spoke to my parents, they had no money to give me.Sometimes I ca n’t be hungry. I can only eat and drink on my husband ’s barbecue stall.

He had been invited before, and I haven’t been to it. Now I can’t even care about so much.

Nanning’s salary is generally low, and this time I found a job for a long time.

Under my husband’s sweet words, I became a professional household in their barbecue stalls, and I also successfully became his girlfriend.

Later, I found a customer service work in a logistics park, 3500 yuan per month.Because of his performance, he was transferred to personnel administration.

In November 2017, the sugar orange planted in my family matured, selling more than 400,000 in total. After the house was renovated, I bought a car with a total of tens of thousands of dollars.

(Graduated from university)

At this time, my dad gave me 20,000 yuan and asked me to pay off the loan first.This happened to be known by my husband, and he asked me to lend him the money first.

The barbecue stall with a partnership with people before was originally a stall in front of a well -known store door.Later, the transformation here, the booth must be rented with the facade, and the rent must be paid enough for one year, which is more than 200,000.

They couldn’t get so much money at one time, so they were scattered. My husband continued to do his wholesale business.

He wanted to expand the store and make the oyster business bigger, so let me lend these two thousand dollars to him first, saying that it was returned to me within three months.

Through this period of contact, I think my husband is very business -minded, so he hides his parents to lend the money to him.

As a result, he did not disappoint me. In three months, he really grew business.After returning the money to me, my husband gave me seven or eight hundred dollars every day for me, and bought me a diamond ring.At that time, I bite excitedly, see if it is true.

Later, the family knew that I was in love with my husband and strongly opposed us.

(Shopping with friends after graduating from college)

Because my husband’s family situation is very complicated, even if the family is on the wall, it is still an illegitimate child.His mother had another family, his father died early, and later lived with his grandma.

There were no houses in the house. When his grandmother was working, he divided two houses, and then one room was separated for him.The house is only 20 square meters, because of the age, it looks very old and dark and humid.

In September 2018, the family relationship was found to find a job.Let me help my brother -in -law’s new real estate for finance, 5,000 yuan a month.My cousin has a business in Yulin. It is said that there are more than a hundred billion industries, but they have always been rarely connected.

It has always been a salary of 3,000 yuan, which has made me unable to see hope.So I intend to go to Yulin to try.

My husband learned that I was going to Yulin and did not stop it directly, but I didn’t say very happy to say that I would go.When I arrived in Yulin, he kept sending me a message, excited me back, and even threatened it with a breakup.

At that time, I wanted to run career and love, but I chose love in the end.Just stayed in Yulin for a night, and cried back to Nanning the next day.

(My husband lives in his hometown)

It was on Yulin’s night. I found that I was pregnant. When my husband knew it, he was very happy. He specifically found the house and asked me to move over to live with him.He also kept making me not to go to work and raised her fetus with peace of mind.

Because of the family’s opposition, it was not until June 2019 that after my daughter’s full moon, we held a wedding and celebrated with each other.

Because I think my husband is very motivated, and it hurts me. When I am married, I do n’t have to pay a penny.With his family, he couldn’t get much money at the time.

My husband’s oyster business has always been good. He spent money and a big foot: smoke fifty dollars a pack of cigarettes, drinking and drinking rotten every day, but he can give me five to six hundred yuan or even seven or eight hundred yuan every day.

Perhaps because the oyster turnover costs too much and the cash flow is not large enough, maybe it was the sweetness of the barbecue stall before, and my husband always wanted to open a barbecue restaurant.

But I think the oyster business is at least stable.

However, he rented a 220 -square -meter shop from me.I couldn’t hold him, so on October 12, 2019, our barbecue restaurant officially opened.

(We got married)

After all, the barbecue restaurant is still different from the previous barbecue stall. The barbecue restaurant is very large. It is artificially hired more than a dozen people at most. Even if each person is 100 yuan per day, it will need more than 1,000 yuan.There are also rental water, electricity, ingredients, and wine, etc., and the expenditure is quite large.

Coupled with bad location, poor management, and no special dishes, the business is not as good as expected.It is often not available. In the most serious time, the turnover of 9 consecutive days is 0.

Looking at the dog and meat shop next door, we are often full, and our hearts are very bad.Sometimes at a loss of diversion and doing some promotional activities, there will be more passenger flow, and occasionally with a turnover of 3,000 or 5,000.

However, many times, watching the huge shop is empty, it is inevitable to lose and irritable.We started to quarrel and kept fighting.

At this time, he met a customer who made oysters, a single mother who was two or three years older than him.

During that time, the two of them chatted and chatted. Every time my husband returned home, he hugged a mobile phone, or went to the other room, or lying on the sofa. He never slept with me anyway.

(Barbecue restaurant business)

Although I felt strange at the time, I knew nothing about it.One time I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, I quietly glanced at a glance, and actually saw that he was chatting with the woman.

I have two bottom lines for marriage: one is derailment and the other is domestic violence.Today, he challenged my bottom line, my whole body trembled, tears were like rain.

However, my husband didn’t even say a word at the time. He was lying on the sofa and watched me trembling, watching me crying, and a blind eye.

Afterwards, I reflected it. Perhaps the quarrel recently has been too frequent, making him tired of me, as long as you don’t do something extravagant.

So, I proposed to relax back to my mother’s house to make each other slowly.However, my generosity did not get the other party’s self -blame and repentance, but created the two opportunities for them.

On Christmas Eve, that woman went to our barbecue restaurant to find my husband.They went to my husband and friend’s shop. The two took hands and walked together. My husband bought the apple and gave it to her, and asked the woman to sit on the co -pilot.

These were after my divorce, his friend’s wife told me that he didn’t know.

(Watch the shop at night)

It didn’t take long for my husband’s house to celebrate the New Year. The daughter had a fever from the second year of the new year to the ninth, but he did not show up.He called him and he scolded me and my daughter.

My pro -daughter is sick and ignores it.After my father knew it, he called my husband. He said that he was playing cards, and then he was fierce, and he hung up the phone fiercely.

Since then, we have been noisy to divorce, but we have not left.

Soon, because of the impact of the epidemic, our physical business was severely impacted, and the barbecue restaurant directly lost the bottom pants.

I started to persuade my husband not to open a barbecue restaurant anymore, but he just didn’t listen and insisted on standing.Showing the payment of the oyster shop still can’t fill the holes in which the barbecue restaurant loses.

Seeing that many stores on the street are closed or transferred, I also want to turn off the store.But her husband said that he could not close. Once you closed the door, the debt would burst out, and the debt collection person would break through the threshold.

I couldn’t say him, and the two began to borrow money around, and more and more debt.From my parents alone, I borrowed 100,000 yuan before and after.

(My daughter)

My husband has always liked drinking, and he did n’t save time. When he came back, he fell to sleep. I often looked at his mobile phone while he was sleeping.Once inadvertently, a woman suddenly found that a woman gave him a jade pendant of more than 5,000 yuan.

Later I learned that it was the single mother before.I asked my husband, and he started to quarrel with me. Once angry, I fell directly to the jade.

The business of the shop is becoming more unstable, and the relationship between our husband and wife has also turned sharply.

In July 2020, my mother -in -law came to Nanning to help me bring my children, making me feel a lot easier.At the end of the month, her husband said that he would go to Yulin on a business trip to the ingredients, and patted his butt.My mother -in -law and I took my child and guarded the store every day to the early morning.

When my husband came back on a business trip, I found that he had a band -aid on his neck, and it felt strange, so he asked him what was going on.

He said that he had acne, and I asked him to tear off Chuangya posts. It turned out to be a woman’s kiss marks.I collapsed directly and questioned him who was the woman.

(After quarreling, I took my daughter back to my hometown)

His mouth was very firm, and he refused to say that he couldn’t help it in the end. He lied to find a lady outside.Of course I don’t believe it, I know he has really derailed, it doesn’t matter who it is.

At that time, he challenged my bottom line, and I endured it.This time he broke through my bottom line, and I couldn’t bear it anymore and directly proposed a divorce.

In early August 2020, according to the agreed date, we went through the divorce procedures.According to the property segmentation agreement, my personal liabilities are 130,000.

Thinking of this marriage, I am all kinds of anger.Don’t pay a penny, marry a poor guy in the countryside with poor family situations. For him, he pays everything, but in exchange for such a betrayal and liability ending.

My dad personally drove and passed away, and kept talking to me along the way.Many times, I wanted to cry, but when I saw my father still running for me, I held my teeth.

After the divorce, I felt the sky that supported myself instantly collapsed. I cried many times, my eyes were swollen, and I lost weight before falling in love.

(Test after divorce)

However, her daughter has not grown up, her life has to continue, she has been crying and crying, and her life is going.On the third day after the divorce, I left my mother’s house and returned to Nanning.

Because the daughter is too young and less than one and a half years old, in order not to affect the growth of the child, the divorce of our agreement was not left home, which is convenient for taking care of the daughter together.

I ca n’t go back to the barbecue restaurant. I started to find a job outside.At this time, my ex -husband talked to me again, so I would not go to find a job, I hope I will go back to the store for help.

I said I had to give money to the store, and he agreed.He also agreed.But I want to divide it (on the premise of making money), and he will not speak.

In the end, I went to a self -media company with a smooth ground interview. The company was in Zhongguancun, Nanning, and was mainly responsible for live broadcast and cargo.The salary of the probation period is 3,000 yuan, and the trial period is 5,000-6000 yuan.

After working for more than a month, I was familiar with my colleagues, but the company had to dismiss the team for some reason, and could not pay the salary.My heart is really mixed with mixed flavors.

(Working at a self -media company)

On September 30, 2020, I went to the company to complete the departure formalities and officially joined the unemployment army.

Half a month later, my ex -husband watched the video I posted on the Internet and learned that I was unemployed, and told me to go back to see the store, give me money, and tell me a lot of good words.

When I was divorced, I torn my face, and now I show me well. I do n’t know if he is true or false, whether he is sympathetic or laughing.My heart was pierced by a sharp thorns, deep and deep, I don’t know if I can believe him.

However, after all, the shop was from scratch, the turnover from 0 to 7000, the depression when there was no one, and the panic when there was no seat … It can be said that the barbecue restaurant is like another child.Definitely deceiving.

During this time, I also probably figured out the market. With my current ability and experience, the job I could find is basically an income of about 3,000 yuan.My daughter now needs to spend money now, and of course I want to find a lot of money.

After some factors such as ideological struggles, comprehensive income, freedom, and care of my daughter, I finally decided to return to the barbecue restaurant.After all, I condensed me too much hard work here.

(Follow the company)

When divorce, there are so many debt in the store. Now that the business has not improved, the employees in the store have not paid for 2 consecutive months.

On the 7th day when I came back, I changed our wedding necklaces and rings for more than 5,000 yuan to pay employees.

In November 2020, I suddenly found that I was pregnant again.At that time, I had too much liabilities, and I didn’t want much, but my ex -husband insisted on letting me give birth.

After the divorce, my ex -husband’s attitude towards me has changed a lot.Perhaps because of too much debt, I found that only I really helped him.

To be honest, I still have feelings for him.Seeing that he is good to me and my daughter, it will inevitably be soft -hearted.So, in August 2021, I gave him a son again.

In order to give my son a hukou, to give two children a complete and happy home, in October 2021, we remarried again.

During this period, the loss of barbecue restaurants was getting bigger and bigger, and oyster shops could not be opened.When we remarried, the liabilities in the store were as high as 700,000 and my personal liabilities were 300,000.

In January 2022, the barbecue restaurant finally couldn’t keep it. The family of four of our family returned to my hometown and had a very uneasy year.

(Return to the barbecue restaurant after divorce)

My husband returned to his hometown this time. He didn’t play cards and drinks like before. He always went out for a sports car.There are too many debt, and no longer quarrel with the past, but try to make money.

After the New Year, because the son is still young, the barbecue restaurant is closed, so we will not go to Nanning first.I plan to sell snacks at the school door, and make money first.

I just told my husband just the night before that I couldn’t see others for half a day the next day.Unexpectedly, he borrowed money to rent a shop at the entrance of the school, and kept waiting for the materials to be renovated before telling me.

I was afraid that the business was not good at that time, I couldn’t do it for too long. I just thought about setting up a stall. I didn’t want to rent so much money.

He answered me and said, "Doing business must be like, not to play a stall like a family. Leasing a shop, I don’t need to blow the sun, so good."

There are several types of snacks I made: Kanto boiled, bowl cakes, double skin milk, sugar water, sushi, burger, egg tart, roast chicken leg, and so on.

(My husband rented the pavement for me)

Others will not do it, but I can only do it alone.They are all small things with low unit prices. When the business is good, I will get up at two or three in the middle of the night, and I have been doing it at four or five in the afternoon.The younger son was not weaned yet. The mother -in -law helped during the day and could only bring it by himself at night.

When my husband was too busy, he asked two classmates to come over to help sell them together.The business in the first month is not bad.

In the second month, the school was suspended because of the epidemic, and the snacks could not be done.We go to wholesale fruits to sell, and we can earn three or four hundred yuan a day.

In April, my husband stayed in my hometown and let the child quit milk first.He went to Nanning himself first, and was going to be a wholesale oyster.

I make snacks alone in my hometown and sell how much, and my mother -in -law helps me bring my child.It has been at the end of June, and the school has a summer vacation.I put my son in my mother’s house and took my daughter to Nanning to find a job.

Perhaps because the environment is not good, find it, either a single break or no social security. The salary is only 2,500. It is better to make a lot of money to sell snacks.

(I made snacks)

I ca n’t find a suitable job. Sometimes I go to the logistics park to do some part -time physical work. One hour is 25 yuan, and I can finally earn some living expenses.

Later, he found a job in a family business and dinner at noon.However, the place where the office is connected with the outside. The boss and the boss walked around every day, and the atmosphere was very depressed.

Perhaps the boss was used to it before. I really couldn’t accept this depressed working environment, and the salary was not high.Therefore, the day before the National Day in 2022, I resigned.

My husband’s oyster wholesale business is still doing, and I have to find a job again.Living in a place for chicken feathers, but whose life is not a load?

The world you see is beautiful, and the life you experience is suffering.Perhaps there was a different way, and now it is another scenery.But all this is my own choice, I wonder anyone.

(No matter how hard you are, you must persist)

I see the beauty, or the lighthouse that guides myself forward.After walking too much detours, maybe there is a tank.The children grow up every day, make money a little bit, and keep in a second, life is more than a moment, and life is gone.

As long as you don’t give up, there will always be a turnaround. I look forward to going ashore as soon as possible and go to a better tomorrow.

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