How to distinguish abdominal pain and fetal movement during pregnancy?

Fetal movement is an important way for expectant mothers to perceive the existence of the baby.Some expectant mothers felt abnormal when they felt the fetal movement for the first time, and some even cried.So what does fetal movement feel?How should expectant mothers know the fetal movement correctly?

Fetal movement means that the fetus hit the uterine wall due to autonomous activity in the uterine cavity of a pregnant woman, which causes the abdominal changes in pregnant women.Fetal movements are susceptible to the emotional, movement, and environmental stimulation of pregnant women. It is one of the indicators to detect the increase or decrease of fetal activity. The abnormal fetal movement generally indicates that potential health problems are generally indicated.

1. After eating

Due to the increase in blood sugar content in pregnant women after intake, the baby has a nutritional supply, and the fetal movement will become frequent.

2. When taking a bath

The body and mind of the pregnant woman are more relaxed during bathing. This emotion will "infect" the baby, and the fetal activity is more energetic.

3. Before going to bed at night

The baby moves more frequently before going to bed, because the baby is more energetic at this time, and the pregnant woman can feel the fetal movement quietly at this time.

4. When interacting with the fetus

Whether it is father or mother, there will be fetal movement response when interacting with the fetus.

5. When listening to music

Foreign music stimulus will make the fetal treasure be better, which is a manifestation of the fetus conveying emotions.

Abdominal pain during pregnancy includes abdominal pain and pathological pregnancy abdominal pain during physiological pregnancy.

Abdominal pain during physiological pregnancy is caused by the increase in uterine body after pregnancy, which causes excessive pulling to the round ligament of the uterus.

This happened when Bao Ma was 3-5 months of pregnancy.The pain site is mostly on one or sides of the lower abdomen.The pain is mostly involved in pain, dull pain or hidden pain.Pain often occurs after the long -distance walking or position changes in Baoma, usually resting after bed rest.

Abdominal pain during physiological pregnancy can also occur after fake contraction after fetal movement or late pregnancy, but abdominal pain caused by this situation can generally be relieved for several seconds.

The causes of abdominal pain during pathological pregnancy are more complicated, which is caused by various diseases of women, obstetrics and surgery.

Identification of early pregnancy

If pregnant women have abdominal pain within 4 months of pregnancy, they are not fetal movements.Because fetal movement usually appears at 16-220 weeks of pregnancy.During this period, if there are lower abdomen pain, anal swelling, vaginal bleeding and other phenomena, the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, fetal fetus, abortion, etc. should be taken into account.

Identification in the middle and late pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, Baoma’s fetal movement has a certain regularity, usually about 3-5 times per hour.The fetal movement is more active at 28-37 weeks of pregnancy, but it will not cause Baoma’s obvious discomfort.The abdominal discomfort after the fetal movement can be relieved in a few seconds or tens of seconds.

If Baoma has a full -belly fall in the middle and late pregnancy, anal fall, paroxysmal abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding, the occurrence of premature birth and placenta should be taken into account.If abdominal pain is located at the bottom of the right or above, it is irregular, and when Baoma has symptoms such as high fever, nausea, and vomiting, the occurrence of acute appendicitis should be taken into account.

If the mother of Baoma is unbearable after giving birth, she should be alert to the occurrence of uterine rupture.

Causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy

Women often have abdominal pain during pregnancy, and even some people have been accompanied by abdominal pain from early pregnancy to late pregnancy.Experts point out that the cause of abdominal pain in pregnant women is mainly the irregular contraction of the uterus.The uterus gradually becomes larger during embryonic development, and the effect of hormones in the body and the pull of the uterine ligament. At this time, many Baoma will have stomach pain and discomfort.ease.

However, the mother of Baoma should not be gently heartache. Abdominal pain still needs to go to the hospital carefully to check other reasons, such as lesions and tumors.Because the uterus that expands during pregnancy will be squeezed into other organs in the abdominal cavity, it is easy for pregnant women to confuse normal abdominal pain and non -normal abdominal pain during pregnancy.

Bao Ma often experiences painful abdominal pain in early pregnancy. If abdominal pain is mild, it can be relieved after rest. The general problem is not large, but if the abdominal pain is in a burst, or the lower abdomen is painful, it is like before menstruation or menstruation.The pain during the period, accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage, is likely to be a pathological phenomenon. You must go to the hospital in time. In addition, gastrointestinal discomfort caused by greedy cold foods and drinks can also cause abdominal pain.

In short, once pregnant women have abdominal pain that has nothing to do with fetal movement, they should be paid attention to and should be seen in time to identify it to avoid causing calamities.Once an abdominal pain that has nothing to do with fetal movement, you should pay attention to it, and you should see it in time to identify it to avoid causing trouble.

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