How to take care of the accidental pregnancy?What can I eat to promote blood stasis?

In daily life, because many husbands and wives have not taken effective contraceptive measures, which leads to accidental pregnancy, there is a need to abortize by the way of medication.However, after the drug flow, it will have a great impact on women’s physical health, so it is necessary to take related drugs for treatment, especially the drugs that promotes blood circulation and blood stasis.great help.

So what can I take after the drug flow to promote blood circulation? After the drug abortion, patients can take some Chinese medicine with blood circulation and removing blood stasis under the guidance of a doctor to restore the body as soon as possible, such as ginger, pangolin, dragon, Lu Ying, etc.These drugs can not only promote the smooth flow of qi and blood, but also promote the residues in the uterine cavity to discharge the body as soon as possible. This can reduce the sequelae of the post -abortion and help women’s health.

So how should you care after the drug flow? After the drug abortion, we must pay attention to resting in bed and do not work immediately.And pay attention to cold prevention and warmth, timely reduce clothing, and prevent the invasion of wind and cold.At the same time, women should also maintain optimistic emotions and do not be in negative emotions for a long time, which will have a bad impact on treatment.In addition, keep regular habits, ensure sufficient sleep time, and develop the habit of getting up early and getting up early.

There are also many precautions after the drug flow.In daily life, patients must pay attention to the conditioning of diet. They should eat more high -protein, high -calorie, high -vitamin foods, such as chicken soup, bone head soup, etc., try to eat less spicy and greasy, irritating food, that will then will likeIt has adverse effects on the recovery of the condition.At the same time, women should pay close attention to their physical conditions and often check the vaginal secretions. If there are abnormal conditions, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

After women, women can condition their bodies by taking traditional Chinese medicines of blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so that the body can restore the body as soon as possible.If there is no plan to give birth, in daily life, we must take relevant contraceptive measures to avoid accidental pregnancy, which will have a great impact on women’s health, and it is likely to affect women’s pregnancy again.Causes symptoms of infertility.

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