How to prepare for menstruation?What examinations do you have to do before pregnancy?

If female friends have been irregular or irregular, and plan to prepare for pregnancy, it is recommended to check the gynecological ultrasound first to see if there is a problem with the attachment of the uterus.Whether it is disordered.

During this period, the entire hormone was in a relatively basic state. It was evaluated in the foundation state, and the judgment of the function was more meaningful.For eugenics, it is recommended that both men and women should be checked in comprehensively before preparing for pregnancy, and it is also to prevent early preparations for diseases.

What examinations do menstruation do before preparing for pregnancy?

Generally, the pre -pregnancy examination is three months before pregnancy. The main purpose is to prevent diseases, detect treatment in advance, and save time.If women have irregular menstruation, they can also do pre -pregnancy examination. On the one hand, they can help women find the cause of irregular menstruation. On the other hand, it can also rule out whether female friends have other factors that are not conducive to pregnancy., Symptoms for patients.

Examination, ABO hemolytic examination, reproductive system examination, five inspections of eugenics, and oral examinations.

At the same time, pay attention to a light diet, regularly work, and exercise properly. This will help prepare for pregnancy and is also conducive to pregnancy.

There are two main reasons for menstrual discharge

Menstruation is mainly caused by two reasons, which is caused by structural changes and non -structural changes.

1. Structural change

For example, a series of organic changes in uterine endometrium, endometrial hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, and adenomia disease may cause more menstrual or irregular bleeding, and the uterine cavity adhesion mainly causes less lunar passage.

Second, non -structural changes

Menstruation caused by non -structural changes, including menstrual disorders caused by ovulation disorders, and blood system diseases, and endometrial local lesions cause menstrual disorders.

If it affects ovulation, such structural changes and non -structural changes can cause infertility or even abortion.

Treatment of irregular menstruation. First, check the six clear and specific causes of B -ultrasound and sex hormones. For treatment, properly cooperate with medication, pay attention to the warmth and rest of the menstrual period, and maintain a calm mentality and emotional stability.

How to prepare for menstruation?

1. Do not stay up late, life and rest should be regular.

2. Do not take cold baths and eat cold drinks during menstruation.

3. Adjust the mentality and release pressure.

4. Avoid cold blows.

5. It is not advisable to have room during menstruation.

6. Supplement enough iron to avoid iron deficiency anemia.

7. Monitor ovulation and increase the chance of conception in the same room during ovulation.

The phenomenon of irregular menstruation during women’s physiological period must be paid attention to. Don’t take it lightly, go to the hospital for consultation treatment in time, in order to prevent more serious consequences, and usually pay more attention to your health.

(The content of the article only provides related health information, and it cannot replace any personal medical diagnosis and treatment.)

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