Husband is superior "I am in one time!" Zhang Qihui was happy and pregnant again

Reporter Lin Siyi / Taipei Report

Zhongtian’s "Big Love Theater" "Ordinary Happy" was held on the 21st. The premiere was held on the 21st. Zhang Qihui, a former member of "4 in Love", revealed that she was surprised when she was pregnant when she was killed!The partner Wang Zhongping was the first person to know the good news in the whole crew. He also said that there was a drama that fell out of bed in the play. Although Zhang Qihui was pregnant, he was still very professional.

▲ Zhang Qihui was happy to be in the second child.(Picture / Zhongtian)

Recalling a drama of an earthquake, Zhang Qihui said that he almost had to fall off the bed, pinching cold sweat for her, and even if her human meat pads, but she was not nervous: "I am a very casual person.So many, let’s go from the bed naturally! "Now her daughter is more than 1 year old. She said that she still wants to fight for another 3 child. Wang Zhongping, who has a pair of children, suggests as a person who comes from the person.Many lives. "

"Ordinary and Happy" describes a couple from recognizing marriage. For the hard work of children and life, they have encountered difficulties and spending together many times.Under the great physical and mental and money pressure, he began to superstitize Feng Shui. He moved 11 times in 9 years, allowing Wang Zhongping and Zhang Qihui to perform hard.

▲ Zhang Qihui and Wang Zhongping collaborated for the first time.(Picture / Zhongtian)

In real life, Wang Zhongping said that he was not very superstitious: "I used to read electronics, so it is more scientific." And Zhang Qihui is a Christian, saying that she is not superstitious, but she still pays attention to the Feng Shui in the home.For the crew, the challenge is very high.

Zhang Qihui also said with a smile that there was no plan to have a child during the filming. "My husband is very busy with me, there is no time at all, and the pressure of filming is very high, but it will be hit once!" When she shared the start of the filming, she played her in the play. She played her in the play.The daughter’s little actor suddenly pointed at her stomach and shouted "baby", which surprised Zhang Qihui at the time. Now he thinks: "I didn’t expect the child to predicted first, it was amazing."

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