How to improve the accuracy of early pregnancy test strips?How long can I test the test strip of the early pregnancy?

Once women are pregnant, they can quickly detect a specific hormone in their urine with early pregnancy test strips -human chorionic gonadotropin to determine whether pregnancy is.If the test results are negative, it indicates that it is not pregnant; if it is positive, it indicates that it is pregnant.This test has the advantages of fast, convenient, sensitivity, and high -specific, but it must not be taken lightly, because when self -testing of early pregnancy test strips, if you do not pay attention to some accidents, false negative or false positives may occur.

How to improve the accuracy of early pregnancy test strips?

① Pay attention to the production date on the packaging box, and do not use expired early pregnancy test strips, because chemical agents have been invalidated after a long time or improper preservation.

② Carefully read the instructions before self -test, and then follow the instructions carefully.

③ In the evening, early pregnancy self -test will be more or less affected, and more accurate results will be measured with morning urine.

④ Many early pregnancy test strips indicate that women can do early pregnancy self -test after missing the normal menstrual period for 1 to 2 days.If the results of the self -test are negative, you should have a self -test again after 1 week of menstruation.

⑤ For example, if the pregnancy is started, or there are ectopic pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy, the detected urine needs to be static for more than 3 minutes (generally only 1 minute), and carefully distinguish whether it is weak, that is, the color of the detection area is shallow in the control area in the control areaColor may only appear faintly.

⑥ Pay attention to self -test positive results caused by non -pregnancy factors, such as blood, endometrial hyperplasia, ovarian tumors, recent pregnancy, expiration or incomplete abortion, etc.

It should be reminded that with early pregnancy test strips for pregnancy self -testing, it can only be used as a preliminary test. It should not be used as the final test result. It is most reliable and assured to go to the hospital for comprehensive and specific examinations.

How long can I test the test strip of the early pregnancy?

1. The working principle of using early pregnancy test strip pregnancy self -test is to detect the HCG value, that is, the value of the human chorionic gonad hormone.This hormone is made by the placenta. Generally, it will appear in urine after a few days of pregnancy, but because the amount is small, it is not easy to test it until 10-14 days are becoming increasingly obvious.Time is too early and too late.

2. For women who are just pregnant, it is generally recommended to detect the first urine in the morning, and the results are more accurate.But for women who have been pregnant for a while, urine can be used at any time of the day.

3. It usually takes about 7 days from the same room to pregnancy. That is to say, on the day of pregnancy (equivalent to 7 days after the same room), you can detect whether you are pregnant.

Is the early pregnancy test paper accurate?

According to experts, the correct test rate of early pregnancy test strips is very different, ranging from 50%to 98%.The main factors that affect the accuracy of the test strip are the following aspects:

1. Tests in the morning and evening may have a certain impact on the results.There are generally the highest HCG value in the morning urine, so many instructions are recommended to detect in the morning, but this is not absolute.

2. Detection time: HCG usually appears in the urine after a few days after the fertilized eggs, and it can only be detected.Therefore, women with normal menstruation need to detect HCG in urine after menstruation delayed.Women with long menstrual cycle or abnormal ovulation need to be detected when menopause is 40-44 days.

3. Dilute urine: If you drink too much water, dilute the urine may cause false negative results.

4. Pay attention to the length of urine immersion in the test strip during testing.Sometimes the length of the test strip without test strip is too long and the test results may make it difficult to judge.

It should be noted that under pathological conditions, such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal or chorionic cancer, etc., positive reactions will also occur.Therefore, after the early pregnancy test strip is positive, it should be confirmed to the hospital.

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