How to use ovulation test strips?

Women should first determine their menstrual cycle before testing. The algorithm is from the first day of this menstruation to the day before the next menstruation is one cycle (the first day of the first blood is the first day).About 14 days before, so it is easy to conceive 2-3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation, that is, 4-5 days before and after ovulation is calculated for a total of 4-5 days. Therefore, it should be tested regularly after testing.When the color close to the peak value will appear, it should be tested every 12 hours until the LH peak is detected.Due to the different menstrual cycle days of each woman, the cycle detection table can be referred to during detection.

The cycle detection table (if the number of days of menstruation is less than 21 days or more than 40 days, please ask specialists.

Menstrual cycle start detection of the day and menstrual cycle start to detect day

21 Day 6 Days 31 Day 14

22 Days 6 Day 32 Day 15

23 Days 7 Day 33 Day 16

24th day, 7th day 34 days, 17th day 17

25 days, day 8 days 35 days, 18th day 18

26 Days 9 Day 36 Day 19

27 Days 10 Day 37 Day 20

28 days 11th day 38 days, day 21

29 days, day 12th day, day 22, 22nd day

30 days, day, 40 days, 23rd day

How to use ovulation test strips: (Test paper should be stored in room temperature environment and avoid light. If it is placed in the refrigerator, it should be returned before use)

1. Collect urine with clean and dry containers. Do not use morning urine. The best time to collect urine is from 10 am to 8 pm. Try to use urine samples at the same time every day.Water intake, because the diluted urine samples will hinder the detection of LH peak.

2. The test bar will immerse the end of the arrow logo line into the urine. After about three seconds, take out the flat release, observe the results for 10-20 minutes, and the results shall be read within 30 minutes!

3. Test paper Insert urine depth cannot exceed the MAX logo line.

Explanation of test results:

1. Two purple -red lines appear, and the lower end line (detection line) is obviously light color than the upper end line (control line), indicating that there is no peak value in the LH in the urine, and it must be tested every day;

2. There are two purple-red lines, and the upper and lower end lines (control lines, detection lines) are basically the same, or the lower end line (detection line) is dark than the upper end line (control line), indicating that you will be within 24-48 hoursovulation;

3. Only one purple -red line (control line) appears on the upper end of the test bar, indicating no ovulation.

Women’s ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual period.Considering the survival time of sperm and eggs, the first 5 days and 4 days after the ovulation day, together with the ovulation day, is called a total of 10 ovulation periods.Sexual intercourse during ovulation is prone to conception, so the ovulation period is also called susceptible to pregnancy.The sexual intercourse that occurs within 3 days before ovulation and 1 day after ovulation is the easiest to pregnancy (called the most prone to conceive).

It is speculated that the ovulation date can be countdown upside down for 14 days from the approximate date of the next menstruation.

The period of cycle ovulation is susceptible to pregnancy.

24 Come to the Tide 11 Tide, 6th to 15th, 8 ~ 12

25 Come to the Tide 12 Tide 7 ~ 16 Tide 9 ~ 13

26 Come to the Tide 13th to the 8th to 17th, 10 ~ 14

27 The Tide of Come 14 to the Tide 9 ~ 18, 11-15

28 Come Tide 15th Tide, 10th to 19th, 12 ~ 16

29 Come to the Tide 16th to the 11th to 20th, 13 ~ 17

30 Wide Tide No. 17 Tide, 12 ~ 21, 14 ~ 18

31 Wide Tide Everbright Tide No. 13 ~ 22 Tide, 15-19

32 The Tide of Come to the 19th Wide Tide 14 ~ 23 Tide, 16 ~ 20

33 Come Tide, Twenty Tide, 15th to 24th Tide, 17-21

34 Wide Tide 21st Tide No. 17 ~ 25 Tide 18 ~ 22

35 Wide Tide 22nd Tide No. 18 ~ 26 Tide, 19-23

(The above numbers refer to the number of "sky")

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