How to deal with a fever in pregnant mothers, but improper methods will cause fetal development to be affected

People will inevitably experience a fever in their lives. When fever, it will affect the normal operation of the body, affect appetite, and even cause physical pain and physical pain.When ordinary people have a fever, take an antipyretic medicine, pay more attention to rest, and ensure the nutrition during the disease. It can recover without more than a week.But for pregnant mothers, getting sick during pregnancy is relatively serious. You ca n’t take medicine or control your condition. What is the correct practice?Let’s see how to do it is correct.

1. Help your body to cool down

We all know that not only the forehead will be hot when the fever is hot, but the other parts of the body will be hotter than usual. If pregnant women are used at will, it is likely to solve the fever problem but affect the growth and development of the fetus, especially the antibiotics drugs.It has a great impact on fetal growth.At this time, we can choose a physical cooling method to help pregnant mothers reduce their body temperature, wipe the body with warm water, or put the ice bag on the forehead. The effect is good, which can achieve the cooling effect without affecting the fetus.

2. Use Chinese medicine for treatment

If the pregnant mother is not controlled by cooling, you can try taking Chinese medicine to relieve the symptoms.Of course, the fewer the number of medications during pregnancy, the better, but the pregnant mother cannot be cured, the Chinese medicine is relatively mild, and the herbal medicine component is not toxic. If you need to take medicine to control the condition, it is better to follow the doctor’s advice.Mom’s physical injury and baby’s influence can be minimized.

3. Find the reason

Pregnant mothers must find the cause too much. After the reason is clarified, the correct way can be used for treatment. If it is not clear, it is recommended to go to the hospital for confirmation so that this can more effectively relieve the disease.

4. Rest

The rest of the body is necessary. Pregnant mothers may usually do some housework at home. It is best to let go of these housework when they are sick to relax the body, alleviate the psychological and physiological pressure during pregnancy, and effectively avoid the worsening of the condition.In addition, if the pregnant mother goes out, if it is a period of influx of the epidemic, you need to avoid staying in places with many people. Do not contact those who are already sick at will. When you are at home, you must also ensure that the indoor air is fresh and open the windows to ventilate.

5. Drink water

Drinking plenty of hot water is a cure for all diseases, but it is not unreasonable. Drinking plenty of water can supplement the water evaporated in the body when the pregnant mother fevers, and it can also accelerate the circulation of the body, purify the environment of the body, increase the number of excretion, and increase the number of excretion.So as to achieve the effect of detoxification.

6. Dietary aspect

Most of the pregnant mothers will cause sore throat and inflammation when they are fever. Pay attention to the amount of food. Eat irritating food as little as possible. Granny and fried foods should also be avoided.For example, fruits such as oranges and lychee, so as not to aggravate throat inflammation and affect daily eating.Because the body temperature of the body will affect the gastrointestinal function of the pregnant mother and affect appetite. Cold drinks must not be drunk. Excessive cold liquids enter the stomach and stomach not only cannot cool down, but it will stimulate the gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal problems.

7. Bath your feet

Both bathing and soaking feet can promote the blood circulation of the pregnant mother’s body, help relieve physical discomfort, so as to achieve the purpose of making pregnant mothers recover faster.

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