How to face children who don’t want to get married

After the seventy -10, I looked at the colleagues and friends around me, one by one, and the marriage of my child’s marriage was busy. Choose the right marriage period and book the hotel you like.Marriage room.But they are still preparing everything happily.Really happy for them.

Like our father, we were born in the early 1970s, and we always set up the family in the important position of life.The male University is married and the female is married.Even if you are not sure that you are good first, you still have a good job first, but we always feel that when people are doing in their lives, what they should do when they do.At the age of talking about marriage, you have to put your marriage in the first place.Just like creatures in nature, germination when germination, the result of the result.Even if we hear, see, or experience the misfortune of marriage, it does not prevent us from getting into marriage.Because we always feel that marriage is a must -have for perfect life and the mission of blood inheritance.As for those who do n’t get married, there are very few people around them. One is very few, and the other is that those single people do n’t want to be single, but to miss the marriage for various reasons. The third is that those single people always feel strange.Successfully integrated into society.

However, when our children have grown up, we have successfully entered the society and have relatively stable or careless work.When we hope they talk about marriage from the heart, we find that they and us have a "generation gap" that can hardly pass.They don’t want to go to the family, and don’t even want to contact the opposite sex because of marriage.The most direct manifestation is that you don’t take the initiative to find or pursue friends of the opposite sex.What others introduced are just because the face is simply dealing with one or two meetings, and then it is gone.

It is the habit we have developed from a young age to solve the problem.In the face of children’s life -long events, of course, we must double their efforts.But when our teachings, patient persuasion, and serious criticism cannot let them face marriage, I don’t know what else we can do.

I want to give up, but I really can’t bear it.The time for life to talk about marriage is in the past few years, and the beautiful flowers will quickly lose.They are not married now, they are old, old, regret, what’s the point of?Just like we accompany our children to learn to walk, learn to speak, accompany them from kindergarten, to elementary, middle schools, and universities, we know that there is a problem in any link in this companionship process, and it is difficult for children to grow up smoothly.Especially those only children who implement national policies, they have no brothers and sisters. If there is no other half of marriage, it is really difficult to imagine what kind of model will their lives be.

Maybe the times have changed, maybe we are old.Faced with children who do not want to get married, do you recognize, give up after hard work, or always work hard?

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