How to return the woman’s pregnancy after the engagement

Case Guide

Zhou and Liu Mou 2. The daughter of Fang Mou, Liu Mou, introduced each other. On May 6, 2022, the engagement ceremony was held in accordance with the rural customs.During the engagement, Zhou Moufang paid Liu Mou in accordance with the rural customs 2. Liu, Liu Mou 1 and Fang Moucai gifts were 168,000 yuan, the amount of money was 3900 yuan, the meat money was 1,000 yuan, the red envelope was 1,000 yuan, the fish money was 200 yuan, the face washing water washed water waterThe money is 1,000 yuan, and the total amount is 17,5100 yuan.

Liu Mou 1 on August 2, 2022, the color ultrasound report form tips: Early pregnancy in the palace, embryo survival (such as 53 days of pregnancy), and cystic echo in the left ovary (considering luteal).Liu Mou 1 ended pregnancy in mid -September 2022.In September 2022, the two parties could not continue their marriage contract. Because the Cai Gifts returned the two parties, the two parties did not reach an agreement, and Zhou filed a lawsuit.

Zhou’s claim

Order Liu Mou in accordance with the law 1. Liu Mou 2. Fangmou returned 17,5200 yuan in color gifts.

Liu Mou 1 and Fang had not appeared in court. Liu Mou 2 argued that it was not that the woman was unwilling to marry the man, but the man was unwilling to get married.I hope to get another 200,000 yuan for my daughter to see a doctor.

Court decision

Liu Mou 1, Liu Mou 2. Fang returned to Zhou Moucai’s cash of 110,313 yuan.

Case analysis

1. If you do not go through the marriage registration procedure, you need to return the color gift

The marriage contract is an appointment for marriage. It is the intention of men and women for the purpose of future marriage. It can be lifted or unilaterally lifted.Although Zhou Mou and Liu Mou 1 held an engagement ceremony in accordance with the rural customs, they did not apply for marriage registration. The marriage contract was not protected by law. The property disputes caused by the termination of the marriage contract were adjusted by legal norms.

Cai Li means that during the engagement process of men and women, one or their family members will pay the larger amount of property of the other party according to local customs.Regarding the amount of color gift models, the cash was 17,5100 yuan during the engagement (the color gift was 168,000 yuan, the amount of the crushed box was 3900 yuan, the meat money was 1,000 yuan, the red envelope was 1,000 yuan, the fish money was 200 yuan, and the face washing water was 1,000 yuan).Money paid based on color gift customs belongs to the category of color gifts.

Combined with the actual case, Liu Mou 1. Liu Mou 2. Fang Mou will return to return Zhou Moucai’s gift cash for 110,313 yuan.

Second, the mental loss or compensation advocated by miscarriage is generally not supported

Although Liu Mou was pregnant, Liu Mou 2 advocated mental losses, and the claims such as a doctor generally have no legal basis, or the courts with corresponding evidence materials generally do not adopt.

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