Husband is weak, women are pregnant for two years, and her mother -in -law anger her husband in a word!

Speaker: Xiaomei

Xiaomei has been married for 5 years, and has been preparing for 2 years, and has not been pregnant.Her husband Axia is the only child. Seeing relatives, friends, and children one after another, her mother -in -law has become more and more ugly.Half a year ago, her mother -in -law finally showed down with Xiaomei.

"Don’t be in my house if you don’t have a child." My mother -in -law said ruthlessly.In the past two years, Xiaomei had suffered a lot.The doctors who did n’t know each other looked at it. The Chinese medicine drank a few water tanks, a few sacks ate western medicine, and the fallopian tubes had made water twice or three times.The ovulation test strip is measured every month, and I have to do the same room regardless of whether they want.After two years of tossing, my stomach has not moved.Don’t blame your mother -in -law to complain.

Xiaomei listened to her mother -in -law’s words and was unhappy and negotiated directly with Axia."I have been checking for so many years, and I am running the hospital. The doctor said that the couple should be checked together. Now you have to check with me, otherwise don’t say that your mother rushes me to go.","

His wife also said ruthlessly, and Axia had to go to the hospital for examination.

The semen examination is very simple. Take the semen manually and send it to the laboratory test.When the result came out, Axia was dumbfounded.

The doctor said with no expression, weakness, and test tube is the fastest way to get pregnant.

Out of the self -esteem of men, Axia rejected the test tube.

The reason why her mother -in -law knew that Xiaomei was not pregnant was her son, and she was very uncomfortable.She told Xiaomei not to tell others that your man cannot have children, shame.

Although Xiaomei was unhappy, she also had a kind of thrill of shame.Of course, after the pleasure, she actively helped Axia find a way to improve sperm quality.

After half a year of hard work, Xiaomei was pregnant with her baby.When her mother -in -law saw Xiaomei early pregnancy report, she said that my son’s sperm was so bad. How did you get pregnant, did you live with others?

Axia was almost angry when she heard her mother’s words.Of course, Xiaomei’s child’s child is mine, and my sperm is also poor. Whoever says that sperm will always be poor.I have done so many things in the past six months to improve sperm quality. Which one do you see Xiaomei and others born!

It turned out that in order to improve the sperm quality Axia did not suffer less.

He insists on exercise every day and goes eight or nine kilometers in the morning or at night.As soon as we weekend, I asked friends to play and climb the mountain.

Because he had changed some bad habits before.Go to bed at ten o’clock every night, go out for a walk when you have time, and quit your problem of playing mobile phones before going to bed.I don’t sit at work for a long time, and I can walk away.

At night’s supper, the usual cola was abstained.

Of course, under the encouragement of Xiaomei, her mood became cheerful.

In this way, Axia’s sperm quality was improved, and Xiaomei was pregnant with her baby.

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