How to prevent epidemic prevention and medication in pregnant women in the near future?Take a look at expert suggestions

Huasheng Online December 16th (Correspondent Yan Li reporter Deng Guiming) Can mother infect the new crown virus still breastfeed? Will pregnant women infect the new crown virus be transmitted to the fetus? What should I do if pregnant women have symptoms of fever or dry cough?In terms of epidemic prevention and medication, Zhang Weishe, director of the obstetrics department of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, Xiao Di and Yang Zhiyun, the head of the Ministry of Pharmacy, gave detailed suggestions.

Experts believe that whether it is preparation, pregnancy or breastfeeding, the new crown infection rate, the proportion and symptoms of patients with symptoms, the types of symptoms, and the general population are not much different. Don’t be too nervous and anxious!

Preparation period

• Vaccine vaccination is the best weapon.Prompting new crown vaccines can reduce the risk of severe infection of pregnant women, while helping to produce antibodies to protect babies.If you get pregnant unexpectedly before and after vaccination, you do not need to terminate your pregnancy.

• Strengthening protection is the best shield.Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, balance nutrition (supplement folic acid 3 months in advance), and regularly work.

• embryo toxic drugs bravely say "no".If the symptoms of "cold" occur during pregnancy, whether it is infected with new crowns, flu or normal colds, say NO! Libavelin is invalid in the infection of the above virus, and it is clear about the above virus infection, and it is clearly clear.Embryotic toxicity.If Libavirin is used accidentally, it is necessary to strictly contraception within 6 months after the last medication.


• How do I improve their symptoms at home? For example, pregnant mothers are "yang", but the symptoms are mild, and there is no obvious discomfort. It is not necessary to treat it. The purpose of medication is to make the pregnant mother feel more comfortable.You can use the "available" drugs listed in the table (tail) to treat the symptomatic symptoms, and pay close attention to the changes in the condition and the fetal movement.

• Under what circumstances do you need to go to the hospital? During the home monitoring process, headache, dizziness, panic, difficulty breathing, continuous fever, or obstetric conditions such as abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or flow fluid, abnormal fetal movement, etc., or new crown symptoms are symptomatic treatment of symptomatic treatmentInstead of improved, it worsen, but you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible!

• I feel uncomfortable, is it enough to take a medicine? It is recommended to use a clear and single drug.Pregnant mothers can first see the ingredients before taking the medicine. Most of the cold medicines combine several components of different symptoms.A variety of cold medicines+proprietary Chinese medicines, a variety of proprietary Chinese medicines, no matter which combination may be superimposed with ingredients containing the same mechanism or the same function, which greatly increases the incidence of adverse reactions such as liver and kidney damage.The middle fetus causes damage.In addition, don’t change the medicine frequently. After stopping the drug, you need to remove the medicine for a while. At this time, adding other medicines may also overlap the same ingredients.

Breastfeeding period

• Can I continue to breastfeed? Breastfeeding mothers can continue to breastfeed after suspected or diagnosed infection.You can suck out breast milk and feed the baby by a healthy family until the mother recovers or it is confirmed that it is not infected.Be strictly hand -care before breastfeeding, and wear a mask when pumping milk.It can also be fed by the mother, but the mother needs to wear a close -fitting mask when they are in contact with the baby, and they need to pay attention to the hygiene of hands and breasts.

• Which drugs do not affect breastfeeding? The use of breastfeeding in the table can usually not affect feeding.During breastfeeding, it is forbidden to use cough containing ingredients such as "to be treated" and "poppy shell".In the sore siphon, it is not recommended to use drugs containing "mint brain" and "borneol" ingredients. It is particularly not recommended for iodine -containing tablets, such as Huasu tablets (western iodine -containing tablets).

What should I do if I can’t buy the recommended medicine?

High fever has adverse effects on pregnant mothers and fetuses.The preferred choice for acetamin is currently in short supply. If expectant mothers who are in the third trimester cannot buy acetylphenol, you can consider using acher with ≤ 2 days of instead, and drink more water at the same time to help physical cooling.The single dosage of ibuprofen is 0.2 ~ 0.4g, and the minimum interval is repeated once every 4 to 6 hours, and it does not exceed 4 times within 24 hours.

For nasal congestion, sore throat, cough and other symptoms, you can try non -medicinal methods to relieve it. Maternal women are applicable:

Nasal congestion -physiological sea salt water droplets or nose washing nose

Sore -drink more water, rinsing mouthwash, hot steam fumigation, containing throat sugar, drinking cold drinks or hot drinks

Cough -containing honey

(Wang Yaqi, the third trial of the second trial of Jiang Jun in the first instance)

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