Hush, whispered!Boys and women’s cheats are public!

To tell the truth, seeing that hemps are worried, joy, and looking forward to asking every day. Is my sauce purple sauce purple?Can my sauce purple sauce can give birth to a small public?My heart, I really followed your brains and suddenly, almost won’t be better.

I ca n’t bear it anymore, as kind as me, just make the secrets and female cheats you often ask!

=== I hope you Meng can persist to see the last ===

Mama seemed to believe in the dream of fetal dreams.

According to the baby’s investigation, only 4%Ma Ma believed that the baby’s dream was inaccurate.

Bao mothers generally feel that they dream of big black snakes, all kinds of fierce animals, picking melon fruit, etc.

In 2014, Tiantian Mom said: Huai Dabao, daughter, dreamed of snakes, all sizes, monsters and monsters!Dreaming of a male treasure, dreaming of red!Erbao, son, dreamed of golden python, and big black snake, entangled!After pregnancy, I dreamed of the coffin, and dreamed that my husband had a large winter melon, and peas were particularly full!Tiger, dog, crocodile, chase me!There are snakes that look like dinosaurs and have been chasing me!IntersectionSo I feel that dreams are still accurate!

105865459 Xuelian said: I feel quite accurate.When Huai Erbao once dreamed that I was sleeping in bed, my husband held a woman into the house. The woman was much younger than her husband’s straight shawl hair.After waking up, my daughter -in -law was born in a few months.

But what is the fact?

In fact, compared with the dream from the fetal dream, the fetal dream may be more likely to explain the baby’s character!

For example, when you dream of peppers, most of these children are smart but less. Most of them may be boys, but girls with such personality are not without, so they will cause the result of the numbness of the numbness to say "the baby’s dream is not allowed"!

After talking about the birth dream, continue to talk about the god of God.How is the sixth sense?

Popular science → The sixth feeling is a particularly fantasy feeling similar to intuition

It is said that many Ma Ma feels that their gods are attached, and they say what they say

It is considered that Ma Ma, which is not allowed for the sixth, only accounted for 12%

Is it really a master?

Please call me Yu Mama and say: I feel quite accurate.Everyone who said that when Huai Dabao was a son, I always felt like a daughter, and she was born as a female man.

Dream Mommy said: I have a hunch as a girl just when I was pregnant. I have always felt that I was a girl during pregnancy. I felt like a beautiful little girl.

Si Ying seeds said: Whoever said a child said that I refuted the girl, but later I checked the girl, and I always felt that it was a girl

Do you think it is accurate?I didn’t speak anyway.

Indeed, some people are talented and the sixth sense of wall cracks, but it is undeniable that the sixth sense of most people is no different from guessing.

50%of the accuracy, it is not surprising to guess the normal guess!

So, if you guessed it, congratulations on your luck!It is worth buying a lottery today!

If you guessed it wrong, the dwarf oil is just bad luck ~ next time he will fight again!

Deceived by the gods and angry!I want to see the real symptoms!Okay, let’s talk about the pregnancy line first!

Science A → Pregnancy line is a vertical line that may cross the belly button during the middle of the stomach!Stretch marks ≠ pregnancy line!

Popular science B → Pregnancy lines do not necessarily have everyone!

According to rumors, this is the most accurate accuracy in the folk secrets.

However, hemps do not say so!

In the survey data, the inaccurate Ma Ma reached 32%!Far away from the previous part of the god of God!

Sheep 6 said: I don’t allow me to be the same as the two -child line.Gender is different.

Ling Ling B said: I don’t think it is possible, I know it will be born.Essence

Red Xiaodou 0 said: I think the pregnancy line is inaccurate, the lower below is shallow, the thin line, 95 % is a boy, the fact is a girl

The pregnancy line is actually a normal reaction during pregnancy. Some people may have, and some may not.

Because this reaction has something to do with changes in hormones, many people associate it with raw boys and women.

So what does it mean?

That is to say, in various types of men and women through various symptoms, it is quite accurate.

8. Even if it is not allowed, it is not surprising. After all, it is not a scientific path!

If there may be no one in the pregnancy line, then the belly type must be seen by everyone!

The above three, the belly shape is round, the curve of the lower part is gentle, and it is said that there are little princes!

The following three, the belly shape is relatively sharp and the lower curve is relatively large. It is said that there is a small public!

However, this time Ma Ma said that the percentage was not allowed to be higher, and 35%of Ma Ma thought it was inaccurate.

Mother Wenwen said in 2015: I don’t feel too accurate and not too much scientific basis

Red Xiaodou 06 said: It is not allowed. At that time, they said that they were boys to see the belly, but they actually gave birth to girls.

It’s just that your master said: Personally, I don’t think that my belly belongs to the round, one son, but the colleague’s belly is pointed, and it is also a son, so it is not allowed

After watching the hot and happy pregnant belly, I found that a lot of Ma Ma is still rational!Although the tradition of men and women has always been seen since ancient times, it is true that it is not allowed to drop!To be precise, the scientific basis can prove that the belly type is directly related to the sex of the baby ~ So if you feel accurate, it must be good luck, it is not allowed, it is normal ~

Conclusion → You can still drop the belly type, but you have to look at it as an entertainment!if you serious you lose!

What?Do you say that the symptoms above are static?OK!If you want to dynamics, we will talk about dynamics, first talk about the taste of changes during pregnancy!

[What are the sour girls?

☆ Literal explanation ☆ I love to eat sour during pregnancy → Sheng male treasure, spicy food during pregnancy → Shengnu treasure

☆ Out of place ☆ major palace fighting drama, palace fighting, costume drama, ethical drama, etc.

Just like brainwashing, some words are really as real!

But what surprised the baby was that 83%Ma Ma seriously said that this statement was not allowed!

Yu Yu Doudou said: I do n’t like sour when I am pregnant, but I especially like spicy. I like to watch all kinds of spicy taste. My son.

I love to say: My boss was strange at that time. I had to go to vinegar and peppers when I ate rice.The fragrance, and all kinds of characteristics are different from the boss. I really think it is a sour girl. As a result, it is also a handle.

Wabcdefg said: Inconsciously, when I am pregnant with a daughter, I especially like to eat oranges, plums, sour things

there is only one truth!

The taste changes during pregnancy during pregnancy are mainly due to endocrine changes during pregnancy!

In other words, the taste that changes during pregnancy is also related to the baby’s gender.

So, that’s actually you just want to eat.

Compared to changes in the taste during pregnancy, more fantasy is pregnant!What ghost!I can see men and women for Mao’s pregnancy. I really see it for a long time!

Some people say that the pregnancy reaction is strong in the first three months of pregnancy, and it must be a female treasure!

Some people say that pregnancy is smooth and stable, and there is almost no pregnancy. It is definitely a female treasure!

Ah, these two statements are completely contradictory really big husbands?Intersection

Sure enough, Ma Ma’s IQs are online, and their eyes are bright!

Therefore, in the discussion of spicy and many replies, some people think this statement is reliable!

The purple elves BB said: I feel inaccurate, mine is a girl, I do n’t vomit, but I do n’t have appetite. I ca n’t see a little greasy. It ’s better until 5 months.

Xu Xu Baby 0105 said: My brother is the first child, and it is a daughter to eat and drink.I vomited for three months and lost fifteen pounds, my son.

Thanks for your baby said: I also feel inaccurate. When I was in Huai Dabao, I still didn’t vomit much. The examination was a male treasure. Now the Erbao has never spit.

This sounds like a point that sounds like a word, and it really everyone refuses!

People who are pregnant are just reaction during pregnancy. Don’t think too much ~

The difficulty of discussion will increase!As a traditional Chinese medicine circulating since ancient times, it has always been trusted by many numbness, even if I occasionally drink Chinese medicine!

How to take the pulse, you should not embarrass me, after all, the baby is not learning this!

However, in general, it is more common to say that the left pulse is strong to be male, the right pulse is strong as a female …

As a result, a lot of Ma Ma was really tested, and only 35%of Ma Ma thought it was inaccurate!

Of course, I also understand, after all, you are accurate in your personal body?

I love to say: The pulse is still more accurate with old Chinese medicine medicine. When my aunt was pregnant, she asked her husband to give a pulse. As a result, it was a girl. Later, it was a girl.Go, say it is a boy, it is also accurate. I think this doctor is still more accurate

Doudou’s child said: When I was pregnant with a second child, I went to traditional Chinese medicine for two months. Chinese medicine said that he had 98 % percent of the pulse, and the result was my daughter. My husband did not believe it.Daughter, now born daughter.

Jiuer said: Very accurate!IntersectionMy sister was drinking Chinese medicine to condition her body for some time in the second half of last year to the beginning of this year. The old Chinese medicine gave her the pulse and said that she was pregnant.My sister didn’t believe it, so I went to the hospital to see the B -ultrasound with my brother -in -law. The doctor said that he couldn’t see it. He let them go again a week, and then went again.The pulse is better than the machine!

I won’t say anything else, just talk about the accuracy of these 50%!With such a high rate of accuracy, I can guess a lot by guessing, right?It’s easier than test selection questions!

I don’t know if there were medical skills in the ancient times, but now everyone still has a smile.

Speaking of ancient Chinese medicine, I have to think of the same historic Qing Palace watch!

【Popularization time to】

How did the Qing Palace watch come → Someone knows!It is rumored that the ancients were calculated based on the five elements of yin and yang+gossip+time!

What is the Qing Palace watch → a watch, the horizontal coordinates are the month (lunar calendar), the vertical coordinates are female age (real age+1 year old)

To tell the truth, when I saw this fixed form, I felt unreliable, but only 53%of Ma Ma thought so!

Please tell me Yu Xin Ma Mama said: I think it ’s Mongolian. I was pregnant with my aunt the same month the year before. I was accurate.

The neighbor’s aunt 9009 said: The probability of 50 % is equivalent to guessing. The colleagues in the unit are the same age. When we are pregnant in the same month, we are boys.

Xiao Xiaoqiang 9 said: Unsuitable, 21 years old are girls.Several of my classmates are 21 -year -old, all male babies

Speaking of which, the constellation and the Qing Palace watch are more accurate, it is really hard to stump me!

Finally, I came to all the most scientific watching the types of men and women!

As a expectant mother, compared to various symptoms and belly types, these methods of seeing men and women may be more believed in B -ultrasound?

After all, B -ultrasound can be very intuitive to see what the baby looks like in his belly. It can be said to be a photo!

The ear listening to the eyes is true, and what people always see through B -ultrasound always make people feel more reliable?

However, this is the case, and 8%of the numbness of Ma Ma was inaccurate, and was turned around!

Wenwen 92 said: B -ultrasound will also be wrong. My neighbor is a girl and the boy born as a B -ultrasound.

Hou Nu Bao said: Not necessarily, sometimes it blocked, and it is another effect.

A Mother A Qian said: I think B -ultrasound is not allowed to see men and women, and I often see many women or men or men, but now in this society, men and women do not matter.

In fact, in the spicy and grinding ways to look at men and women, B -ultrasound is already the most reliable one!

After all, I directly see the baby’s form in the stomach, the point is to see that there are small and small Ding Ding (cover your face)

However, this is not 100%accurate. After all, sometimes the baby is naughty and not let you see it, right?

Dangdangdang!Hidden for so long, what is the final true cheats!

Oops, what ghosts are there!Intersection


The progress bar retreats.

Come again.

Dangdangdang!Hidden for so long, what is the final true cheats!

There is something wrong!IntersectionOnly when it is born is the most accurate way for men and women!

Other methods are for entertainment only, do not take it seriously!if you serious you lose!

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