How to use the medicine that cannot be ignored, how to use the medicine?

Author: Zheng Wenlan, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

Review: Chen Chuxiong, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

Precision adussion rash refers to a kind of itchy rash that pregnant women occur during pregnancy. They often occur in early or or later pregnancy. The incidence rate is about 1/300. The clinical manifestations are red pimples, pimples, wind ball -like rash, etc., size, etc.Do not wait, scattered on the whole body, more common in trunk and limbs, and abdomen often occurs at stretch marks. It itchy itching, showing scratches, blood scabs and moss -like changes.

During pregnancy, due to the changes in endocrine, metabolism, and immune function, there are many major and complicated changes in pregnant women in their physiological physiological. Many pruritus rash can not even find the cause of the disease. Although these unique adustity rash of these pregnancy will generally disappear after giving birth, it is difficult to itch because itching is difficultTolerance, affecting the daily life and sleep of pregnant women, it is more likely to cause the anxiety and irritability of pregnant women. Severe adules can lead to death, so it cannot be ignored clinically.

The cause of pregnancy prurites is unknown, which may be related to the physiological pathological changes caused by pregnant women, or the physiological pathological changes caused by pregnancy or the stasis of bile stasis in the liver of pregnancy.Among them, the impact of bile stasis in the liver of pregnancy on the baby should have a greater impact on the baby. It should be visited in time. If the skin itching of the skin during pregnancy is accompanied by the level of jaundice and the level of bilirubin, the level of serum bile acid should be measured to judge the judgmentWhether it is a cholecotidity in the liver during pregnancy, if the total bile acid level is ≥10 μmol/L, it can be diagnosed as an intrapatic stasis during pregnancy. This can reduce bileAcid level.

First, what should I do if I have pregnancy and prurites?

The course of pregnancy is long, and it can last for several weeks or even months after childbirth. The recurrence rate is different during pregnancy.The purpose of the treatment is to reduce the symptoms. According to the degree of skin lesions and different symptoms, the appropriate drugs are selected. Commonly used drugs include oral antihistamines (such as dectorizine, Sitrizine) and external medium -effect corticosteroids., Local itching agent (such as glycrystone washing agent, zinc oxide ointment), etc., such as infection can be used to use Mupro star ointment or erythromycin ointment.

For severe pregnancy prurites, it is usually necessary to use external glycotin hormone. After the symptoms are significantly reduced, the amount is gradually reduced until the drug is discontinued.In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, it is safe to choose weak or medium -efficiency topical glucocorticoids, and short -term and small areas, which is safe.

2. What are the commonly used medicines?

1. Ganshi washing agent

Pharmacological effects: The furnace glyphosate and zinc oxide contained in this product have a convergence and protection effect with zinc oxide, and also have a weak anti -corrosion effect.

Indications: This product has anti -itching and anti -inflammatory effects.For acute itching skin diseases, such as urticaria and mules.

Usage: Local use, shake well when used.3-4 times a day.

Precautions: It is not appropriate to use it on the skin part with osmotic liquid.

2. Zinc oxide ointment

Pharmacological effects: This product has a weak convergence, moisturizing and protective effect on the skin, and has the function of sucking and drying.

Indications: For acute or subacute dermatitis, eczema, tweezers, and mild, small -area skin ulcers.

Usage and dosage: twice a day, apply the affected area.

Note: Avoid contact with the eyes and other mucosa (such as mouth, nose, etc.).If there is a burning sensation, redness and swelling, etc., the drug should be discontinued, and the local drugs should be washed. If necessary, please consult the doctor if necessary.Drugs must be used carefully during pregnancy, and some safe medicines must be found. All drugs should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

3, deretthe fixed film

Pharmacological effects: This product is an efficient and long -lasting triple -ring anti -group amine, which is a selective peripheral H1 receptor antagonist.It can alleviate various symptoms caused by allergic reactions.

Usage and dosage: adults and children over 12 years of age: once a day, 1 tablet (10 mg) at a time.

Note: Patients with severe liver dysfunction should be used under the guidance of a doctor.Women of women during pregnancy and lactation are used with caution.

4, poker sensitivity film

Pharmacological effect: The first generation of antihistamines can relieve allergies. At the same time, it has a central inhibitory effect and has a certain sedative effect.

Dosage: Oral.Adults 1 piece at a time, 1 to 3 times a day.

Note: During the medication, you must not drive, cars, boats, high -altitude operations, mechanical operations and operation precision instruments.Pregnant women and lactating women use it with caution.

5. Mupro Star Ointment

Pharmacological effects: local topical antibiotics, which has a strong antibacterial effect on bacteria related to skin infection.

Usage and dosage: Locally apply it to the affected area, three times a day, 5 days for a course of treatment.

Note: Avoid using a large area of skin damage.

Third, how to prevent pregnancy prurites?

Patients’ lives are as regular as possible, often shower, keep the skin clean, and avoid eating high sugar, greasy, spicy and irritating foods.

The underwear and underwear should be kept clean. The underwear should be soft and loose, mainly cotton fabrics to avoid fiber fabrics.

Pregnant women should exercise moderately during pregnancy and maintain a good attitude.

In order to prevent bile stasis in the liver of pregnancy, food should be more light in food, mainly to reduce bile acid, such as shiitake mushrooms, soybeans, corn, kelp, etc. These are foods that can prevent pregnancy.

In short, there is no trivial matter during pregnancy. Do not hold the mentality of being able to bear it.Those with pregnancy -proliferation can find obstetricians or dermatologists to check clearly and treat targeted treatment.


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